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Ideal: Natural Contours Ideal vibrator and massager

Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

First the was the venerable Hitachi Magic Wand. People liked the power and the large vibrating head, but disliked the cord. After all, who wants to scurry around looking for an electrical socket when you're in the heat of the moment? To address this problem, the Wanachi was invented. Billing itself as a "wireless Hitachi", it attempted to be just that. The problem was that it simply did not provide powerful enough vibrations, causing nothing but frustration for many.

Now, there's the (suitably named) Ideal. Every bit as powerful as the Hitachi, but with a rechargeable cord-free design, the Ideal aims to provide the best of both worlds. With an ergonomic design that reduces wrist and arm fatigue, it seems they thought of everything with this one.

Much like its predecessors, the Ideal has two selectable speeds controlled by an extremely simple sliding switch. For additional fun, be sure to try out the G-Plus Attachment. The G-Plus slides on over the top of the Ideal's vibrating head and provides a variety of additional sensations. Made from non-toxic, body-safe material, the Ideal truly is, ideal.

Editorial Review

Wow - I LOVE this toy! Like so many toy connoisseurs, I'm a huge Miracle Massager fan. Honestly, it's the only vibrator that's powerful enough to make me babble like a delirious baby ... until I tried the Ideal.

I was not optimistic about the Ideal. As anyone who knows anything knows, super-strong vibrations simply are not possible unless the massager plugs into the wall. Well, all I can say is that this long held "truism" turned out to be ... well ... not! The Ideal is every bit as powerful as the Hitachi and the Miracle Massager, and its ergonomic handle and light weight makes it really easy to hold.

I do have one small complaint though. This is a LOUD sex toy. You will have a hard time flying under the radar if any of the following are a factor: roommates, parents, kids, neighbors, or noise ordinances. Unless you live next to a construction site, it's going to be difficult being discreet with the Ideal. Not that it's stopping me - I'm a bit of a screamer anyway; I rationalize it by assuming my neighbors are all jealous. But if discretion's a factor for you, you might want to consider the near-silent Miracle Massager or Hitachi Magic Wand.

The Ideal rocked my world, quite simply. It's got all the power I've come to expect, but without the annoying cord. If they could only fix the noise problem (perhaps an Idealer?) this would be an absolutely first class sex toy.

Additional Details

Size:  8" long
Battery Info:  Rechargeable batteries included
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Plastic.
Manufacturer:  Natural Contours

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Sex toy review: three hearts. DangerousLilly
The power is nice, it's not as "rough" as the Hitachi, but the noise level is a deterrent. It sounds half-broken. Or like it's on its way to the graveyard of toys. I've heard the rattling noise is muted when you use the attachment. It is muted a good deal when being pressed against your body.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Catalina Loves
I am a very vocal fan of the Hitachi Magic Wand, but the ideal is so much better in its design and the cordless feature. It provides great orgasms, just like the Hitachi, but it's just a little more up to date and modern - it's the New Hitachi - the new standard.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Domina
The Natural Contours Ideal massager will not only relieve sore muscles, but it will give you delicious killer orgasms. Combined with the attachment, it becomes a powerful dual-action toy for clitoral and G-spot stimulation. This is my new favorite sex toy by far.
Sex toy review: four hearts. hollow signals
All around, this is an excellent vibe. Yes, as others have mentioned, it's a little noisy, but I think this is made up for by how powerful it is and the other benefits like comfort and the wireless capabilities.
Sex toy review: five hearts. pixel
Bought this for my girlfriend as our first vibrator. I've never seen a girl orgasm like that before. We lost track of how many times she got off. The look on her face was priceless and worth every cent we spend on this thing.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Cece SeeMee
I love Natural Contours and I love the Ideal. Nobody else makes such awesomely comfortable vibrators. You must try this with the G-Plus Attachment as well.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Woman for Pillow Talk
I will only use the Miracle Massager. I bought it on VibeReview's recommendation and I renounced all the rest of my sex toys. When I read about this Ideal I wanted to give it a shot. If it's just as powerful as the Miracle, but cordless and more comfortable to hold, then I might have a new favorite.

The ideal is surprisingly powerful, but it is also very loud. Annoyingly so. It's almost like they didn't bother testing it after designing it or something. Still a good vibrator, and if I wasn't already spoiled by my miracle massager I'd probably give it a 5.

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