Dildos: A soft and flexible dildo with a suction cup is a fun adult sex toy that can be used for angled stimulation.

Jelly Dildo with Suction Cup

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Jelly Dildo with Suction Cup: A soft and flexible dildo with a suction cup is a fun adult sex toy that can be used for angled stimulation.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Men and women go to great lengths to upgrade their personal dildo collections. Yes, many people do collect dildos. Since they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and capabilities, many people find that one dildo is never enough. Dildo enthusiasts are raving about VibeReview's Jelly Dildo with Suction Cup. When the "PDA" (Professional Dildo Association) speaks, our customers and reviewers listen.

The Jelly Dildo with Suction Cup is realistically shaped. It does have a set of large spongy balls that feel wonderful during penetration. Many artificial veins cover the shaft of this toy; each individual vein enhances the experience with subtle changes in textual depth that work well with sensitive vaginal tissue.

A suction cup can be found at the bottom of this dildo. It sticks securely to any hard, flat surface, so get ready to demonstrate your creativity! Because of the suction cup technology, users are able to play with this toy in a variety of sexual positions. If you can imagine it and the surface is compatible with the suction cup, you can do whatever you like to the Jelly Dildo with Suction Cup.

For a similar toy with vibrations, check out the Emperor.

Editorial Review

The Jelly Dildo with Suction Cup toy is a basic dildo. A few improvements to the shaft length, width, and artificial veins make it a must have for dildo lovers. I have both a pink and clear Jelly Dildo with Suction Cup. I am one of those that collects new dildos. But I do not simply collect dildos; I use them, each one of them. No toy goes unused in my house.

As far as dildos go, this is one of the best inexpensive dildos available for purchase on VibeReview. Its reliable suction cup base allows me to do whatever I want. If I want to back-up onto the dildo, I can do that. If I want to straddle it, that is also an option. Basically, this toy is more than just another dildo. It looks good, feels wonderful, and does not cost too much money.

If you are looking for a more advanced toy with vibrations, VibeReview's Emperor is your best bet. The Emperor is also designed with a suction cup base, but, differing from the Jelly Dildo with Suction Cup, it comes with powerful vibrations. The Emperor looks and feels like the real thing. It is one of VibeReview's most popular toys.

Additional Details

Size:  6" total length
5" insertable length
5" circumference
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: five hearts. Yvon
GREAT. A must have for every women. Just the right size. When I first received the Jelly I opened the package and just couldn't wait to try it. I am asian so I am small. I took my time and got so excited. I decided to watch a movie and work with Jelly and it fit all the way. I am always wet and never need any lube anymore. This is a must for every women. I never had such fantastic orgasms or as many.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Mollytv
This is a wonderful dildo the texture and feel is awesome. Feels good in any hole :) I been collecting dildos for a while now and have moved mainly to Jellies and all I can say is this one is very good for the price. The suction cup holds well for a good riding experience with no slipping and it also holds well for backing up. A great Toy at a great price
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Love it, love it, love it. Suction cup action and a thick dildo with plenty length. It has tremendous flexibility. A must have for women who want to control how they masturbate.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Shannon with a plan
Bless me twice, I bought two new toys that are equally stimulating and fun to play with. I like having a toy with suction ability. I can recreate actual sex scenarios with it. Swamped with possibilities. Also might I mention that the shaft is heavenly. Riding this outstanding dildo sends heat waves through my body. Obviously I recommend it. Everyone's different, though. Just my two cents.
Sex toy review: four hearts. mary s.
Being without this toy is like experiencing torture. I have grown very fond of this dildo. I don't even use my vibrators that much anymore. Yeah, my suction cup on the toy hasn't failed me. Maybe, Miss Sexual, you got that one bad toy in all the thousands made. Not sure. But I have no issue with it, only a glowing smile that is generated each time I think about using it.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Miss Sexual, I am surprised that your suction cup doesn't work very well. Mine, it works perfectly; it has yet to slip or come unplugged. There's not much to comment on this dildo. For me, the suction cup holds its own. Great length and width.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Miss Sexual
I do not like this dong. I'm sorry, but the suction cup doesn't hold very well. The shaft and texture, they feel wonderful. But I specifically bought this dildo for the suction cup. I want to ride my dildo. I have a hard time doing that with such a weak suction cup.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Master Dodger
Jelly Dildo deserves a solid 5.0. It made my day. I bought it for my wife, and I watched her go nuts with this fake penis. When the last time was that I was that turned on I have no clue, but I will tell you that my wife showed me a different side of her, and I liked it. She played with it for over an hour. Stunned, yes, I was.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Jackie C.
It stays firmly in place, no moving around. I like to back up onto the dildo, so the suction cup has to be strong. This dildo's suction cup is extremely strong. I would like one or two inches more length. While the big balls feel good, their size takes away some of the shaft size. Even with this minor irritation, this is my favorite dildo.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
The suction cup does not slip around. The dildo is the same length and width as my husband, and since he's the perfect length and width, I knew I'd like this dildo. I love my new toy. Thanks.
Sex toy review: five hearts. cassandra
I like this dildo because it has a suction cup behind the balls. I stick mine all over the place for kinky times galore, so far the shower wall is my favorite place to play. The width and length are perfect for me too.

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