Male Sex Toys: Cock rings and bondage sex toys spice up sex

Leather Cock Ring

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Leather Cock Ring: Cock rings and bondage sex toys spice up sex
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Cock rings provide a valuable service to men and women. Healthy erections are an important part of sex. Firmer erections satisfy women more than softer erections. Men frequently use cock rings to achieve a firmer, harder erection that will please his lover. And men appreciate the increased sensitivity created by snug fitting cock rings.

Leather cock rings are one way to create and keep a healthy erection and prolong lovemaking. There is an entire industry founded on sexual fashion, and there's no doubting that a tight strap of leather on a man's penis is sexy. Leather cock rings enable men to look good, feel better about their erections, and please their lovers. Men should have at least one cock ring in their sexual arsenal!

Editorial Review

When I first embraced the idea of using a cock ring, my wife did not respond favorably to the idea. She believed that leather cock rings were only to be used in extremely kinky relationships. My wife, she's not kinky. Our sexual conduct is rather traditional, but I could tell that my erections weren't as hard as they used to be. And I knew that she knew it.

Perhaps it is a confidence situation (or lack thereof), but I decided to try a leather cock ring. My surprised wife, after seeing me walk out of the bathroom with a leather strap wrapped around my penis, commented that I looked sexier than normal. Now that's the response I needed. We made love. I could tell a difference in my erection, and, finally, my wife admitted that my penis felt thicker than usual. I also noticed that we made love longer than normal.

I've been using cock rings since. I've reviewed many different types, but I always come right back to leather cock rings. They are easier to remove and put on, extremely fashionable, and quite comfortable.

Additional Details

Material:  This item is made of Leather, and Phthalate Free material.

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Sex toy review: three hearts. wesco
My Leather Cock Ring is for role-playing. I don't much like using it while I have sex. There are better wear-during-sex cock rings. But for show and sexiness, leather cock rings are a good way to go.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
How am I supposed to rate a leather cock ring? It accomplishes what other cock rings accomplish, I assume. My hard ons are harder and thicker, and the leather cock ring looks cool. The leather isn't flimsy thin, so my erections stay hard.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. Baxter911
I purchased my leather cock ring a while back. At the time and for a few months after, I enjoyed using the leather cock ring on a regular basis. I eventually found vibrating cock rings, which I prefer to leather cock rings or any non-vibrating cock ring. If you are like me and enjoy the tightness of a cock ring, then you'll probably love the Neo Love Ring better than other cock rings.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anka
A great substitute for erection pills. No thanks. I've been down that road. A leather cock rings suits me fine. This particular leather cock ring has adjustable snaps. Nice cock ring that works pretty darn good.
Sex toy review: three hearts. James D
It's a cock ring. It fits. My hard ons are better. I chose a leather one, because I got tired of the rubber cock rings pinching my skin. A bargain, considering all the pleasure and comfort it brings me.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Nothing like freaky stylie in a leather cock ring. I prefer this leather cock ring. It fits comfortably. Some leathers have a chemcial coating that can cause skin irritation when sweating occurs. Not this one.
Sex toy review: four hearts. dallasmavericks
Rubber cock rings stretch too much. The Leather Cock Ring does not. I can adjust as I feel the necessity to do so. It looks great. My wife gave this to me as a gift. I've been hooked since. The Leather Cock Ring makes a difference in the quality of my sex experiences.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I'm embarrassed to say I bought the Leather Cock Ring. It's not that it sucked or didn't work properly. It did. The whole deal is still new to me. Regardless, I like this cock ring for two reasons: First, quality leather, with adjustable snaps, makes for a tighter fit. Second, my erections are much stronger than with the rubber cock rings. Apparently, many men experiment with cock rings, so I don't feel that bad about it.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. rubber_duckie
VibeReview's Leather Cock Ring is comfortable, strong, and fashionable.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. mattm
My girlfriend is an adamant user of this site and has asked me to write a review of my favorite toy in our chest, so I'm picking my leather cock ring. I have a studded leather ring which is soft enough, but never fails to keep me hard when she wants more. Plus, my girl thinks it's hot as hell. Ladies, this is a good present idea for your man that you will both reap the benefits of.

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