Male Sex Toys: Cock rings with vibrators are quality adult sex toys for men

Neo Love Ring

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Neo Love Ring: Cock rings with vibrators are quality adult sex toys for men
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

The Neo Love Ring promises to escalate the action in your bedroom fun. At one time, men who wanted to stimulate their partner's clitoris during sex found it difficult to handle both tasks - enjoyable penetration (internal) and mind-blowing clitoral stimulation (external).

While in the past it would have been difficult for men to focus on dual stimulation, the advent of vibrating love rings has presented men and women with new dual stimulation opportunities.

The Neo Love Ring - much like the Orbit Ring Vibe and Maximus Splendor - is storming into men and women's sexual affairs, forever improving the pleasure experienced between partners. Its stretchy elastomer material slides easily onto the penis. Tiny Japanese magnets are located inside of the stretchy ring. These magnets, according to proponents of magnet therapy, increase penile circulation.

Love rings (also referred to as "vibrating pleasure rings") do improve men's erections, helping men achieve larger, firmer and healthier penises. Satisfying your partner with a thicker-feeling penis goes a long way, but that's not the only gift you are offering your lover.

At the top of the stretchy ring is a soft base. Small nub ticklers cover one side of this base, which aids in direct stimulation of your lover's clit. A mini-vibrator is located inside of the base. All your vibration output originates from this textured area, travels through the nub ticklers, and arrives at the front door of your lover's clit. As the Neo Love Ring delivers direct stimulation to her clit, your penis will also experience sensational vibration pleasure.

Operating the Neo Love Ring is simple: Choose between touch sensitive activation and continuous vibrations. Use the toggle switch (found on the motor) to change love ring functions. The Neo Love Ring offers men and women hands-free dual stimulation that does increase the intensity of male and female orgasms.

Editorial Review

When it comes to choosing a good vibrating pleasure ring, I look for two essential characteristics: Elasticity, which most often translates into durability; and smaller bases with simple, effective ticklers. Not all vibrating pleasure rings celebrate the same characteristics, which is a shame. Bulkier, overly textured vibrating pleasure rings are more frustrating than pleasurable.

I appreciate the Neo Love Ring's simpler approach to dual stimulation. First, the ring is stretchy enough to handle wear and tear (putting it on, taking it off, etc.). Second, the mini-vibrator isn't so large that it prevents my penis from deeper penetration. Larger vibrators and bulky bases with too much texture will swallow a significant portion of my penis, limiting the depth that my penis is able to explore, which negates my efforts to stimulate my girlfriend's G-Spot.

Instead of all the madness and frustration, the Neo Love Ring keeps the experience simple. When the ring is wrapped around my penis, my erections are much stronger, and I am able to extend my lovemaking. (The ring prevents me from climaxing too soon!) There is not a more intense feeling than climaxing after long periods of lovemaking - and the Neo Love Ring makes that possible for me.

My girlfriend enjoys the sensual vibrations buzzing against her clit. If I work my magic just right, she does experience dual orgasms - clit and G-Spot. The Neo Love Ring improves my sexual relationship one vibration at a time, and does so in total comfort for both my girlfriend and me. It is more expensive than the garden variety vibrating love ring, but the additional expense results in a better product that is safe and ready for long-term action.

Additional Details

Size:  2.25" total length
1.5" diameter
Battery Info:  2 watch batteries included.
Material:  This item is made of Elastomer, and Phthalate Free material.
Manufacturer:  Vibratex

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: two hearts. Odysseus & Penelope
The Neo Love Ring has a bigger ring than the Orbit Vibe so my husband could wear it. However, the vibration wasn't as strong as the Orbit and wasn't strong enough for me to achieve orgasm. The shape was a little too "squarish" and awkward feeling for my comfort.

The Japanese magnet aspect of the Neo Love Ring is interesting and it is designed to maintain and extend erections. The guy also has a pleasurable feeling from the vibration. I'd say this is more of a guy's toy. If other women find the vibration to be strong enough, then it is the perfect toy for her too!

Sex toy review: four hearts. Domina
My partner suffers from erectile dysfunction and his penis doesn't always stay hard during penetrative sex. This cock ring worked great at maintaining his erection while giving me added clitoral stimulation as well. It transformed his cock into a rock hard vibrating rabbit, great for dual stimulation. I'd recommend it to couples who'd like an added buzz to their sex play and for men who want to have harder erections that last longer.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Duncan
Less surface area is covered by the ring and vibe. I can penetrate my partner deeper with ring on than I could with the Raging Bull. Quality vibrations and great ring elasticity.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Just got mine in the mail. Thanks for the quick delivery, no hassles, and no problems. I slid the ring around my penis. Wow it is tighter than I expected. My penis looks huge with the ring wrapped around it. I can't wait to surprise my wife with it.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Professional Servant
The Neo Love Ring puts to shame regular cock rings. For years I used regular cock rings. The vibrations on my girlfriend's clit make a profound difference during sex. As the vibrations make direct contact with her clit, I can feel her vagina squeezing my penis - rapid squeezes that let me know she is climaxing. I bow before this cock ring.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
100 times more comfortable and powerful than the last vibrating cock ring I purchased, a gazillion times better texture for my wife, and less expensive.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Travis S.
Both my girlfriend and I have one heck of a good time with the Neo Love Ring included in sex. She's always had dual orgasms when we have sex in the missionary position. Now those same orgasms are more intense. I can tell by the way her vagina grabs my penis, squeezing the heck out of it as she cums. I might feel a little harder, but I wear it mainly for her.
Sex toy review: three hearts. E(a)rnest One
Great elasticity. Average vibrations. One cool thing is that the ring does not interfere with deep thrusting. I was afraid that the width of the ring would limit my ability to go deeper and faster; both concerns were unwarranted.
Sex toy review: three hearts. hodaddy
The Neo Ring keeps my penis hard as a metal pole. I like that part of it. The vibrations are not as strong as I expected they would be. My erections are stronger, harder, and firmer. They could improve the strength of the vibrations.

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