Lubes & Lotions: Double your sexual pleasure and erotic arousal with stimulating lube and powerful vibrating adult sex toys.

Lipstick Cinnamon Arousal Gel

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Lipstick Cinnamon Arousal Gel: Double your sexual pleasure and erotic arousal with stimulating lube and powerful vibrating adult sex toys.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Lipstick Cinnamon Arousal Gel, the number one oral sex enhancement, is the latest product development is arousal gels and lubrications. The cinnamon taste adds flavor to your oral duties. The gel works specifically to increase blood flow in the vaginal area, which increases sensitivity; thus, pleasure increases.

Besides tasting great and increasing vaginal stimulation, this product will also increase blood flow to, and stimulation of, the penis. This product adds new meaning to "Pucker up, buttercup!". Both people involved should enjoy oral sex. Lipstick Cinnamon Arousal Gel provides all the flavor, enhancement and excitement. Get ready for the tingle of your life!

Lipstick Cinnamon Arousal Gel is compatible with condoms, edible, and water soluble.

Editorial Review

I expected a tingle here, a tingle there. Wow, it tingled more than I ever thought it could or would. Lipstick Cinnamon Arousal Gel has lasting power like you wouldn't believe. The tingles make my clitoris and vulval lips scream with pleasure. I love it when my boyfriend puts some on his lips, and instead of jumping right into a slobber contest, he barely rubs his lips on my vagina, blowing soft kisses. Gently moving his lips over my clitoris, followed by slow flicking of his tongue, gets me going. I get so incredibly hot. The arousal gel intensifies what would already be a hot encounter. I've bought more than I need of this product, making sure that is always accessible to me.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Marine_4_U
I was on break from my post. My girl and I went a weekend trip to Hot Springs. She brought all kinds of sex stuff with her. Apparently she's been collecting toys to keep herself busy while I'm on duty. She went down on me with this arousal gel on her lips. Oral sex has never felt that damn good.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Look in my eyes
I got more out of it than a few tickles. Complete enhancement during oral sex. Kissing feels special, as well. Tingly. The effect is short-lived. So keep it next to your bed, because you will need to apply more. Or I usually need more.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Yes. A tickle or two, small butterflies. Not much more than that.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Lucky Becky
When I bought Lipstick Cinnamon Arousal Gel, I was mainly interested in balancing a transaction out. I was hopeful that it would do something positive. No joke, it does do something positive--it made my clitoris sing a new tune, and the melody was beautiful. My boyfriend requires me to put the lipstick before giving him head. So, obviously, he likes it too.
Sex toy review: four hearts. LuckY LucY
Oh, la-la-la. I tricked my girlfriend with this arousal gel stuff. I spread a bunch of it over my lips, in the dark, then proceeded with oral pleasure. She wiggled, shifted, and moaned like never before. Once I told her about it, she wanted to try it on me. Duh, that was the plan. In two weeks, we've already gone through one container.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Let the good times roll off my lips. My boyfriend and I both enjoy this arousal gel. It tastes fantastic, as well. His penis responds favorably, and I KNOW my clit loves it. One of the cheapest ways to enhance foreplay and oral sex.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Rhianna T
Satisfaction of the n'th level. My boyfriend and I like the tasty arousal gels and lubricants, but this one is better than most.

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