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Love Mask

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Love Mask
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Have you ever experienced sexual satisfaction in complete darkness? And, no, the lights off, it doesn't count. Blindfolds enhance foreplay and intercourse. Experiencing your sexual fantasies is entirely possible with the addition of the Love Mask to your sex toy collection. The Love Mask is made of Satin. So incredibly soft, the Love Mask's feel and style helps tense facial muscles relax.

Editorial Review

I own several blindfolds. Some I use for role-playing; they match with whatever role I assume. But, my Love Mask is the only blindfold I use on a consistent basis. The strap does not give me a headache, like some straps will. I not only wear this blindfold during sex, I also wear it when I go to bed at night. Yes, it is that comfortable. This is a quality blindfold that most people will appreciate.

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Sex toy review: five hearts. Old, but not Dead
Delivered on time. My dog chewed up the last one I had. This isn't my first Love Mask, but I liked it enough to buy it again.
Sex toy review: four hearts. rhee gentri
All I cared about was the comfort level of this blindfold. My last blindfold gave me a damn headache. The Love Mask is tight, but not so tight that it makes the side of my face and head hurt.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Purity-wins
I bought a blindfold from another adult toy store; it sucked, like bad. The head strap broke. The company wouldn't give me a new one. I was super-woman-pissed. I still needed a blindfold. That's when I went on the Internet looking for another company to buy from. I found VibeReview. I purchased the Love Mask. No problems. I got my package on time! VibeReview found a new customer in me. Being able to leave comments is cool. I like this format. Thankssss!!!!!!!!
Sex toy review: four hearts. quality kisses
I talked about buying a blindfold for years. Well, I bought the Impulse Jack Rabbit (which I highly recommend, by the way) and I went ahead and purchased the Love Mask. Having sex with a real blindfold on my face gives me another way to experience sex. Now I can brag about it.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Blindfold that fits comfortably. Like the editorial reviewer person, I wear my to bed and, sometimes, during sex.

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