Male Sex Toys: Masturbation sleeves and penis strokers are adult sex toys for men


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Maven: Masturbation sleeves and penis strokers are adult sex toys for men
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Men are demanding that sex toy companies pay attention to their sexual needs. For years the creation of sex toys was female-centered, leaving men with few self-stimulation opportunities. The bare-hand approach (regular old masturbation) leaves much to be desired; however, sex toy companies are now creating quality masturbation sleeves that feel one hundred times better.

The Maven is an inexpensive sex toy that men do find useful for their masturbation activities. Designed with ultimate satisfaction as its central objective, it is made of the finest elastomer material available. Known for its extreme flexibility, durability and reliability, the Maven is capable of handling all your stroking duties and preferences. Take it slow - or hit warp speed; it's your choice. The Maven's elastomer material adjusts to your best thrust, right when you need flexibility most!

Luxurious nub texture and ridges cover the walls of the Maven's interior. As you slide your sweetest possession inside of the Maven, you will experience truly unique sensations that only the Maven can create - all by its amazingly perfectly textured interior. Its elasticity proves valuable, as the walls of the sleeve collapse around your penis, creating vacuum-like suction power that enhances masturbation.

For a better stroking experience with the Maven, VibeReview recommends that you use a quality personal lubricant. i-Lube, ID Glide, and Astroglide are three popular lubricants that will provide all the slide-and-glide you need!

Editorial Review

Is the Maven one of the better sleeves sold? Yes. Is it the best masturbation sold? No. Now, a compromise between two worlds is possible: It is one of the best inexpensive sleeves available for purchase. Prices for sleeves can be outrageously expensive. The Maven is reasonably priced, especially considering how much fun it is. Its two best features are texture and elasticity - both of which are essential for sensual stroking.

The Maven feels better than the Blossom Sleeve, Sydnee Steele's Beaded Stroker, Blow Job Stroker, and Colt Power Stroker. There are more sleeves, too, that don't quite reach the performance level of the Maven; but the above list of products are quite popular, so if men enjoyed them, those same men (or men of similar taste and preference) will really appreciate the Maven.

There are better sleeves, but they cost more than the Maven. Take, for example, the Power Stroker 100X, Solo Slider, Jill Kelly's Amazing Lips, and Jenna Jameson's Private Parts as more innovative and stimulating sleeves for men. Then again, they are more expensive. The Maven is a great place for beginners to start their introduction into the world of masturbation sex toys. Price considerations and stimulation potential - it is worth the attention it continues to receive.

Additional Details

Size:  7" total length
6.25" circumference
Material:  This item is made of Elastomer, and Phthalate Free material.
Manufacturer:  Vibratex

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Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Sean
The Maven sex toy sleeve is incredible. Only one complaint and suggestion ... the length of the tube could be longer. I have a larger penis than most men, which (ironically) limits me with total stimulation of my entire slang. I get off, so my complaint is more an observation.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Kilgore Mafia
I no longer need a masturbation pal, which says everything that should be said. It took me several wrong purchases to finally get the right product, the Maven. This blue baby was hiding from me or something. I have it now, so it's all good now.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Sex Police
My Maven straight up rocks. I can't imagine stroking without it. My suggestion to any newbies is that they not give up on this sleeve. I had to masturbate with it several times before I adjusted to its unique feel and texture. Since it is so wildly different than hand stroking and sex (or anything else for that matter), it took me a little while to appreciate what the Maven does.
Sex toy review: four hearts. X-pletive
maven is quality spongy sort of material, great flexible shape and tight. if i had more time and energy, i would probably jerk with it daily. i was apprehensive about buying a second sleeve, but the maven has totally been worth my money.
Sex toy review: four hearts. FarleyForHire
I didn't know what to think about it at first. I knew I wanted something different that I had ordered in the past. I wanted a sleeve that was more flexible than the last one I purchased. Sure enough, yep, the Maven is flexible and longer than my last stroker toy. Man, I can work up a serious sweat with this awesome toy.
Sex toy review: three hearts. henry g.
The Maven keeps masturbation more interesting. I may go for something with vibrations next time. Good flexibility. Could be longer. I am happy with it.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Raley
Not tough for me to recommend the Maven. I have played with a couple of different sleeves. The Maven is by far the best one. The other sleeves were too small or not flexible enough. The Maven doesn't have those same problems.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Monkey Around
Dude, I am stoked about this cool sex toy. It literally consumes my dick, swallows it whole. Very flexible too. The texture inside is incredibly soft. It is the perfect masturbation sleeve for me.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Diggin' Dirkster
The Maven is hella better than stroking with my hand. It is the only jerk-off toy I've bought. I can't compare to any other products. All I know is that I am satisfied with the Maven.

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