Bondage Sex Toys: The Super Sex Sling adult toy brings passion, romance, and sexual performance into your vibrator and dildo activities.

Super Sex Sling

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Super Sex Sling: The Super Sex Sling adult toy brings passion, romance, and sexual performance into your vibrator and dildo activities.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Extreme sexual satisfaction requires extreme measures. In the past, you may have struggled with sex positions or precise erogenous zone stimulation, finding specific angles of entry difficult to maintain; but all your extra effort had little impact. The Super Sex Sling is designed for neck, back and arm support - to enable deeper penetration, greater flexibility, and increased control.

The Super Sex Sling - the advanced, more comfortable version of the Sex Sling - allows couples to make love in comfortable sex positions that are often difficult to maintain - or that cause undesirable lower back pressure. The Super Sex Sling offers maximum comfort while you perform at your best, treating your partner to heavenly penetration and foreplay.

Previous sex sling models were designed with slim, uncomfortable neck braces and ankle restraints. The Super Sex Sling improves on previous slings' flaws by using soft, thick, and comfortable restraint material. You can expect better neck and ankle support. The neck brace is extremely soft and smooth and pillow-like, which is a real treat for exhausted neck muscles. The ankle restraints are thick and soft, completely comfortable and durable.

Two straps are free for grabbing power. Use these straps to adjust the positioning of your partner's legs - or your partner can use the straps to adjust the angle of entry. You can explore a variety of sex positions with the Super Sex Sling aiding you. Each strap connects with Velcro and buckle fasteners. Not only does the Super Sex Sling allow you to experiment, but it also allows you to experiment pain-free, without all the hassles!

Editorial Review

The Super Sex Sling is the next best thing to the Love Swing, which is obviously significantly more expensive. My boyfriend and I have found that sex positions do make a difference in how much pleasure is shared between one another. There are sex positions I love that my boyfriend, due to his lower back problems, cannot do without the help of a sling or swing. The Super Sex Sling lets him please me without hurting himself.

Angled penetration helps men stimulate the female G-Spot without struggling, and once they find it, to keep the stimulation consistent. The Super Sex Sling makes everything easier. When normally my legs, arms, and neck tire, this sling helps me relax in awkward positions that feel wonderful during intercourse. Experimenting with slings and swings can open up an entirely new world of passion and pleasure. I continuously learn about my female anatomy by changing angles and positions, so in a way, it is an educational tool!

Couples need to spice up their sex life. The Super Sex Sling is a fun and effective way to improve sexual performance - for both individuals! There's nothing more intimate than sharing a few laughs while learning about one another's body. Believe me, more than a few laughs will come as a result of playing with the Super Sex Sling. Fellas, when your special lady starts moaning - do not change anything up; and, fortunately, the Super Sex Sling makes direct, consistent stimulation possible.

Additional Details

Size:  One size fits most.
Manufacturer:  Sportsheets

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Sex toy review: five hearts. Miss Sexual
I'll let my boyfriend make me his plaything anytime the Super Sex Sling is involved. Fun times come from good restraints. I almost dislike having sex without the Super Sex Sling. It's like, sure, sex is good...but it's so much better with the sling.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Dallas Cowboy Fan
Isn't it a wonder that one simple product can have such a profound impact on someone's sex life? The Super Sex Sling is my tool of kinky-dom. Never a dull or boring moment when I use it, and I constantly learn new techniques.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Always Right
The neck pad...comfortable. The leg cuffs...just as comfortable. The sling...fabulous, darlings!
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
My life is complete now, heh. Seriously, no jokes -- I am more than content (whatever that is) with my Super Sex Sling. I used to expend more energy trying to maintain sex positions than sexing up my hot girlfriend. This sling lets us getting down to the nitty gritty!
Sex toy review: five hearts. Psalm 69.5
I couldn't reach my wife's G-Spot before buying this sling. Now I can direct my ding-a-dang-dong in the right motion and area that feels best to her. It's exciting to sit up and have sex, too. I am able to watch my penis going in and out of her and she does the same thing, watching the action. This sling makes all of it possible and fun.
Sex toy review: five hearts. JinxClown
Don't waste a moment deliberating. The Super Sex Sling continues to surprise my wife and me. We always find something new and creative to do with it.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. sean the snake
My relationship took a playful turn some weeks back. Since then, we've been buying stuff like crazy. The Super Sex Sling is one item we bought and has been our favorite of all the things we bought. It has a restraint feel to it and also helps with sex. I feel like I get deeper inside of my wife, but I am able to do so without hurting her.

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