Bondage Sex Toys: Sexy restraints and BDSM sex toys go well with this sexual positions sling.

Sex Sling

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Sex Sling: Sexy restraints and BDSM sex toys go well with this sexual positions sling.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Trying different sex positions can awaken a romantic relationship to the orgasmic joys of purposeful, angled penetrative movement. Greater G-Spot stimulation can occur with the right angles, so trying different sex positions can be extremely beneficial for lovers. However, maintaining certain angles and positions can be difficult. The incredible Sex Sling is designed to help your partner remain relaxed in various sexual positions, enjoying deeper, controlled penetration.

You've been there before, in that situation where you expend all your energy holding your partner's legs in an advantageous angle and position. The problem is, you find yourself exhausted before the main the event has concluded. The Sex Sling removes the pressure from your back, neck, arms and legs, and enables couples to enjoy their lovemaking in comfortable positions. Plus, his or her hands are free from holding your legs in the air or to the side; thus, freeing those frisky hands to roam the rest of your body!

A softly padded neck strap is attached to plush ankle cuffs that gently wrap around your lovers ankles, firmly holding legs in place and providing instant comfort to your lover's neck. The Sex Sling is easily adjustable (even during lovemaking) by pulling on the free ends of the straps to lift your legs higher or lower. Also, check out the new and improved Super Sex Sling for even more comfort and control. Both sling-restraints work well with playful sex toy fun, as well.

Editorial Review

Anyone who knows me well is aware that I am a huge fan of two main categories of sex toys: high-tech, technologically superior vibrators, like the Vibe Rabbit, Sweet Magic, and Gigi; and sex toy gear that makes sex more comfortable and enjoyable. As it stands, and has been for a long time, sex is a form of release for me and my boyfriend. Sex is already one of the most enjoyable and productive aspects of my life, but I know that improvements can be made, which is part of the fun. So any sex toy that promises to increase my comfort and pleasure is a toy that I am interested in.

There are four helpful sexy accessories that I recommend women and men consider purchasing. As chance would have it, I have all four! And I use them routinely in my sex life. The Sex Sling, Super Sex Sling, Doggie Style Strap, and Under the Bed Restraints have improved nookie for my boyfriend and I. All four products bring something to the table, and I've never felt dissatisfied with any of those sex enhancement products. But for sex position assistance, the original Sex Sling and Super Sex Sling are two of my favorites, and I recommend both for couples.

I am old fashioned in many ways. The missionary position feels great to me. It wasn't until I reviewed the Sex Sling that I realized how much I liked my legs in the air, which allowed for deeper penetration. We had tried having sex with my legs in the air, but it became more of a frustration than pleasurable experience. I don't want to hold my legs up in awkward positions, or to force my boyfriend to control his thrusts and my legs. With the help of the Sex Sling, neither of us has to do a lot of holding and positioning, as the Sex Sling makes the process easier, more convenient, and comfortable. I am able to orgasm quicker with my legs in the air than I can with the missionary position.

Since the Sex Sling helps with during-sex G-Spot stimulation, my orgasms feel deeper, like those total body orgasms that female movie stars and adult actresses supposedly experience - only in my case ... it's the real thing, ladies! The only problem is, as any woman knows that has tried this, it is extremely tiring on the leg muscles to hold this position for any real length of time, but the Sex Sling removes a lot of that pressure and stress. The Sex Sling allows the woman (or whomever is on bottom) to maintain control of what feels good to her. You can raise your legs higher or lower by adjusting the straps that hang down off the ankle cuffs.

I don't experience much leg fatigue because the sling comfortably holds them in place, giving me the ability to sit back and enjoy the ride. An equally impressive benefit that I wasn't expecting is the Sex Sling actually tilts my hips, creating an unusual penetration angle, which in turn creates a different sensation than I ordinarily feel while in the missionary position. And let me tell you, it feels mighty good! Using this sling is probably one of the best ways to orgasm missionary style, because it's easy to target the G-Spot with effective angles and tilted hips. One other thing: I have a history of neck problems so I think it's important to address the neck strap as well. I found it to be comfortable. However, if I'm going to use the sling for extended periods of time, it's more comfortable to have a pillow under my head for support. Other than that, no complaints here!

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Sex toy review: two hearts. Essin' Em
It's cute. I'll give it that (I loved the animal print, although my partner said she would have preferred it to be camo).

However, in practice? Epic fail. It kept sliding up and down, and she said it wasn't comfortable at all, and it dug into her skin, and unless she was concentrating on staying supported, she'd fall over to one side or the other.

Good idea in theory, but not so much in practice.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Badbadgirl
I do love SportSheets. Really sturdy material and easy to adjust the straps. It's perfect for balancing the weight distribution so you can be in that great position of having your legs up and not having the abs to hold them up. This is a really great aide for the bigger girls like me- and pulling it tight helps keep in that great angle for g-spot penetration.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Radiohead Resonance
I don't think Sex Sling is better than sex furniture - that stuff rocks, for real. But, my wife and I do like the Sex Sling. It helps me get the right angle to stimulate her gspot. We've found that you can do a variety of positions with this toy. We like it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I like the sex sling better than sex furniture. Plus, sex furniture is way expensive. There are more options with the sex sling. Both my wife and I are pleased with the new sex life it provides for us. Choices. That's what we bought it for, and that's what we got.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Sean
Dude! Totally the way to go. The Sex Sling allowed me to save my energy. I focused on angled penetration, because I didn't have to mess with holding my girl up. She preferred the deep penetration that Sex Sling provides. Expensive, but no doubt worth every bit I paid.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anka
The hand and leg straps are quite flexible. We maneuver with little difficulty. This sling also saves energy and limits frustration. We raise our hands in approval.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Wow! My man is not small by any means - a bit bigger than average actually. But with this thing he can go so much deeper. You can actually accomplish the same thing if you hold your legs back, but that's tiring and this way you can lay back and enjoy!

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