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Tongue Joy

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Tongue Joy: Adult toys and vibrators improve couples sex
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

The titillating sensations that come with dancing, twisting tongues are welcomed my women and men. Oral sex is an important part of one's romantic and sexual relationship, because enhancing the pleasure felt during those intimate moments sends a lover into orgasmic frenzies. Isn't that what matters - pleasing our partners and ourselves? The Tongue Joy was created to help you and your lover make oral sex a pleasurable priority, full of steamy, erotic sensations that lead to better lovemaking.

The Tongue Joy is a chrome-plated battery-operated tongue and finger vibrator. It secures to a finger or tongue by using flexible hypo-allergenic silicone bands. In this way, the Tongue Joy literally becomes an extension of yourself (or your partner), creating moderately powerful vibrations that stimulate the clitoris, nipples, or penis. It comes with a battery-operated Turbo Pack that doubles the Tongue Joy's vibration intensity and functions with variable speed control.

The Tongue Joy includes:

Three Stretchy Silicone Bands: The bands come in a variety of sizes to assure a perfect fit. Clever ideas for body parts include tongue, finger, toe, penis, or any other place your imagination leads. These silicone bands are flexible, stretchy, and non-toxic.

Four Textured Silicone Sleeves: Try slipping one of these hypoallergenic colorful assorted sleeves on your Tongue Joy to experience textured stimulation. Each sleeve uses a variety of textures to enhance each movement and vibration.

Custom Surgical Stainless Steel Barbell: The perfect attachment for those with pierced tongues. 14 gauge, 5/8. If you have a pierced tongue and want to turn your piercing into an erotic pleasure tool, you'll love the Tongue Joy's stainless steel barbell.

Turbo Pack: Need an extra boost? Plug in the Turbo Pack for stronger and more intense vibrations. Increase or slow the vibration pace down, all according to your wants and needs. This Turbo Pack lets you be the determiner of vibration intensity, giving you more options than most vibrating sex toys.

Satin Pouch: You need an ideal place to store your new sex toy, perhaps for traveling or as a means of hiding it from your inquisitive children and nosy relatives. This satin pouch lets you store your Tongue Joy without damaging it, protecting it from dust, dirt, and other undesirable substances.

Six Month Manufacturer's Warranty: Quality through and through! The Tongue Joy's manufacturer believes in its products, so they've offered six-month manufacturer warranties for each Tongue Joy. This warranty ensures that your money is not wasted on short-lived sex toys.

For those who are looking to heighten the anticipation a bit, VibeReview also offers the Tongue Joy Romance Package. This beautifully wrapped deluxe edition offers everything listed above in a stylish gift box for that extra special occasion.

Editorial Review

One of the best ways to make a woman or man sing powerful orgasmic tunes is to focus on oral sex. Clitoral and penis stimulation can be an exciting way to improve foreplay activities, leading into romantically-inspired sex. With this in mind, it's easy to understand why the Tongue Joy continues to be such a popular sex toy for couples. The tongue's warmth, wetness, and movement are wonderful all on their own, but adding vibrations to the mix is a dream come true! The Tongue Joy - so far - is the best type of finger and tongue-directed vibrations. It is a brilliant idea, but is it practical ... is it effective and efficient?

My first observation of this sex toy was its small size. If any type of vibrator is going to be attached to my tongue or finger, it needs to be small. I don't want some heavy piece of machinery hurting my precious tongue or fragile fingers! The Tongue Joy is both small and lightweight, so it doesn't put too much pressure on any body part. And while it is marketed primarily as a sex toy for oral sex, it is versatile enough to be used on different body parts. It comes with three different sized silicone bands that fit onto most body parts your imagination conjures up. You can get as creative as you want with this mini-massager.

I don't stray too far from the manufacturer's marketing agenda, as I mainly use it for oral titillation. And my boyfriend is the same way. We tried attaching the silicone bands to other body parts, which felt good, but also felt somewhat awkward and strange. So ... oral sex is the way to go! The bands are made in different sizes to ensure a tight fit on one's tongue, and this is where the Tongue Joy runs into some minor problems: The smallest size - claimed to keep the Tongue Joy in place - can still slide of the tongue. Part of this is due to saliva lubricating the bands, but part of this slippage is due to the bands' flexibility.

The best course of action is to try each band before diving into your lover's lap. This will decrease any in-the-moment frustrations that can occur. You know what I am talking about ... those moments when you are insanely aroused and your toy quits working or is moved to the wrong part of your special place. Avoid annoying during-foreplay mishaps by testing the toy out before you attempt to please your partner. If a given sex toy complicates matters, I generally won't play with it again. I want to improve sex, increase the pleasure I experience, and connect with my boyfriend - not lose myself in a heated moment of frustration.

My experience: Once my boyfriend slid the medium-sized band on his tongue and we were ready to test out the Tongue Joy, we jumped into the sack. The fireplace was burning, candles were lit, and I was ready for some fun. My boyfriend positioned himself in my lap, turned on the vibrator, and began gently kissing and licking my petunia. The vibrations felt best when he didn't lick, suck, or kiss my clit, instead placing his vibrating tongue on my clit, not moving it at all. Tongue movement (flicking, kissing, etc.) dampens the intensity of vibrations and when that happens, it is hard to climax - the vibrations are too soft and fade away too quickly.

We figured that plugging the vibrator into the Turbo Pack would make a difference, supposedly "doubling vibration intensity". To our surprise (we are skeptical, you know), the Turbo Pack punched the vibrator into overdrive! The vibration speed increased and I could feel each pulsation a little better. But even with the Turbo Pack's super-charged vibrations, my boyfriend had to stop moving his tongue - which defeats the purpose. He doesn't just want to lay with his tongue extended on my clit. We could just as easily hold my Laya Spot or Lily on my clit, probably with better results, too. Even with the Turbo Pack plugged in, this vibrating sex toy pulsates quietly, so noisy clanging and humming didn't distract or bother us.

He wore the three sleeves (recommended for tooth protection) that are included with Tongue Joy, but, despite some tingling, it didn't do much for me, or to me. One positive is that the sleeves keep the toy warm, and each creates slightly different sensations. Other than that, the sleeves aren't that impressive. I especially recommend this toy to couples with tongue rings. It comes with a medical-grade stainless steel barbell that attaches directly to the vibrator, making the silicone band fitting problem obsolete. Overall, I would recommend the Tongue Joy to anyone who wants a toy that will add something new and fun to their sex life. I can easily see how this toy could become a favorite, enhancing foreplay and adding a whole new dimension to oral sex.

Additional Details

Battery Info:  Tongue Joy requires two watch batteries (included).
Turbo Pack takes two AA batteries (not included).
Material:  This item is made of Metal, Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Tongue Joy

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Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I originally believed this was an easy sex toy to play with. Like a convenient one or something. You know, like quickly putting on the band, turning it on, and going with the moment. It doesn't work that way. Unless I slide the band on before jumping into the sack, I have to take a few minutes while messing around to get the bands on my tongue and then situate the vibrator. This type of preparation kinda takes away from the moment. Once put on my tongue or finger it is a decent sex toy, but I have more confidence in a regular old vibrator. Points for coolness and uniqueness. Leaves a little to be desired.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. sexpotJIM
It isn't at all what I expected. Way to difficult to slide the bands on my tongue. Not very comfortable either. The vibrations lose intensity somehow, when my tongue touches my girlfriend's clit. We sometimes play with it (the Tongue Joy), but have moved on to hand-finger vibes. The Magnificent Vibrating Glove is a nice sex toy vibrator for couples. At least it works and isn't a hassle.
Sex toy review: four hearts. yeager
A really cool toy. I used to hate spending alot of time down there. I got frustrated with myself and my wife. I lacked oral sex confidence, like, I was orally challenged - maybe even born with a bad tongue. I felt bad about it. So I found the Tongue Joy and all that's changed. I enjoy 15-20 minutes of licking, sucking, and tickling. The Tongue Joy helped me learn what works best for clit play. It took a few uses for my tongue to get used to the feeling, but now I am ready to go!
Sex toy review: five hearts. Mighty Melinda
Mr. Tongue Joy pleases me. Easy to use and extremely powerful, Tongue Joy introduced me to the art of quick orgasms. And an art it is, believe me. My boyfriend didn't like using Tongue Joy, but he's since changed his mind. The more I get off, the more he likes it. Really, in the end, it doesn't matter if he likes it: I use it on my own, anyway. It's not the cheapest toy I've ever purchased, but it was worth it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. gooberry
Your tongue ever get tired from all the licking? Mine does. I want to go longer with oral sex, but my tongue feels like it will fall off. In response to this lingering problem, I purchased Tongue Joy for my wife and I. I figured she could use it for masturbation, that I could use it for oral sex. We have both been supremely impressed with the machine. My wife likes it just as much as I do.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anka
I'm not very good at oral sex. Maybe most men aren't, I don't know?!! But I wanted my wife to be more interested in it, so I bought Tongue Joy. She liked it so much that she plays with it by herself, too. The vibrations make my tongue feel strange, but it works.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Liz Marie
I thought securing the vibrating plate to my tongue might hurt. No pain whatsoever. Adding both licking and vibrations to foreplay increased pleasure, for sure. I use this toy on my girlfriend and boyfriend. My boyfriend enjoys the vibrations on his testicles. My girlfriend, well, you know what she likes! I'm getting hot writing this review. Better keep this short. Tongue Joy works really well.
Sex toy review: three hearts. nell
Marcie described the exact thing I experienced with the Tongue Joy. It truly is the best sex machine ever created by man or woman. It saves a ton of energy - the effort is there but, often, men just don't know the right technique to get a girl off. I had no problem with the price. It's not that expensive, and since I use it so often, I can easily justify the purchase.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Marcie Miller
The single best sex product ever created. No, seriously, the Tongue Joy has brought me to my knees, legs shaking and all. Now my husband knows how I will react from a clitoral orgasm. The machine does what no man has been able to do: I cum within seconds of feeling the differing speeds of vibration. You would think the machine takes forever to set up, and is difficult to operate. This isn't so. In fact, overall, it takes less time when one considers how long (and hard) a guy tries to lick his woman into heaven. It's just the easier, softer way toward clitoral orgasm. The only drawback is the price, but after several uses, it's quite clear that the price is worth it. Every woman should try this machine. Once you try it, you will want to use it daily.
Sex toy review: five hearts. jules
It's about time that someone recognized the complete package needed for girl. I mean, the days of my husband licking my clit and pussy, while I strain to place my vibrator in the right place at the same time are over. Now, it's all up to my husband, so I can lay back, close my eyes, grab his hair, whatever I want!

Also, the machine is easy to use. I've had no problems - technical or otherwise - with it.

My favorite is the tongue-vibrations. Nothing feels better than a wet, vibrating tongue exploring my vagina, focusing on my clit. I orgasm within minutes - something that was unheard of months back. Yes, I had an orgasm in the past - it's just that it took longer, which isn't much fun, especially for my poor husband, who would lick and lick and lick until his tongue felt like it was going to fall off.

The Tonguejoy has improved our foreplay, so I'd recommend this to any woman who feels foreplay neglected in any way.

Sex toy review: four hearts. manu
The Tongue Joy opened up a new world of fun for my wife and me. It makes oral sex more interesting, increases pleasure for both of us, and helps both of us orgasm quickly. The stimulation is constant, never ending, always sensational. My wife likes to tickle my penis and testicles with the Tongue Joy - and, boy, it does feel fantastic.

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