Sex Toy Storage: Fetish sex toy storage for whips, floggers, and BDSM


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Toychest: Fetish sex toy storage for whips, floggers, and BDSM
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Discreetly keep your sex life away from prying eyes. The Toychest is an excellent case to hide all the erotic accessories you can get your hot little hands on. Like the Toybox XL, this oversized hard storage case features a lock & key set to protect your adult items. Unlike the Toybox XL, the Toychest is twice as long, providing almost double the storage capacity. Inside are nine clear Velcro-backed pouches that easily tear away to be rearranged or removed to suit the Toychest to your personal needs.

Spills and leaks are a cinch - simply remove the dirty pouch and wash it, let it dry, and then stick it right back in the bag. Along the top of the inside, six Velcro loops let you hang whips, paddles, and anything else that's less than the 30 inches of room the Toychest offers. At the bottom back of the Toychest, you'll find an additional pouch with elastic at the top.

It's time to move past the duffel bag: this case is a must-have for folks who need to travel with lots of toys, parents trying to keep their bedroom life more discreet, and of course, your not so friendly neighborhood Domme.

Editorial Review

This is a serious storage case for serious sex toy enthusiasts. If you have lots of larger toys or BSDM gear, the Toychest is going to suit you well. As you can see from the picture, the Toychest will hold just about everything sex related - except your lover.

As you can probably imagine, being a sex toy reviewer has resulted in an absolutely huge personal toy collection. This case held literally everything with room to spare, so being the comprehensive toy reviewer I am, I folded up some lingerie and used the leftover plastic pockets to store that. Even with all of my toys in the case, I still managed to fit almost all of my "A-list" lingerie - and that was without squeezing anything in. If I had to, I could have fit much more in, but this was simply a test of what the case was designed to comfortably hold.

Built with the high quality that For Your Nymphomation's cases are known for, this case is a great investment!

Additional Details

Size:  12" wide
30" high
3.5" deep
Material:  This item is made of Vinyl.
Manufacturer:  For Your Nymphomation

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Sex toy review: five hearts. thursdayschild
The FYN Adult Toychest is really great and very versatile. I love that the system of velcro and removable plastic sleeves allows you to formulate the Toychest to meet your exact needs. I also love the velcro loops at the top - they are very handy to hang lengths of ropes, floggers, and anything else that you might want easy access to. The small pouches proved to be too small for my needs, but that's easily rectified - I'll be investing in some of the extra mesh or plastic sleeves available for purchase.
I only wish that the Toychest was bigger - it wasn't nearly as large as I had hoped it would be, but then again, it could just be that I have too many toys - I could easily fill 3 Toychests to the brim!
Sex toy review: five hearts. Yacht Lady4ever
Excellent for traveling. We have a summer house and it was nice to be able to pack our whole kinky lives up into a box and have it all ready to go when we got there. Not for everyone, but if you travel a lot or have a lot of stuff to fill this with, then this is a great choice.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Professor Ed
This is a great storage case. We have a large number of all kinds of sex toys and this holds them all. It's not as durable as the description makes it seem (I wouldn't jump on it or anything) but I expect it to hold up for our purposes.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. evolution's harsh hand
Yet another win from FYN! My wife and I got one of these. We threw all our toys in here, closed the lid, and slid it under the bed for safekeeping. Now our "sex drawer" has been reclaimed and we no longer deal with tangled cords.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Sarah K.
This is well made and holds everything I could ever need. I have a HUGE collection of BSDM toys and while I don't travel, the Toychest is a great way for me to tidily pack everything away.

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