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Toybox XL

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Toybox XL: Large sex toy storage case
Sex toy review: five hearts.

Item Description

Use the Toybox XL to hide your entire collection of your erotic accessories! This larger version of the original Toybox, has more than triple the available storage space. Like the original, this is a roomy hard-sided faux leather case which features a lock & key set to protect all of your most personal items. Inside are six clear Velcro pouches that can tear away to be rearranged or removed to suit your needs. Something sprung a leak? No problem - since the pouches are removable you can easily run them under the faucet without having to clean the whole toybox.

Also inside the case are six Velcro loops to easily hang your paddles, floggers, and other toys. At the bottom back is a lower pouch with elastic at the top for even more storage. Built to last with hard sides and a wipe-clean vinyl interior, this case is an absolute must-have for anyone with a growing toy collection.

Note: if you are looking for an even larger storage solution, be sure to check out the Toychest.

Editorial Review

I recently reviewed the Toybox, the Toybox XL's smaller sister. Before opening the Toybox XL, I was led to believe that it was more or less the same as the original Toybox, but with more space. To some degree, that's true, but along with the additional space comes a much more diverse storage solution.

The Toybox XL has six interior pockets that stick to the case's lining with Velcro. This is actually a really great feature because you can customize the internal storage to fit your specific needs. Another difference is the inclusion of several loops across the top of the case. These loops open with a Velcro fastener and I was easily able to fasten a 20-foot coil of rope, an 18-inch flogger and a riding crop. The crop had to sit vertically, but honestly - who cares! The case felt quite durable; knocking on the hard sides of the case made a nice solid-sounding sound.

Unless you have an unusually large sex toy collection, or some really big toys, this case will hold everything. Like the original Toybox, the construction of the Toybox XL is absolutely first rate, and I expect it to last longer than many of my toys.

Additional Details

Size:  12" wide
18" high
3.5" deep
Material:  This item is made of Vinyl.
Manufacturer:  For Your Nymphomation

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Sex toy review: five hearts. Badbadgirl
I just loaded this up. I love it. I think I'd add a strap or two across the middle for things that you want to secure, but are too big for the bags.

I love that I have a clean place to put my toys so I can see everything when I want it. I don't have to go digging through a box, and I don't have to pile it all into my medicine cabinet where it can be seen by visitors or my kids.

The FYN products are made well, sewn tight and are are sturdy. I also have a FootLong case and a small condom case that I also use for spare change. These products are perfect for a sex savvy girl on the go!!

Sex toy review: five hearts. carnivalesq
This case is awesome. For the first time I can take my toys from my place to my partner's, confident that they're hidden and protected! And all in one place! No more fishing in the pockets of my overnight bag and finding leaky lube. I love that the pouches come out individually for cleaning - genius! This is awesome for anyone who wants to protect their pleasurable investments. This is not gonna be the last case I get by this manufacturer.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. princess emma
I've been reading about For Your Nymphomation on different sites, and was really anxious to give their boxes a try. I am super impressed! My box looks really nice and even though I don't have enough toys to fill it, there's definitely room to grow.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Sparkling Unicorn
This is a big box for my big sex toy collection. Momma's no spring chicken when it comes to her vibrators and lets just say that this toybox is plenty big enough to hold them ALL. It's really high quality too. I just toss it under my bed and don't have to worry.
Sex toy review: five hearts. romantic_madison
This is one of the most useful things I own. Why has nobody thought of these things sooner? Reclaim your nightstands!

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