Vibrator Reviews: Clit vibrators and female sex toys for powerful orgasms

Water Dancer

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Water Dancer: Clit vibrators and female sex toys for powerful orgasms
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

The Pocket Rocket and Pocket Rocket Booster are two of VibeReview's most popular clitoral vibrators. However, neither is a waterproof sex toy. And seeing as many women enjoy masturbating in a warm bath, it's always nice to have a waterproof clitoral vibrator available for in-bath erogenous zone massage. The Water Dancer is a waterproof version of the Pocket Rocket - meaning you can experience quality clitoral stimulation in a wet or dry environment!

This compact clitoral vibrator is discrete, powerful, and easy to operate. Taking it with you into the tub or shower for relaxing self-stimulation is a treat that you shouldn't miss. Its single-speed capability is more than enough power to experience heightened orgasmic relief. Although it is compact, it delivers quality vibrations to sensitive clitoral tissue and never fails you in your moment of need, when passion and pleasure mingle in your body.

The Water Dancer's successful design is a direct result of its simplistic approach to clitoral stimulation. Why waste time and money and effort on toys that over-stimulate your aroused clitoris? The Water Dancer ensures that every vibration is delivered precisely to your clitoris, leaving no question who is in charge ... the Water Dancer! Beginners love the Water Dancer, relying on it as the ideal introductory vibrating sex toy.

Editorial Review

The Water Dancer's advertisements claim that it is on the same performance level as the Pocket Rocket and Pocket Rocket Booster. As I reviewed the Water Dancer, I compared it to two of the world's most impressive clitoral vibrators. Did the Water Dancer earn a favorable comparison? No, the comparison fell short of my personal expectations - which does not mean the toy failed to stimulate me. It just means the toy doesn't stimulate me as much as the two previously mentioned sex toys.

First, the Pocket Rocket is a staple vibrator - one that women of all sexual orientations and experience levels have relied on for focused and direct clitoral vibrations - not too mention its revered discreteness. The Pocket Rocket was my introduction to sex toys, so I am rather fond of it. Oh, the memories, the new experiences that it brought to me. Even though the Water Dancer is waterproof and the Pocket Rocket is not, I have to go with a traditional Pocket Rocket as the better toy.

In comparison to my Pocket Rocket Booster, there's really not a valid comparison. The Pocket Rocket Booster is easily the best clit vibrator I've ever tried. It costs more than all other Pocket Rocket-style vibrators, but the additional cost is worth it. The Water Dancer cannot keep up with the Pocket Rocket Booster's energetic vibrations. I am a lady who wants speed options: The Water Dancer has only one speed, but the Pocket Rocket Booster is ready for multi-speed clitoral massage within an instant.

A lot of women purchase the Water Dancer (or Rabbit Dancer - a similar version with a tickler). And of these women, most are beginners - which is fantastic! Inexperienced women will instantly claim that this toy helped them feel their first true orgasm, and as these women's experiences change, they ultimately graduate to better sex toys that can do what the Water Dancer cannot. Namely, create a variety of sensations that hinge on multi-speed and multi-functional vibrations.

I occasionally take my Water Dancer with me on business trips. There's something erotic about masturbating with a discrete toy in a spacious, quiet hotel bathtub. I am naughty with my water toys! Though many waterproof toys can't compete vibration-wise with standard vibrators, I am still in favor of owning vibrators that add something unique to the mix. Since the Water Dancer is waterproof, I like to use it in specific situations that rule out the possibility of using a standard vibrating sex toy.

Additional Details

Size:  4" total length
.87" diameter
Battery Info:  One AA battery required.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Plastic.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: one heart. Anonymous
Disappointed with this toy. It just doesn't have enough power.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Clair Vicks
AVERAGE. And that's all. I found a better bargain and effectiveness in the Starburst.
Sex toy review: three hearts. jada k.
Would be a winner if it had more speeds than one! As currently designed it is a medium-grade clit vibe that is good for quick masturbation in the shower before work! That's been how I've used the vibe.
Sex toy review: three hearts. metropolis mama
Eh, reliable for the lightest clitoral rubbing. I'd much rather play with my Hitachi Magic Wand. The head's nubs feel good and the Water Dancer's waterproof ability helps. In the end, I wanted something slightly more powerful.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Nisha
This was my first toy and boy was I pleased... Although it isnt loud, its still a little noisy for my taste, but it sure does the job... If you are into clitoral stimulation then this is the toy for you... I use it any and everywhere.... At home, in the bath, at work, in my car, at the beach and even in a movie theater... its amazing...
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Lucky Becky
I will always own one of these simple vibrators. Water Dancer can be used in the bathtub without anyone even noticing. It's a quiet vibrator that has powerful pulsations. Clitoral orgasms feel better than G spot orgasms, so I picked the right vibrator. I am a simple woman with basic needs, and Water Dancer is exactly what I wanted and needed.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Russ S.
My wife purchased Water Dancer before our vacation. Little did I know that I would be an active participant in the Water Dancer's work. When we got to our hotel, my wife showed the vibrator to me. She got naked, jumped in the shower, and invited me to join. Ask twice? No way, I am married. These opportunities are rare. So we started kissing and touching one another. She turned the vibrator on, put it in my hand, then moved my hand down to her vagina. She taught me how to please her with this toy. We made love in the shower, and I kept Water Dancer pressuring her clitoris the entire time. My wife had the craziest orgasm I've ever seen a woman have. I learned something new about my wife and sex.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. sexyoldlady

If you can't be pleased by this toy, you will never be pleased! Quiet vibrator.

Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer

It fits perfectly in my hand, and I can hide it easily. Just a perfect toy for a perfect girl, looking for the perfect orgasm. Multi speed options would be preferable, but I'll take what I can get.

Sex toy review: three hearts. Diamond Lil

Like many women, I feel most relaxed in a hot tub, soaking after a long day at work. I got tired of rubbing my clit in the tub. I don't want to do any of the work. So when I read a positive review about the Water Dancer, I decided to give it a try.

It works well in the bath. It doesn't take long for my legs to cramp and body to toss - shooting water out of the tub. A mess - oh well. It could use more juice, ie. power.

Sex toy review: four hearts. darkening_echoes
This is fantastic.. very powerful and a pleasure to have on hand when the urge takes you. I received this as a present and that added to my pleasure :) Don't be put off at the size, it's powerful vibrations hit all the needed parts and is great when used wet or dry. It's completely waterproof and showering has never been so much fun :) This is a must for all ladies out there.. come join the fun...
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I am pleased with it - and you can't go wrong for the price. Just keep it in the corner of your shower and when you need it, it's there. Bath-time, shower-time, or anytime, this item is a must-have for any woman. We deserve to feel this good!
Sex toy review: four hearts. violet
The Dancer is amazing. It's small and quiet, but ever so powerful. This was worth every penny.

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