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Natural Penis Enlargement: Devices and Exercises

Natural Penis Enlargement: Devices and Exercises

VibeReview's Men, Insecurity, and Penis Size: A Discussion created such a stir among female and male customers and readers that a second addition to the article is now necessary. VibeReview writers wanted to introduce readers and customers to reliable natural penis enlargement exercises and devices.

VibeReview specializes in examining and testing sex-related products, especially the reliability of a given sex toy or adult product. Increasing demand for quality penis enlargement options dominates sexual content on the Internet. Men and women are interested in the possible benefits of penis enlargement, and for a variety of reasons! VibeReview's email, almost daily, is filled with questions about penis enlargement exercises and devices. Most people want to know if either, or both, penis enlargement methods are safe and effective.

Not having justifiable answers for these emails, VibeReview decided to gain personal experience with penis enlargement methods. The objective is simple: VibeReview wants to know if penis enlargement devices and exercises do, in fact, aid in healthy penile development and growth. Which method is more productive? The safest? Can both exercises and devices be used simultaneously? Long-term or short-term growth? Or no significant growth at all? Is the penis enlargement industry scamming millions of men, using insecurity as a manipulative tactic? This experiment and investigation, VibeReview hopes, will finally provide creditable answers that interested men and women will understand and appreciate.

As far as VibeReview knows, no other online sex toy store has gone to such great lengths to finally reach the truth about penis enlargement devices and exercises. Searching the Internet for reliable data is a waste of time; VibeReview writers spent an absurd amount of time looking for objective data about specific penis enlargement devices. Alas, VibeReview writers contacted several major companies that specialize in the production and distribution of penis enlargement devices. Contacting penis enlargement device manufacturers for information and statistics seemed the appropriate path to follow. So, that's precisely what VibeReview writers did.

Putting each company to the ultimate test of faith in its product, two of VibeReview's best writers requested sample penis enlargement devices. The idea, of course, originated from our product testing and reviewing mission: If a given company believes in its product as advertised, wouldn't each company be interested in gaining free exposure for its product, with the results of each penis enlargement device discussed in an article? That's how VibeReview conducts business with sex toy manufacturers. No reason to deviate from what works!

In defining the parameters of what is or is not reliable, VibeReview professionals adhere to strict testing procedures that often rely on comparative analysis. VibeReview's sex toys and adult products are all tested by professional staff members; therefore, when the word "reliable" is used in relation to sex toy and adult toy reviews, an actual experiment, or investigation, has transpired. In the strictest sense possible, reliability or unreliability - as the case may be - is taken very seriously. How could VibeReview objectively assess the reliability of penis enlargement devices having never tested a single penis enlargement product? And so a journey into unfamiliar territory began....

Surprisingly, only one company of the many contacted, offered to send free sample penis enlargement devices for VibeReview writers to test and review. While VibeReview acknowledges that a given company's refusal to participate in this experiment does not necessarily mean that company's product does not work as promised, a sense of caution erupted throughout the office. It's been VibeReview's experience that quality companies produce and distribute quality products, and will most often stand side-by-side with their products, providing free sample items for professionals to test and review.

Size Genetics accepted VibeReview's proposal, and the company's product manager emphasized, "I am 100% confident your guys will see some positive results, which of course will only help us in our aim to dispel some of the many myths [about penis enlargement]." Size Genetics believes in its product so much that the product manager sent VibeReview two Size Genetics Extenders, including two travel pouches, spare parts, two DVDs, two free memberships to, and two gorgeous wooden cases. And they offered both packages without hesitation!

The penis enlargement devices were shipped to VibeReview's headquarters within two weeks of the first email conversation. As part of the agreement between Size Genetics and VibeReview, two male test subjects (two of VibeReview's writers) will keep a weekly journal that is accessible to VibeReview customers and readers. Each week updates will be posted on the site, following this introduction. This will be done for a period of 4 months.

This investigation into the world of penis enlargement will provide an unbiased viewpoint based on actual data recorded and personal experience. All information that follows is valid. VibeReview has no business affiliation with Size Genetics. Readers and customers should expect only the most serious objectivity and professionalism. Please note that VibeReview is only reporting and individual interpretation of those results. Neither of the writers (the test subjects) are medical professionals, so please keep that in mind as you follow this amazing study.

Please check back monthly for updates! Bookmark this page for easy access. This ongoing penis enlargement discussion will prove useful for many people. VibeReview is proud to be the first sex toy store to conduct an extended investigation into the effectiveness of penis enlargement devices and exercises. Hopefully, this experiment will prove beneficial for many customers and readers. Breast augmentation is typically an accepted sexual and physical enhancement procedure. It only seems right that men should also have the same opportunities to improve the condition, length, and width of their penises.

VibeReview would like to thank Size Genetics for its willingness to participate in this experiment and investigation, and for providing the necessary equipment and resources to fully explore the benefits of penis enlargement devices and exercises. Seeing as we did contact other companies, hoping for a comparative approach to this experiment, we may include future companies that opt to send VibeReview sample devices, but VibeReview did receive an emphatic NO! from the other companies. So be it.

Note: In keeping with VibeReview's policy of confidentiality, real names are not used to identify any VibeReview staff member.


John is a thirty-year-old Caucasian male. He contributes frequently to written projects featured on VibeReview. He gladly volunteered his time and effort for this article, investigation, and experiment. John has tested penis pumps in the past, but found that all gains were short-term. He has never attempted to use penis enlargement exercises. Interested in the possibility of adding length and width to his penis, he excitedly took this opportunity. John has an above-average sized penis, but would still like to add additional width and length.

John's Starting Measurements:

Complete flaccidity: 4.54" length x 2.1" width

Semi-flaccidity (semi-relaxed state): 5.75" length x 2.5" width

Erect (full erection): 7.64" length x 3.15" width

Peter is a twenty-five-year-old Caucasian male. Peter also volunteered for this project. He has never used any method of penis enlargement, though he has been considering penis enlargement for a while. For him, this experiment and investigation is a serious matter: He admits being self-conscious about his penis size, and would like nothing more than to add a few inches in width and length, though length is more important to him.

Peter's Starting Measurements:

Complete flaccidity: 2.68" length x 1.8" width

Semi-flaccidity (semi-relaxed state): 3.25" length x 2.15" width

Erect (full erection): 5.14" length x 2.34" width

Start date for both participants: April 30, 2007

Journal Comments:


When I opened the box containing the Andro-Penis Extender, I immediately felt overwhelmed. I asked myself two questions: How in the world am I going to comfortably wear this device, and how would I do so without anything knowing that I am wearing it? I work from home, so hiding the device in my pants isn't going to be that difficult; but the first question, more difficult to answer. The device is large, and I couldn't see how it would be comfortable to wear.

The manual put me at ease, though. The directions are "user friendly." The Andro-Penis Extender's length is adjusted by adding new axes to the standard length of the device. I had to first calculate my personal size before using the device, which proved challenging for me. I am not a mathematical person! Over an hour and half of messing around with the device...and, finally, my Andro-Penis Extender was prepared for its first use.

I slid my penis through the base opening. Braces on both sides support the device, where each new axis is added to create the right amount of traction needed for penile growth. A Silicone lasso slides through the top of the device, which captures the penis glans. The manual recommended using cotton over the glans to prevent undesirable glans irritation; so I spread cotton over the glans, and very carefully, I closed the Silicone lasso over my glans.

I felt quite uncomfortable for two hours. The device seemed to get in the way of sitting down, standing up, or any quick change in movement. I looked in the mirror, wanting to know if anyone could see the device in my pants. I couldn't tell by looking. But it was there, and I felt awkward. However, after two hours, I removed my penis. I massaged the glans for 3 minutes (as the manual suggested), and then slid my penis back into the device. This time around I felt more comfortable. I've been wearing the device for 3 to 6 hours a day for 8 days. I will be adding my new axes later this week.

Any frustrations? Not many. I did struggle with getting exact measurements. In the end, I had to take the average of three measurements for each penile state. Learning how the device works and how to add pieces proved slightly confusing, but now I've learned the process. I have started using the stretching and jelqing exercises. Problem is, arousal. The exercise routines almost always force an erection, which means I have to wait until the erection subsides to continue the exercise routines.

I don't have any measurement results to report at this time. I want to report any gains on a monthly basis. I have noticed that my erections feel firmer, and when I have sex I now have this "throbbing" sensation in my penis, which feels really good. I will be taking new measurements at the end of the month; I am hoping that some growth is evident. If you had asked me two months ago "Would you ever wear a penis enlargement device for an extended period of time?", I would have laughed. Well, it appears that I am wearing it! I can't say I enjoy wearing it daily, for hours, but it's not that bad either. I am looking forward to continuing the process.


I have often considered different penis enlargement methods. My main concern, understandably, has always been safety: I'd rather have a functional penis than a longer, damaged penis. Penis pumps always looked unsafe to me. Like as if my penis might explode if used to often, or with too much pressure. I am looking for permanent growth, not short-term benefits. Penis pumps, according to everything I've read, only create short-term benefits. No thanks, I am looking for a product with long-term benefits.

VibeReview presented me with this opportunity. I couldn't refuse. I volunteered with a smile on my face, no problem. I had previously seen information on the Internet about Size Genetics and Each time I came upon both websites, I shrugged, "Can't afford it right now, not the Extender (Andro-Penis) or the membership." The penis enlargement device is expensive, but it came with more perks than the average penis enlargement devices sold on the Internet (I checked, of course!).

When I received my package, an adrenaline rush filled my body. I started reading the manual. All information contained in the manual (directions, device parts, etc) made sense to me. I, then, watched the introduction DVD. Both the Andro-Penis manual and the Introduction DVD opened my eyes to the philosophy behind, or the scientific nature of, penis enlargement. Sustained, safe stretching in combination with safe exercise routines, and penis enlargement is possible. Hey, that was enough motivation for me to start!

Measuring my penis, like John emphasized, was more difficult than I would've ever believed. I measured my penis in three different states: total flaccidity, semi-flaccidity, and erection. By the time I was done with all measurements, I had recorded four different measurements for each penile state...twelve different measurements! Like John, I used the Law of Averages.

Surprised by erection measurements, and thinking that I really could use a few additional inches of length, I quickly jumped into the construction phase. The standard size of the Andro-Penis worked for me. I didn't add any axes to the braces. Unlike John, I didn't feel uncomfortable or awkward, not at all. I also didn't use any cotton for my glans. I wanted to first see how the Silicone lasso felt before using any cotton or soft cover material. I haven't experienced any glans irritation.

Is the device stretching my penis? Absolutely. After only a week and a half of using the device daily, I can tell that my penis looks longer when flaccid. I cannot tell much of a difference when it is erect, though. Initially, I planned on weekly measurements. I changed my mind: Monthly measurements and progress reports should prove more useful and dramatic (if the Andro-Penis continues to work as promised by the manufacturer).

I wear my Andro-Penis at night while I work. I don't feel like walking or driving with it in my pants. I would hate to be in an embarrassing situation, in which someone could see the outline of the device in my pants. I typically wear my device 3 to 4 hours a day, but I am planning on adding new axes and hours to my routine.

I've also spent a few hours on, checking out all the different articles, and also the helpful forum.'s forum helped me understand, and learn about, the different exercise routines that also aid in erection development and penis enlargement. Overall, it is an extremely helpful website. I am slowly integrating the exercise routines into my daily penis enlargement activities. I am intentionally taking it slow for the first month. I want to make sure I understand precisely how the device and exercises work.

1st Month Updates: April 30, 2007 - June 1, 2007

Journal Comments:


I feel like I've mastered the device and the program. It took two weeks of adjustments to reach an acceptable level of comfort. I am definitely not complaining; I anticipated an adjustment period. Once I understood the measurement process and how to add each lengthening piece, I barely realized that the device played a role in my daily affairs. I even forget that I am wearing it. You could say that the device has become an extension of my body. I feel 100% comfortable wearing the device. One warning for you fathers out there: If your children bounce around, often jumping on you while you relax on the couch, you should wait until they go to bed before wearing the device. My son jumped onto my lap when I was wearing the Size Genetics Penis Extender. I assure you that it didn't feel wonderful.

I am also including several of the exercise routines. I find the stretching exercises feel the best. I have a difficult time with Jelqing, though: I get an erection a few minutes into each Jelqing session. While an erection is normal, it slows down the process. It is recommended that all Jelqing activities cease upon the presence of a full erection. So, erections do slow down exercise routines. I generally exercise right after taking a warm shower. The forum explains that increasing blood flow to the penis is important "before and after exercise routines" and that warm water stimulates the penis, increasing blood flow. I tried the exercises without a warm shower. My exercise routines were not as productive, and I felt sore afterwards. Mental note: Don't skip warm showers before exercises!

I wear the device 7 hours a day. I do not skip any days; nor do I skip minutes or hours. I have faithfully worn the Size Genetics Penis Extender for an entire month. I wear it for 3 hours straight, take it off, massage my penis, and wear it for another 4 hours. That's it - that's how my routine works. So have I experienced any growth (length and/or width)? I have experienced small gains, but nothing too unbelievable, but certainly enough for encouragement. Below you will find my updated measurements:

John's 1st Month Measurements:

Complete flaccidity: 4.60" length x 2.4" width

Semi-flaccidity (semi-relaxed state): 5.79" length x 2.62" width

Erect (full erection): 7.69" length x 3.2" width

As you can see, the gains have not been tremendous. Considering this was the first month of a long process, I am still optimistic about long-term growth potential. These new measurements (like the starting measurements) are an average of 3 separate measurements for each category.


An entire month in the history books! Wow, it seems like yesterday that I started this experiment. I struggled with the Size Genetics Extender for the first week of the experiment. I was too confused about how the device works, how much pressure is required for the best results, and how to avoid glans irritation (created by the lasso at the end of the device that captures the head of my penis). I spent a lot of time reading forum tips. I eventually figured it out, and thus far, have not experienced any other problems. Placing a soft piece of cotton cloth (must be thin!) under the lasso immediately lessened any glans discomfort and irritation. I read in the forum that some men do not experience any glans discomfort; I am not one of those men. I needed padding for complete comfort, which I do experience now.

I slowly incorporated stretching into my daily routines. I have not started Jelqing yet, but I plan on using Jelqing in my second month. Stretching my penis before sliding it into the Size Genetics Penis Extender is helpful. Before stretching I always wrap a warm cloth around my penis, which prepares me for stretching activities. I find all the photographs helpful. Each photograph shows proper and safe stretching methods. Since I am so concerned about keeping my penis in tip-top shape, I take all directions seriously.

I am still wearing my Size Genetics Penis Extender at night. I cannot find the time during the day to wear it - not for consecutive hours. I feel more comfortable wearing mine at night, and I do so for 5 hours a night. I break the 5-hour period into two halves: After 2.5 hours, I take a five-minute break; and then I slide my penis back into the device for another 2.5 hours. Not only have I recorded increased girth (width) and length, my erections are much stronger than they were a month ago. My new measurements impressed me:

Peter's 1st Month Measurements:

Complete flaccidity: 2.74" length x 1.87" width

Semi-flaccidity (semi-relaxed state): 3.31" length x 2.22" width

Erect (full erection): 5.24" length x 2.43" width

After only a month of wearing device, I feel more confident in myself (and the device!), and look forward to even better gains next month (hope, hope). I need to research what average gains are in the first month, but I bet I came close to, or exceeded, that average.

2nd Month Updates: June 1, 2007 - July 1, 2007

Journal Comments:


My hard work is slowly starting to pay off. Truthfully, minor effort is required on my part. The Size Genetics Penis Extender does the majority of the work; my active participation in the routine generally revolves around the penis exercises and stretching. Other than the exercises, I am merely sitting back, allowing the routine to work for me. The initial inconveniences that I encountered during the earlier phase of this experiment are far behind me: It has become routine to adjust the device and wear it daily. I now have a better understanding of how the device works, why it works, and what is required for the device to work. Like any other progression, my comfort level continues to increase - and the more comfortable I feel, the more I can relax and enjoy the process.

My girlfriend recently commented about a difference in the way my penis feels during sex - and she did so with a giddy smile spreading across her face. According to her, my penis feels stronger and thicker. When I asked her to elaborate, she gladly explained, "It's tough to pinpoint. But there is a significant difference. Like, oh I don't enjoyable throbbing sensation, where your penis tenses up and relaxes. When we have sex, I feel more of you than I did in the past." Her seductive eyes told me everything I wanted to know.

Since my girlfriend shared her observation with me, I, too, have noticed a significant different in my penis's performance. The actual size gains are not necessarily apparent visually (maybe width), but the quality of my erections has undoubtedly improved. When I started this project, I doubted that I would experience improvements this quickly. Since last month, I have recorded minor size gains. If there's one thing I've figured out it's that size increases are part of a slow process. A quick fix is not part of this process, but I am fine with long as progress is made. So far, even though process has been slower than expected, my penis is longer and wider than when I began the program. I can't ask for more than that!

John's 2nd Month Measurements:

Complete flaccidity: 4.78" length x 2.64" width

Semi-flaccidity (semi-relaxed state): 5.96" length x 2.79" width

Erect (full erection): 7.83" length x 3.45" width


What an amazing month it has been! This month has been all about the exercise and stretching program. I rarely even notice that the the Size Genetics Penis Extender is on my penis - I am that comfortable with it strapped-on. The exercise and stretching routines helped me reach another gear of growth. I am absolutely floored by the improvements I've seen and felt. Jelqing works, fellas. Jelqing hasn't made my penis longer, but it is most definitely thicker. My ability to masturbate (and I am assuming during sex, as well) for longer periods without climaxing is another significant benefit of Jelqing. When I first started the exercise routine, I would instantly get an erection. I stuck with the exercise, however, and finally adjusted to this new form of stimulation. Jelqing does feel good, but when I get too excited I pause for a few seconds or minutes - and this has helped me with ejaculation control.

My width gains have impressed me. Length gains? It's coming along slower, but my girth increases have me stoked. The device gives a really good stretch these days - a stretch that feels good and healthy, nothing painful or too uncomfortable. Unlike John, I don't have a girlfriend right now. I am only going by how much better masturbation feels. I feel like roaring with applause for this penis enlargement device. Below you will find my recorded gains. I am impressed with the improvements. I feel like a man on a mission. I have a new sexual purpose - or something like that!

Peter's 2nd Month Measurements:

Complete flaccidity: 2.94" length x 2.01" width

Semi-flaccidity (semi-relaxed state): 3.48" length x 2.57" width

Erect (full erection): 5.62" length x 2.93" width

3rd Month Updates: July 1, 2007 - August 1, 2007

Journal Comments:


Maybe I smashed into a rookie brick wall; my measurements did not increase much this month. I added two lengthening pieces to my device in the first week. After doing so, for the next couple of days, my penis felt somewhat sore - a soreness similar to what I experienced when I started the experiment. I assume that my soreness was a result of the lengthening process, because I no longer feel sore - my penis, it seems, adjusted to the additional length.

Seriously, I still can't believe that the device is so easy to wear. Before starting the experiment, I was concerned that my Size Genetics device would be impossible to wear in public. Wearing it whenever I need to has not been an issue. I've even attended a few business meetings with the device secured onto my penis. The key, for me, has been to wear baggy pants. No one has a clue what's in my pants!

I spent a lot of time following my penis enlargement routine, the exercises. Man, I get a good stretch now - it used to be much tougher. Improvement in my flaccid length is much more apparent than anything else. That being said, I am still waiting patiently for greater erection gains. In the 1st and 2nd months, my overall gains were impressive. This 3rd month, though, showed a decrease in overall gains.

I work out frequently - and have for years. I imagine that using this device is similar to working out, at least in certain ways. Like, for example, when I go through periods of muscle building stagnation, which are generally followed up with a few months of exceptional muscle gain and toning. Maybe the same principle applies for penis enlargement? Since I did show good gains in the first couple of months, I might have been due for a slower month.

I am hoping that next month will be my best month so far. While I am already satisfied with the growth I've seen, I am wanting more and more - to get even larger. When you've seen quantifiable results like I have, you start to believe in all the promises. And why not? So far, the Size Genetics device has worked.

John's 3rd Month Measurements:

Complete flaccidity: 4.81" length x 2.67" width

Semi-flaccidity (semi-relaxed state): 5.99" length x 2.83" width

Erect (full erection): 7.86" length x 3.48" width


John and I recently talked on the phone about the Size Genetics extender. He experienced some frustration with minimal gains in his 3rd month. I had to remind him that patience is absolutely necessary. I didn't gain length and width this month as I did in previous months, but I understand that the entire program - wearing the extender and the penis enlargement exercises - is more of a process. I am looking for long-term results, and the Size Genetics extender has proven to me that it works - even if the gains are slowing down.

The one area where I notice a huge difference is my erections. I don't know if my erections are harder as a result of the exercises or the extender device, but, no doubt, my erections are harder than they ever have been before, and each erection is harder for a longer stretch of time. I tend to think the exercises had more to do with erection improvement than the device, if only because, when doing the exercises, my penis feels thicker, more bouncy, and alive. Like John expressed in his recent journal entry, my flaccid length and width have improved, which is a confidence booster for me.

Though my gains slowed down this month, I am still a believer in this product and the routine. In the end, I have realistic expectations - or that's how I started the program and how I plan to continue. When the gains come, it can be difficult to maintain a realistic perspective. I am not going to let one slow month get me down. As I suggested before, I am looking for long-term results. If takes five more months to achieve the penis I want, I am fine with that.

Peter's 3rd Month Measurements:

Complete flaccidity: 2.98" length x 2.05" width

Semi-flaccidity (semi-relaxed state): 3.49" length x 2.59" width

Erect (full erection): 5.65" length x 2.97" width

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