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Female Ejaculation: Myth or Reality?

Female Ejaculation: Myth or Reality?

Did women suddenly awake with sexual superhero like powers? What is all this talk about women having the ability for liquid expulsion during climax? Why didn't anyone teach me about this in Sex Education 101? And, more importantly, if female ejaculation is a natural response to extreme sexual stimulation, why have I not experienced it? Is there something wrong with my sex life, since I have never ejaculated? Where does female ejaculate come from? Is it urine? Is female ejaculation normal?

VibeReview has received email after email on this very topic. The above questions are just a few of the questions we receive weekly. Men and women are fascinated with female ejaculation (also referred to as "squirting" or "gushing"). This growing fascination is having a profound impact on the sex life of many men and women. Interestingly enough, men have shown a tremendous interest in female ejaculation. For many men, female ejaculation provides a new sense of eroticism that extends beyond mental intimacy. In a way, female ejaculation is the physical illustration, for them, of a job well done. There are so many different avenues of discussion that we could travel together; however, this brief article will serve as introduction to female ejaculation. I will also recount my personal experiences with female ejaculation. Yes, I am a proud squirter. And, yes, my sex life has never been better!

Female ejaculation's place in humanity's sexual history cannot be denied. Art work in various cultures, from the annals of history to post-modernism, provide a glimpse at feminine sexual excitement - from orgasms to gushing femininity of love. Hinduism, particularly, captured the art of female emission many generations ago, illustrating the process in detailed sculptures. What is apparent is that female ejaculation, though only recently discussed and investigated, has been a part of female sexuality for years in many cultures. Put simply, just because we are now discussing it, it does not follow that it's not always been there.

Before beginning any detailed discussion of female ejaculation, the G-Spot (also termed the Grafenberg spot or Skenes/Paraurethral glands) must be discussed. In the early 1900s, Dr. Ernst Grafenberg identified the ventral side of the vagina, which is a part of the urethral sponge, as a source of intense female sexual gratification - the spot in which female excitability is brought to life, at a greater intensity. Upon stroking of this vaginal surface, women experience orgasms of a different type that are equally satisfying, or more enjoyable than, clitoral orgasms. Like the prostate gland, the G-Spot's sensitive fibers (a bundle of nerves, it has been described) react favorably to "rubbing" or consistent, yet comfortable pressure. Knowing where to find this pleasure button and how to stimulate it factors greatly in the potential for females to orgasm, and eventually, ejaculate. Experiment as a couple. Or experiment with your own body solo.

Knowing the location of the G-Spot and the type of stimulation needed for total arousal is important, but it's merely a beginning. While most of the women (myself included) I know and have talked with admit that G-Spot orgasms are their main source of female ejaculate, clitoral and cervix stimulation can also influence or force a woman to ejaculate. I have found that clitoral rubbing aids in extending female ejaculation, but I rarely ejaculate as a result of clitoral stimulation alone. Every woman is different, so getting to know your own body is part of the process and, quite frankly, an abundance of fun, especially when shared with a communicative partner who is trustworthy. Find what works best for you. Don't place too much pressure on yourself to perform in any particular way. When you hit the right spot in the right way, you will immediately know. Practice improves frequency and intensity. If you need assistance on technique or any other relevant questions, check out Holistic Wisdom.

Female ejaculate is the most debated aspect of female ejaculation. What is this liquid? Let me dispel the notion that female ejaculate is urine - IT IS NOT URINE. Testing the ejaculate has provided evidence that it contains levels of glucose (sugar), and an enzyme (prostate acid phosphatase), which is a major component in semen. Similar to the prostate fluid within male ejaculate but lacking sperm, it is clear that female ejaculate is not urine. Trace amounts of urea and creatinine are found in the liquid; however, this does not mean that female ejaculate is urine. This is further backed up by the fact that the liquid is secreted by the Skene's glands, which are located to either side of the urethra. These are pinhole-sized glands, making it seem as if the liquid may indeed be expelled from the urethra, but rest assured it is not.

The debate rages over the exact composition of this liquid, but the general consensus is that this liquid is not urine. In my experience, when I have "squirted," I have found no evidence of urine in my own ejaculate. After ejaculating, I have never sensed any lingering urine-like smell or stained color on the bed. The liquid is always clear, more like water than anything else. Some doctors and health practitioners have dismissed ejaculate as urine, which explains the mis-education of the public. Plus, when, as humans, we observe a fluid expelled from the same tissue that releases urine, it seems common sense to conclude that the fluid is, indeed, urine. I assure you: it's not urine. There is a significant difference between urine and female ejaculate. If you are concerned, examine the fluid for yourself.

Since orgasmic potential varies among women, it follows that female ejaculation will be different for every woman. Some women produce a high volume of ejaculate, while others produce a limited amount. Every woman is born with the biological equipment necessary for female ejaculation. Unlocking the fountain within may be a frustrating process, but be patient. As a result of learning the secrets of female ejaculation, my orgasms have improved ... They last longer, are more intense, and feel more intimate. Remember there is nothing wrong with using the equipment biology blessed us with. There's no shame in female ejaculation. While you and your partner might be surprised at the results, be sure to communicate with one another.

When embarking on this wet journey, VibeReview recommends that towels are used to absorb any love liquid relased. Doing so will limit the amount of clean-up necessary, and there could be a lot!

Also, VibeReview sells many different G-Spot vibrators and sex toys that aid in female ejaculation. Dual stimulation toys are especially effective in helping the process along. Since it's usually best to experiment with your body before approaching your lover, the list of toys below will be helpful in your new erotic journey:

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Stay tuned for part two of this article, when I will discuss in detail the various techniques used for female ejaculation, and also how to enhance female ejaculation experiences.

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