Silicone Sex Toys: Aphrodite massager/vibrator is Oprah's recommended sex toy

Aphrodite Massager

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Aphrodite Massager: Aphrodite massager/vibrator is Oprah's recommended sex toy
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Owning a quality, reliable personal massager is like having a dependable best friend: Neither lets you down when you need assistance the most! As seen on The Oprah Winfrey Show, the Aphrodite Massager is equipped to relieve your tense muscles and provide you with sensual sexual satisfaction. It's one of those sex toys that acts like a dual device of pleasure - it is powerful enough for both muscle relaxation and erogenous zone stimulation.

Three head attachments come with the Aphrodite Massager - a smoothly rounded nubbed attachment, a nipple-shaped attachment, and a round, bubble-like attachment. All three attachments are made of supple, phthalate-free silicone that absorbs and delivers vibrations better than other sex toy materials. Each attachment securely slides onto the massager head.

Uniquely designed, the Aphrodite Massager comes with low infrared heat that increases erogenous zone sensitivity and aids in muscle relaxation. The vibrations feel more alive, definitely more effective as a result of the warmth generated by the infrared functionality - mainly because the massager's warmth increases blood flow to sensitive skin tissue and muscles.

That's not all - the Aphrodite is rechargeable! Rather than wasting your money on short-lived batteries, use the rechargeable function. The Aphrodite Massager includes a wall recharger and rechargeable batteries - everything you need to get started right away!

Editorial Review

Bulky sex toys present a few challenges. Trying to angle a bulky vibrator for precise stimulation is virtually impossible. One would think that the larger the massager, the more power that it contains; but this is not always the case. If the massager isn't super-powerful, I have no reason to struggle with its bulky frame. The Aphrodite Massager is not bulky, so moving it around for precise stimulation and limiting the strain on my wrists is easy. In this way, it's quite similar to my favorite vibe, the Miracle Massager.

There are so many benefits to owning the Aphrodite Massager that I'm not sure where to begin! I consider it a multi-purpose massager - a very good sex toy for clitoral vibrations and a good muscle tension reliever. It is not as powerful as the Miracle Massager, but the Aphrodite Massager makes up for it in the area of ideal size, calming infrared warmth, and titillating attachments. Its rechargeable function makes it a very appealing toy for people who abhor buying new batteries.

The nipple-shaped attachment is the best one of the three for clitoral vibrations, but it's almost too intense for me. One thing the Hitachi Magic Wand and the Miracle Massager got right is that their powerful vibrations are diffused into a larger area. The Aphrodite doesn't really have any attachment that provides this sensation, making it good for muscle massage, but not as good for clitoral stimulation. That said, the attachments are made of silicone, which means that every vibration can be felt in its original strength and duration. Taken as a whole, the Aphrodite Massager is not only a competent vibrator and muscle massager - it is a device for women who demand quality sex toys.

Additional Details

Size:  12.75" total length
Battery Info:  Rechargeable batteries included.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, Plastic, and Silicone.

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Sex toy review: five hearts. Catalina Loves
Oprah nailed it on the head when she said this is a must-have. It's better than the Hitachi because of the infrared heat. Hooray for Dr. Berman's really clever design.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Josh Goldberg
My wife raves about this device. I gave it to her on our anniversary and have yet to hear her complain about what it does for her. We've used in while we have sex. Fun toy for nutty couples like us. It's good for light massage, but I wouldn't copnsider it a deep tissue massager.
Sex toy review: four hearts. bluesteel
I don't regret a dollar spent on the Aphrodite Massager. Not a single dollar, cent, whatever. A great improvement to temperamental, poorly made sex toys that break a month after using them.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I like the Aphrodite Massager very much. I wonder if the manufacturer will make attachments for g-spot stimulation. The flexible head part would do well with a g-spot attachment.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Juni
I went for the Aphrodite as an addition to my toy collection because I wanted something rechargeable/portable that would have something like the effect of my old favorite Panabrator. At first things were pretty cool. OK it didn't have the kick of the Pani but it was strong enough and I liked the dome attachment a lot, so much so I found myself using it over the Pani. Things went well maybe for a couple of months then the rechargeable cell in the thing started to fade badly. Now on a full charge I'm lucky if it can go for five minutes before dying. Its still fine plugged in and I luv it for that alone but I am back to square one with regards to finding a toy that I can use away from mains outlets.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. aka coconut
thunderstruck with stimulation. i won't use a different sex toy. it works ok for massaging muscles, but it's obviously better for clit massage.
Sex toy review: four hearts. kitty
I am still shocked. I never expected to find a good massager like this one. I didn't think they made massagers like this one anymore. The only reason I got one is because I gave one to my sister for her birthday, and she liked it so much that I had to get one for myself. If my opinion means anything...I like this massager a lot and think it is worth purchasing.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Prissy Missy
I usually buy vibrating dildos. I made an exception for this cutey pie. Good thing I did because it does everything well as promised in the ad.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Grace J.
This might be considered blasphemy ... I like the Aphrodite Massager better than my Wanachi Vibe. My Aphrodite Massager is just as powerful and much easier to use. I like it so much that I take it with me on road trips. I hate to be away from it.

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