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Wanachi Vibe

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Wanachi Vibe: Sex toys and vibrating dildos for vibrator orgasms
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Full body massage and sensual self-stimulation - both are direct benefits of using the Wanachi Vibe, a more technologically advanced version of the Hitachi Magic Wand. The Wanachi Vibe works to cure your body's aches and pains and to satisfy your sexual thirst. This sex toy massager transports your body and clitoris into a realm of pleasure that is otherwise unavailable.

How does it differ from the Hitachi Magic Wand? The Wanachi Vibe is fully rechargeable and cordless - important features that have raised women's personal expectations for similarly designed sex toy massagers. The cordless function enables partners to use this vibrator in comfort - before, during and after sex, without worrying about frustrating tangled-up cords and limited cord length.

Its powerful vibration output and soft vibrating head make it a quality product for actual massage and masturbation, so it truly is a helpful sex toy that transcends sex toy limitations. Additionally, this double-speed vibrator is portable: Take it with you on vacation or to a lover's house. Regardless of how you choose to use your Wanachi Vibe, or in what situation you wish to use it, this massager aids in relaxation and creates unforgettable pleasure.

Editorial Review

The rumors circulating are apparently true. The beloved Hitachi Magic Wand has a challenger, the Wanachi Vibe. The two sex toy massagers might duke it out before it's all over, but at least we get to participate in the fun, right? I'm quite familiar with the benefits of playing with sex toy massagers. I started out in college with a "body massager" that couldn't hang with me, as I eventually wore the motor out. Then I reviewed the Hitachi Magic Wand and it all changed for me. It became the single most important clit vibrator in my sex life. Can the Wanachi dethrone the champion? I was skeptical, to be sure.

Two features seized my attention: First, the Wanachi is cordless. I admit that cords drive me bonkers, and since my attention span and patience are limited, I'd rather ignore sex toys with cords. If I'm not catching my knees or arms in bent and twisted cords, I run into problems with short cord lengths. Who wants to mess with cords during the heat of a sexual moment? Second, this massager is rechargeable. Plugging vibrators into outlets restricts my movements, and it's cool to play with a toy that charges up without buying a ton of batteries. Needless to say, the idea of these two features excited me.

All of this being said, the Wanachi Vibe is not as powerful as the Hitachi Magic Wand or Miracle Massager. This decrease in power is probably due to it being a rechargeable vibrating sex toy. I don't want to give anyone the wrong impression, though, because the Wanachi Vibe is still powerful enough to bring me to climax. It takes a little longer and doesn't feel as wonderful as the Hitachi Magic Wand or Miracle Massager. Though it is a rechargeable vibrator, a fully charged battery doesn't last as long as I'd like. Again, this leads to dwindling power.

I also noticed that the Wanachi Vibe's motor and vibrating head warm up rather quickly. The Hitachi Magic Wand suffers from the same problem, whereas the Miracle Massager remains at a comfortable temperature - even after long uses. Strictly as a body massager, the Wanachi Vibe functions acceptably. Overall, I can't imagine purchasing the Wanachi Vibe when the Miracle Massager (a new favorite) and Hitachi Magic Wand are there for the taking. I consider both to be superior sex toys and body massagers. The Aphrodite Massager, as well, performs at a higher level than the Wanachi Vibe.

Additional Details

Size:  Vibrating head measures 2.5" x 2.5"
Material:  This item is made of Plastic, and PVC.

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Sex toy review: three hearts. Kinkerbelle
For those of you who can't wait until you get home to rub one out, or often find yourself masturbating going down the road (we know who we are) ..this Wanachi Vibe will fill the void. No pun intended.

How does it differ from the Hitachi Magic Wand? The two speed Wanachi is fully rechargeable and cordless - which can be very convenient for field trips, picnics or power blackouts :)

How 'else' does it differ? Well, it's not nearly as powerful in my opinion. This is probably due to it being rechargeable, however it CAN get the job done for me with some intense pain threaded in the mix. This slightly less intense stimulation can be "just right" for some, so yes, I would recommend this vibe to keep on hand when the hitachi is just not an option.

Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. Clarissa
I expected more power. The vibrating head is too large for clit massage. I like a toy that can focus on specific areas of my clit, and this one can't do that. I hear that the Perfect Touch Massager is the better sex toy, so I bought it today. I'll review it for you all in a week! Wish me good luck.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. foxylady
I am one lucky lady! My husband bought the Wanachi Vibe and the Aphrodite Massager for me. He gave me both. His rationale: I didn't know which one was better, so I bought you both. I'm not going to argue with that kind of thinking!!! Between the two, I like the Aphrodite Massager more. Its size, shape, and power outdo the Wanachi. As a good quick masturbation sex toy, the Wanachi is a reliable option. I get plenty of use out of both. Not having to buy batteries left and right is a positive thing, but it doesn't stay charged up as long as I'd like.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. little angel girl
Tessair, I thought the same thing at first. After a week of playing with the Wanachi Vibe, I couldn't understand how anyone would like it. But I persisted, I continued to play with it. Now I am having a blast with it. I like laying on mine, which is not something I did at first. Sometimes I straddle it, lowering myself on and off of it. I guess what I am saying is that it took me time and practice to figure out how the toy works best for me.
Sex toy review: one heart. Anonymous
I can't understand how this is getting such excellent reviews. I CANNOT orgasm with it. I don't think its powerful at all. I find it much too large, loud, and awkward. It's not fun to use with a partner because its so big. I'm getting more use out of it as a back massager, to be honest!
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I searched all over for the hitachi magic wand. No one carries it anymore. This is the only website that I found that re-directed toward a better version/model of the Hitachi. I owned a Hitachi, but my boyfriend stepped on it, breaking it into several pieces. I've found the Wanachi Vibe to be more durable, and it has better vibrations. Thank you, lord! I replaced my old vibrator with an even better one.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Dana H.
Satisfaction on a level that I only dreamed of. Since it looks like a regular massager, I have no worries about my kids finding it. Kids look through everything, and I get to avoid that hassle of hiding it all over the place. The cool thing is that I use it for muscle relaxation, too. I orgasm so quickly with Wanachi Vibe that I feel like I should pay more for it! A great bargain.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Southern Belle
Since buying the Wanachi Massager, I've realized that I wasted money on all that other crap. The Wanachi Massager does everything better. Cordless, rechargeable, comfortable, powerful, and light--each characteristic made me a believer for life. I'm more of a clitoral orgasm girl; I can take or leave all the G spot talk and action. Give me fifteen minutes alone with my Wanachi Massager, and I'm a totally different person. Where I come from, vibrators are generally frowned upon, but I can keep Wanachi out, because no one has a clue what I use it for.
Sex toy review: four hearts. unitarian souls
Massager or vibrator or both? Both. Wanachi Vibe has the best of both worlds. It's not like I'm going to use my Kangaroo for anything other than vaginal pleasure. I can use Wanachi for muscle relaxation and sexual activity. It's even cordless. The head is soft enough to gently rub my clitoris with passion. It's a cheap date, if you really think about it. Sad, but true.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Rabbit Ears
After years of purchasing vibrator after vibrator, I've come to accept that I need different types of vibrators for different types of stimulation. For example, the Firecracker Bullet (one of my favorites) focuses on clitoral stimulation, with a warming effect. For what it does, it's the best. The same is true of the Wanachi Vibe. The vibrations produced by the Wanachi cannot be replicated by a cheap plastic toy. High class vibrations for the woman who knows what she wants in stimulation -- that's what I got from purchasing the Wanachi. I use the Wanachi Vibrator often. For clitoral stimulation, I have found no device that exceeds its potential. Really, it's that simple.
Sex toy review: five hearts. poison ivy

That's a great story, shoots and scores. I wish my significant other would wade through all the reviews, searching for a new toy.

But, on to more important matters...the Wanachi Vibe. I use my Wanachi Vibe for both sexual and physical relaxation. It's powerful enough to alleviate any sore muscles. I've used this vibrator for masturbation and during sex. Since it's cordless, my husband --the uncoordinated boo-boo-- can easily maneuver the vibrator when we change positions. Allowing him to control the vibrator makes my job easier. Plus, he feels like a "real" man when he's in control.

The Wanachi Vibrator is ideal for clitoral stimulation. I prefer to use it for masturbation than anything else. If you are looking for a vibrating dildo, I suggest the Great King. I use the Great King during foreplay; it gets me ready for sex in the best way.

That is all...........for now.

Sex toy review: three hearts. shoots and scores

VibeReview saved my arse. I look everywhere on the Internet for my girlfriend's birthday present. She asked for a new vibrator and a gift certificate to CD World. I purchased the gift certificate with no problems, obviously. The vibrator, however, proved to be a more difficult purchase.

I read a gazillion reviews on different vibrators...yada, yada, yada. I had no idea what she would like the most. Eventually, I found the Wanachi Vibe. I figured my girlfriend would appreciate the no-hassles cordless function and the rechargeable battery option; No one complained about the vibrations, so it was an easy decision.

She freaked out when I gave it to her. She had read a review in an adult toy catalog about the Wanachi Vibe. She's pleased. Thanks for all the suggestions and reviews. Without them, I probably would have bought the wrong toy.

Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
A cordless dream come true. I expected the massager to work my body into a heaven like state. I had no clue it would soon become my favorite massager/vibrator. I've used it for my sore muscles, as well. Not sure what else to write. I mean, the Wanachi Vibe is powerful, easy to handle, and rechargeable. I haven't found a vibrator that can beat it. It would be cool if accessories of some fashion could be added to its arsenal of pleasure.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
If you want intense clitoral orgasms, this is the right one. It looks all big and stuff, like it won't get the job done correctly. It has never failed me. I use it nightly - just to help me relax and sleep.
Sex toy review: four hearts. trisqa

They must have been thinking about me when they created this massager. It's cheaper than some vibrators, so I had no problem with the cost. And, more importantly, it works better than many vibrators.

The rechargeable and cordless factor played a significant role in my decision. I hate the whole messy wire and cord deal: it takes away from the experience. I recommend laying on the massager, with it positioned vertically, the head slightly below the clit. Talk about pleasure. Then, rock back and forth slowly.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Sweet Cheeks

An unbelievable massager. I almost purchased the Hitachi Magic Wand, but opted for the more "advanced" version instead. I especially liked the cordless capabilities. I hate screwing with cords. Powerful, powerful vibrations had me gasping for air. I worked up a sexy sweat, because I moved around so much. The rechargeable option enables me to use it whenever I want.

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