Bondage Sex Toys: Ease your lover into different sex positions by using this adult toy strap.

Doggie Style Strap

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Doggie Style Strap: Ease your lover into different sex positions by using this adult toy strap.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

The best position just got better with the Doggie Style Strap. This soft, padded, adjustable strap allows for deeper penetration, and it's comfortable and easy to use. Have your partner tuck the strap under your lower belly, and allow him to pull you onto his penis - doggie style.

Editorial Review

One of my favorite things about sex toys are all the new innovations that make our sex lives better. Sportsheets consistently comes up with ingenious products that allow couples to have fun and fondle one another in comfort. Some of our most highly rated items like the Door Jam Cuffs and the Corsette Harness come from Sportsheets, and the Doggie Style Strap is another winner.

The Doggie Style Strap is a perfect example of a product that can enhance an already fabulous sex life. I should come right out and say up front that doggie style is my favorite position. It turns my partner on like crazy, it's a comfortable position for me, and most importantly it hits just the right spot (if you know what I mean). So when Sportsheets sent me a list of items they wanted me to review, this was my first pick. It's a pretty simple invention really - a soft, felt strip goes around the woman's abdomen with adjustable straps for your partner to hold onto. There are loops at both ends of the strap for your partner to grab hold of, for easy positioning.

My first impression was how comfortable the strap was around my lower abdomen. I was expecting it to be a little uncomfortable because of the nature of the position (your partner pulls up on the strap). Not only is the strap comfortable, but I can honestly say that it really does make this position more enjoyable for both partners. I actually do orgasm harder and longer when using the strap. It makes sense when you think about it - the strap compresses the vaginal canal giving an incredible feeling of fullness and makes my guy seem longer. He also tends to hit my G-spot much more easily.

My partner loves the strap because it gives him more leverage, enabling him to position me how he wants, which means I am able to enjoy myself in complete relaxation. This is a great product that I recommend for couples who want to exert less energy when having sex doggie style.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. carnivalesq
I love this. It makes doggy style work better, plain and simple. It's easier to maintain the position and easier to reach my g-spot. Huge seal of approval here. There's a huge difference, and it just feels so much better.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Jewel from New York
A lot of fun for us. It's not meant to be used for a long time, but as a change up to missionary, this strap is pretty helpful. Sure I recommend it to other couples.
Sex toy review: one heart. ExploringIntimacy
SportSheets makes great stuff, however it should be noted that this item is NOT for larger partners on the receiving end. The padding will not reach far enough to keep the strap from digging in on the sides for women of a plus size 18-20 or larger. SportSheets, make us a second size for the big'n'sexy folks who like to take it doggy style!
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I have lower back issues. Doggie Style is the position I prefer. Without the strap too much pressure is placed on my lower back. With the strap, I can glide in and out of my wife with no pain. I also get deeper penetration with the strap.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Holly W.
The pad is soft. That's all I needed to know. I didn't want my skin burning from the friction created by a rough pad. No thanks. The pad was extremely comfortable, and I noticed that my vagina felt tighter with the Doggie Style Strap. As my boyfriend pulled the strap up and toward him, I could feel my insides shift, feeling every inch of him. This was a great invention, and it works with little hassle.
Sex toy review: four hearts. kommandant
What a difference a simple strap can make. Like La Woman, I hated doggie style. Most men seem to prefer it. That's about right: a woman hates it, a man loves it. Anyway, I gathered that it was only fair to my husband to try this strap. He's been great about not pressuring me. Trying the strap out was the least I could do. It took some patience to use the strap correctly and n-sync, but once we got a rhythm going, there was no turning back. Had it always felt this good, I would have been a doggie style professional.
Sex toy review: four hearts. LA Woman
The Doggie Style Strap works wonders. I used to hate that position. It didn't matter who the man was, how big he was, etc., it always seemed to hurt. I couldn't ever get the right angle. The strap helps maintain single angle penetration that feels great. The strap can be difficult to use at first. With practice, it gets much easier and fun.
Sex toy review: five hearts. J Perkins
I am a large man. While many guys want a top dog penis, they have no idea how frustrating it can be to have sex. When it comes to doggie style, many women complain about my penis size - it hurts them. My most recent girlfriend bought the Doggie Style Strap. We tried it. I so hoped that it would help us. It did. Due to the angle and support strap, I didn't have a difficult time with inserting too much of my penis. I could insert as much as needed, but no more. Too deep is the complaint, often. With the strap I can control, with precision, how much enters and how much doesn't.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Paul Roberts
I must be slow or something: it took me a while to use this strap correctly. I wanted to get the perfect angle with the strap, so my wife could handle doggie style. She often complains that doggie style hurts - that my penis goes too deep.

While if not used correctly my penis can dive deep inside of her, I can control how much goes inside of her, by using the strap. It's really made my sex life more enjoyable and less stressful. My wife is willing to use the strap, and I think she really likes it. She hasn't complained about the sex hurting since we implemented this toy into our sex life. There is no better buy on this website.

Sex toy review: five hearts. jolene
I've always enjoyed doggiestyle, except that I hate claws going into my hips or ass, as a man plunges deep inside of me. I am not into pain, so such situations make for a less than comfortable experience.

In order to avoid scratches and skin meltdown, I bought the Doggie Style strap. The difference it makes is simply unbelievable. Not only have I avoided any damaged skin and pain, I've also been able to take a man deeper inside of me. The strap makes continuous thrusting possible. Momentum keeps the man and woman rubbing, bouncing, and going in and out.

I will gladly give this strap all the recognition it deserves. The highest review possible doesn't cover the benefits. Without Vibe Review, I wouldn't have even known a strap existed.

Sex toy review: five hearts. Paul Roberts
This is the best damn sex toy I have ever bought. I can't even begin to tell you how helpful the doggie style strap has been. It's easy to use, and it helps my girlfriend take in every inch. As an added bonus, the strap also helped me keep the right angle of entry. As most guys know, the angle in which your penis enters can affect the degree of pleasure for the woman and the man - the strap helped with this issue. I recommend this strap for any man who is on the smaller side, like me (it keeps you inside of her, without the penis falling out), and anyone who regulary uses doggie-style in their sex life.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anka
My girlfriend and I LOVE this damn strap. You have no idea.

For the longest time, my girl just couldn't do it doggiestyle: My penis is rather large, we never could get the angle right, and as a result, it would hurt her. Not anymore, though. With this strap, we get the angle just right - the pleasure has been outstanding.

The strap is easy to use, the material is durable, and it adds that extra "oomph" to bedroom that everyone wants.

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