Sex Toy Accessories: Sex Toy Storage Case - Foot Long for Rabbit Vibrators

Foot Long Case

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Foot Long Case: Sex Toy Storage Case - Foot Long for Rabbit Vibrators
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

This 12-inch generously sized case is a great way to hide all of your personal toys! The Foot Long Case neatly and discreetly stores "rabbit-style" vibrators, dildos, handcuffs, lubes, and lotions - everything you need to explore your wild side! Doubling as a cosmetic and toiletries case, the Foot Long Case is a great item for all sorts of storage for travel or home use. You're going to be pleasantly surprised at just how much you'll fit in here. The outside is made of high quality patent leather, and the inside is water-resistant nylon, both of which easily wipe clean with soap and a wet cloth. Includes lock and two keys.

Editorial Review

Compared to the more popular Toybox, the main difference with this case is that it's about half the size and soft-sided. In fact, this resembles my makeup bag more than anything else. Unlike my makeup bag though, The Foot Long Case is made out of a really pretty faux leather. Yes, it's not real leather, but as an animal rights activist, that's something I prefer anyway. And besides, with quality this high, it's pretty much impossible to tell.

This case is large enough to hold 1 large toy like the Miracle Massager and 1-2 small toys, or several small toys. If your sex toy collection is limited to a couple vibes and some lube, I'd say that this is probably going to be just what you need.

The sides of the Foot Long Case are soft, unlike the Toybox's hard sides, so it will not provide as much protection. It will keep your sex toys clean though, and with the included lock, your toys will remain private. Finally, as mentioned in the description above, this case has no outside markings identifying it as being for sex toy storage, so it'll work as a perfectly normal toiletry kit next time you're traveling.

Additional Details

Size:  12" wide
4" high
2.5" deep
Material:  This item is made of Vinyl.
Manufacturer:  For Your Nymphomation

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Sex toy review: four hearts. femininity rising
This is a really beautiful satchel for a small toy collection. It really is only a foot long though, so don't buy it if you have lots of toys. I bought this thinking it was larger, and ended up needing to get the Toybox instead. I still use this to carry around other stuff though, so I'm not disappointed.
Sex toy review: four hearts. sexpotJIM
I bought this for my girl along with a Mary Mermaid. I put the Mary Mermaid inside this case and wrapped the whole thing up in a box for her. When she opened the box, she thought I'd given her a handbag, which she was happy and confused about. Once she realized there was something in the case, it all made much more sense to her.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Alisya Aeden
Nice high quality bag. I bought this to hold my two vibrators and it works quite well. It looks really nice and I can leave it sitting out without anyone ever guessing what's inside!
Sex toy review: three hearts. P. Young
This is a little too small to be practical, but it IS well made. I suppose it might work if you want to bring a couple of (ahem!) accessories on a lil romantic va-cay-cay, but otherwise I'd recommend going with the Toybox or one of the other larger cases.

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