Sex Toy Storage: Sex toy storage case for vibrators and dildos


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Toybox: Sex toy storage case for vibrators and dildos
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

This spacious storage solution features a hard-sided case with a lock & key to protect your valuable personal items. Use the Toybox to hide up to 8 DVDs in their cases, a two-inch stack of adult magazines, or an entire collection of your erotic accessories! Have a life outside of your sex life? Great! With no exterior markings giving away the Toybox's other purpose, it makes a great carryall for important documents, fragile goods, and more.

The Toybox is constructed of faux leather with water-resistant nylon linings, both of which easily wipe clean with soap and a wet cloth if a lotion or lube gets spilled. Also includes an inside back pocket and elastics to neatly hold your toys. This is For Your Nymphomation's first and most popular design. For those looking for a bit more space, be sure to also check out the Toybox XL.

Editorial Review

It seems like For Your Nymphomation has been all over the place lately. From magazines to blogs, it seems like everyone's buzzing about these excellent sex toy cases. Well, once I found out that VibeReview was going to be selling them, I said, "Yes please"!

The Toybox is seriously all it's cracked up to be. I previously owned the Lockable Vibrator Case, but it fell apart rather quickly. I have much higher expectations for the Toybox. As soon as I held the Toybox in my hands, it was clear that it was built to last. The exterior was in perfect condition, free of any nicks or other scuffs. The shell of the box seemed quite durable and, though I wasn't willing to throw mine out of the window, I'm fairly sure it could survive being dropped a fair distance. The Toybox has elastic straps on the inside of it that did a good job of holding my toys in place. I did try and put one really heavy stainless steel toy in and it fell out of the straps, but I think for 99% of the dildos and vibrators out there, the straps will work.

The Toybox did not hold all of my sex toys, but it does work to protect all of my more expensive toys, which is really what I had planned on using it for anyway. If you have kids, or some other reason to keep an extensive collection of toys hidden, there are two larger cases: the Toybox XL and the Toychest. Overall, this is highly recommended!

Additional Details

Size:  12" wide
9" high
2.25" deep
Material:  This item is made of Vinyl.
Manufacturer:  For Your Nymphomation

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Essin' Em
I loved the leopard print pattern of this box - super fun, and wipe-off-able, so easy to clean. It was actually a lot smaller than I had expected from the picture, but it held a few vibes and some fun BDSM toys, and served me well!
Sex toy review: five hearts. roland
Those of you with children know that there's nothing that's private unless it's literally under lock and key. My wife and I got this case and it's perfect for holding our small toy collection. If you need to store more than 4-5 toys, I'd get one of the larger boxes, but for us this works perfectly, looks classy as hell, and - most importantly, is kid proof.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Sabino_Light_Blinking
I bought one of these to try and tidy up my toy drawer. My only problem is that it's a little too small to hold everything, but I guess thats what the larger size cases are for LOL!
Sex toy review: five hearts. Molinda H.F.
I am a huge fan of FYN's cases! Top quality - highly recommended!

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