Silicone Sex Toys: Vibrating dildos and rabbit vibrators create female orgasms


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Gigolo: Vibrating dildos and rabbit vibrators create female orgasms

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

The Gigolo vibrator exemplifies all that is right with ergonomic vibrators. Designed in Germany for the utmost precision and control, this vibrating dildo has earned its positive reputation as a leading member in an elite family of highly effective vibrating sex toys. The Gigolo is designed with a powerful motor that creates intensely strong vibrations that are surprisingly quiet. Maximize your pleasure while minimizing the noise output!

This vibrating dildo is variable speed - you will not get stuck with single-speed dreariness and boredom, two factors that infuriate women who want stimulation alternatives. The variable speed control is located on the base for easy access, so you can increase or decrease speeds with your fingertips, without ever using a second hand! The Gigolo is constructed of high quality medical grade silicone material that aids in vibration resonance.

Primarily used for internal stimulation, the Gigolo has a slightly curved head that widens and narrows for comfortable insertion and "in and out" movements. However, it is often used for external stimulation of the clitoris and sensitive labial lips. This vibrator is as versatile as it is sexy and sleek. The Gigolo is made to last, so durability is another positive feature. As an added bonus, the Gigolo is splashproof! This elegant toy is a "must own" for an aficionado's collection.

Editorial Review

What a spectacular name, don't you think? The Gigolo is a classy, highly functional vibrator - the type of vibrator that many women seek. It is definitely one of my "keepers", and I bet a lot of other women will feel the same way after playing with it. As an effective stimulator, the Gigolo makes a name for itself, and I look forward to playing with it for many years to come. Durable vibrators are important for women on a budget. Though they tend to cost more than traditional vibrators, women end up saving money in the long run when they purchase a toy that is designed to last!

The Gigolo fits in the same pro-stimulation category as the Gigi (one of my favorites), Patchy Paul, Dolly Dolphin, Dinky Digger, and Stranger II (another favorite). Like these vibrating dildos, the Gigolo focuses on internal stimulation of your vaginal opening and vaginal cavity - creating quality vibratory stimulation and a feeling of "fullness". This vibrator has a unique flat-to-curved head that is smooth and has rounded edges, and both characteristics enhance internal stimulation.The slightly curved tip is positioned perfectly for G-Spot rubbing or clitoral massage.

I could play with the Gigolo all day, every night, whenever I have a free moment. Whatever the case might be, I can depend - and have depended - on the Gigolo for intense internal and external stimulation of my bits, and when I play with it I never feel under or over-stimulated by its vibrations, size, or shape. That means, then, the Gigolo is designed with a woman's anatomy as a central consideration - and though you might think that's not a big deal, or that it should be that way, some vibrating sex toys simply do not work with the female anatomy. The Gigolo does work better than those poorly designed and conceived vibrators.

The only vibrators I rate higher than the Gigolo's class of vibrators are dual stimulation sex toys, which seem to enhance all aspects of arousing masturbation. The Decadent Indulgence and Vibe Rabbit are the two I recommend as essential sex toys to purchase. If you want more than stationary internal stimulation, loving shaft rotations for G-Spot stimulation and exceptional clitoral vibrations, the Gigolo might not be for you. In such cases, women should consider either the Decadent Indulgence or Vibe Rabbit.

Additional Details

Size:  6.75" total length
.75" - 1.75" diameter
Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Fun Factory

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Sex toy review: three hearts. OMG Girrl
Way better than my Rabbit Dancer, which was my last sex toy purchase. They are different sex toys in the sense that they do different things, but I would go with the Gigolo over it any day of the week.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Sex_Toy_Collector
This is a very good vibrator for inexperienced women. It was one of my first vibrators! I don't play with it often, or not as much as I once did, because I have moved on to greener pastures. If I was stranded on an island with this toy, I like it enough that I could make it without a man. Well, on second thought, no vibrator could replace my man, but it comes close!
Sex toy review: three hearts. lannie g.
It is a reliable vibrating dildo, but I have other sex toys that I play with more frequently. The Gigolo is fairly one-dimensional whereas my Fantastic Fusion and Celestial Perfection are better for different kinds of stimulation. One of the best parts of the Gigolo is its strong frame and slick texture. I recommend it as a fun switch it up kind of sex toy, but I suggest buying a better toy for complete arousal and hardcore orgasms.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Dee K.
I know Gigolo is made by the same company that made the Patchy Paul. I have both vibrators, but I prefer the Patchy Paul. The Gigolo is a good start-up vibrator, and the Patchy Paul is more advanced in function, texture, and multi-speed vibrations. Both are high quality vibrators, for sure.
Sex toy review: four hearts. coconut
It's not my favorite vibrator, but it does have its place in my collection. It hums quietly, which is beneficial for rubbing one off while your husband is in the other room. I like the silicone feel, as well.

If mine broke, I'd buy another one. Yeah, it was worth the price. I also like how it's waterproof - I can use it places that would otherwise not be conducive to my orgasmic needs.

Sex toy review: four hearts. speedy_marie
Vibrations took me to a new orgasmic level. This was the best purchase I've made in a while. The vibrator, as I see it, was quality made. Too many times I've bought expensive vibrators only for them to fall apart months later. Not this one. I've had nothing but positive results using it. Does it get me to where I want to go? Yes. Did it break? No. Was it expensive? Sort of, but that's ok, because it hasn't fallen apart on me. And so much shower fun!!!!
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Angelika
I'm surprised that someone gave this vibe a 2. I've really enjoyed my nights with this vibrator. With it being waterproof, I've spent quite a few hours relaxing in the tub, playing with the gigolo. The variable speeds do make a large difference in the amount of stimulation produced with each vibration. The gigolo is the first vibrator I pull out when I want a calm, relaxing and quiet night of sexual release. For me, it just doesn't get much better.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
The Gigolo is "okay." It's not the best vibrator I've ever used either. I think what I don't like about it is that it lacks texture and I really like texture for something I'm going to be using for insertion. Personally, I like the Impulse Jack Rabbit SO much more. It's still crazy strong when turned all the way up, but it's a better toy with lots of textured ridges and a wider tip.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Lady Korina
This vibe epitomizes the strong but silent type. I have a roommate so silence is of great importance to me when it comes to choosing a vibrator. Also, I find the vibrations of the Gigolo to be the strongest and best I've come across. My overall recommendation - highly recommended.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Georgia Peach
This is an awesome vibrating sex toy! It has a wonderful shape (the silicone frame has moderate flexibility), and the vibration power is controlled at my fingertips, which enhances orgasm ... greatly! Being splashproof is a plus too. This is definitely a five star vibrator. I have recommended it to several of my friends. The Mary Mermaid is made by the same company that makes the Gigolo, but the Mary Mermaid is a rabbit vibrator! I sure like them both, and for different reasons and situations.

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