Sex Toy Storage: Hide your vibrators, prostate stimulators, and anal dildos in this lockable sex toy case that both sexually active men and women like.

Lockable Vibrator Case

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Lockable Vibrator Case: Hide your vibrators, prostate stimulators, and anal dildos in this lockable sex toy case that both sexually active men and women like.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Keeping your sex life and sexy playthings private is a challenge when you host nosy house guests and raise inquisitive children, who are are continually raiding your secret stash of goodies. Your sex toys deserve a protective home that will keep them clean, fresh, and hidden from suspecting eyes. Keep your sex toys private, locked away, and in spectacular condition with the Lockable Vibrator Case.

The Lockable Vibrator Case addresses two needs at the same time: First, you can hide your sex toys in a lockable case that only you can open. Second, you can properly store your toys, which will increase their lifespans. You don't want someone messing with your secret sex toy, and you'd love to maintain the toy's quality shape and sensational texture.

The cute Lockable Vibrator Case comes in three different sizes. Check the measurement of your toy before purchasing one of the cases. Its keyless locking system is convenient, accessible, and child-proof. Your naughty valuables should be locked away in a place where only you can access them, and also in a location where the integrity of the toy is not compromised. Secure and protect your sex toys with the Lockable Vibrator Case!

Editorial Review

Roaring applause. As much as my clapping hands can handle. The Lockable Vibrator Case is an absolute must have for sex toy enthusiasts who do not want anyone knowing about their personal sex habits. I don't concern myself with house guests finding out about my toys, but I have spent a lot of time looking for the right place to hide my sex toys from my children.

Anyone who has children understands what I am talking about. My children shouldn't be exposed to my adult toys. Period. I have a responsibility as a parent to keep my naughty goodies hidden from my kids. But as many parents find out, children frequently search through closets and dresser drawers. Even well hidden sex toys - sure, children can find them.

The Lockable Vibrator Case prevents my children from seeing or touching my toys. I don't have to hide my cases, in fact my cases sit right next to my bed, under my nightstand. Instead of trying to remember where I hid my toys, I have my nifty cases right next to my bed. Easy access! Easy storing. I call it a dream come true!

I spend a considerable amount of money on my sex toys, so I want to preserve the toy's strength and texture. Hiding sex toys in certain locations creates a sort of "wear and tear" on the toy, reducing its effectiveness and lifespan. With the Lockable Vibrator Case, my toys stay in pristine condition. There's no reason to purchase expensive sex toys if they don't last, and these cases are one way to ensure that your best toys last longer.

Note: The large Lockable Vibrator Case can hold two or more moderately sized sex toys. It has enough room for toys to be divided in a way that the toys do not touch one another. If you have several moderately sized sex toys, you should consider investing in a large case.

Additional Details

Size:  Small Case:
12" total length
4" width
4" height

Large Case:
15" total length
8" width
7" height

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Domina
Collecting sex toys has many perks. You get to try out a lot of different products, but where do you put them all? To make matter worse, many toys do not come with their own storage boxes, and when you have sex toys with their own plug-in chargers and accessories, you want to keep everything together in one neat container. The solution: the Lockable Vibrator Case.

This case is the ideal size to fit most large rechargeable vibrators with their recharger and accessories. This case is just slightly smaller in length than the Hitachi Magic Wand and fits my new Dual Action Infrared Rechargeable Massager perfectly (the one like the Aphrodite Massager). Now I don’t have to worry when looking for the recharger or a different massager head, as it is all right there together in my new vibrator case. This is great, for it will also keep my vibrator safely stored so it doesn't get broken. Now I just need a few more cases for my other larger vibes and I'll be all set!

Sex toy review: three hearts. Queen Hottie
This is a clever sex toy accessory. I can slide most of my little toys into one case. Don't put your lube and any kind of wet substance inside the case, because the interior could rust and get nasty. I keep the inside of my case extremely clean.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Such a simple invention that makes sex toys less embarrassing. It's not that I find sex toys embarrassing, but I find that someone else finding out that I use ... that's when it is kind of embarrassing. My vibrator case conceals everything that I want concealed.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. jolene
The Lockable Vibrator Case solved two problems for me. My son continually finds all my hidden sex stuff -- lube, toys, everything. He finds non-sex stuff too, but I don't want him touching such personal items. With this sucker locked he can't see or touch any of my personal sex things. And, true enough, my toys are in better than when locked away, hidden from dust and greasy hands. Keeps my sex toys and vibrators away from the wrong eyes and hands.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. operation sexuality
I'm not easily impressed; I am the cynic in my family. I can find fault in most things. I can't find anything wrong with the Lockable Vibrator Case. It's proven itself to be a good hiding place, the lock is strong, and the case ... not easily dented. My toys stay clean.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. POLLY
Locked away, but always available. Convenient. Cute enough to sit near my bed. I don't hide my vibrator case. People have asked what's inside. I tell them it's expensive make-up. Hehe. It is made of pretty good material, but I doubt it could take a beating.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Ginger Davis
If you don't have a vibrator case, you should get one. Masturbation is less complicated than it used to be. I do have kids, so I worry about them finding my toys. It's not an issue or reason for concern anymore. The vibrator case keeps everything I want hidden, hidden!
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Look in my eyes
Brilliant idea! I haven't seen these cases anywhere else. Thank you for selling the vibrator case. It's easier to keep my toys clean when I have a reliable place to hide them.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Jane H.
You mean common sense reigns? 'Bout time! I hated using socks as my hiding mechanism. I have two vibrator cases: one houses my Pocket Rocket Booster and Clitoris Flicker; the other houses my Vibe Rabbit. I don't have any kids yet, but now I don't have to scramble for hiding places when my folks come over.

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