Bondage Sex Toys: Stimulate your lover's clitoris and G-Spot with adult sex toys while he or she is tied up and handcuffed.

Love Cuffs

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Love Cuffs: Stimulate your lover's clitoris and G-Spot with adult sex toys while he or she is tied up and handcuffed.
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

It doesn't take much effort or energy to spice up your erotic bedroom affairs. Including wrist restraints in your sexy fun beneath the sheets can bring an enjoyable balance of seriousness and playfulness into your romantic relationship. In order to spice up those intimate moments, you need stylish, fully functional, comfortable handcuffs. Love Cuffs are exactly what you need to show off, to feel your best, and to increase your relationship's sexual intensity.

Made of faux fur and high quality steel, Love Cuffs are equally stylish, durable, and functional. Its sturdy steel construction and a super-soft fuzzy fur are comfortable and feel wonderful against aroused skin. Love Cuffs come with two keys and a quick release latch, which keeps you safe and in control of the situation. Expect the wildest sexual moments with Love Cuffs restraining you or your eager lover during foreplay or sex - for as long as you desire.

Editorial Review

Who hasn't worn handcuffs at some point in a relationship? A lot of people haven't, actually - which surprised me. I asked as many people as I could: "Have you ever worn handcuffs in bed?" Most people said they hadn't, but most said they would love to try it. There was a period of time when I would have responded the same way. I've been a high-energy sexual person for a long time, but I didn't dabble in restraints until I was in a long-time committed relationship. Something about being restrained by anyone other than a potential marriage partner frightened me. So I waited for the right person, for someone I trusted.

Things have changed dramatically for me. My boyfriend is as sexual as I am, so we've been busy experimenting with a variety of different sex toys. It helps that I work by testing out assigned sex toys for VibeReview, but we would have experimented regardless of my profession. I am fond of restraints and particularly enjoy hand, leg, and wrist restraints. Love Ties and Door Jam Cuffs are my favorite restraints. However, Love Cuffs are a lot of fun, as well.

Love Cuffs have a playful spin to the whole idea of restraints. They are cute, soft, comfortable, and lightweight. They aren't the best handcuffs around, and I doubt they could withstand much pulling and tugging, but for simple and fun restraint activities, Love Cuffs is a good choice. I prefer heavy-duty restraints to more playful restraints, but many people prefer easing into handcuffs with less aggressive restraints.

My boyfriend dislikes the color scheme and fur design, but I am usually the one wearing the handcuffs ... so my opinion matters more! He prefers traditional, average Handcuffs that I can't stand, because the metal cuffs rub my wrists the wrong way. Plus, I want to be restrained in style and comfort, so Love Cuffs make sense to me. As I previously wrote, I have other restraints for those really serious, intense moments in the bedroom, but for playful bondage and submission, Love Cuffs work just fine.

Additional Details

Material:  This item is made of Fur, and Phthalate Free material.

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Sex toy review: three hearts. Genteel Woman
You won't catch me buying handcuffs that are too out there. This style is up my alley. I want to have fun, not get all serious about sex and bondage. I have to be honest, some restraints intimidate me. While that might be silly to some people, it is very real for me. These handcuffs don't intimidate me and I sure have loads of fun with them. I get off on wearing them while giving or getting oral sex.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. Clarissa
I'd like to write a glowing review, but Love Cuffs were a disappointment for me. I don't like the material or chain's weakness. I didn't want to abandon my urge to play with restraints, so I followed the editorial review's suggestion to get Love Ties, and the quality is remarkably different, totally in favor of Love Ties. There's more I can do with my Love Ties than I can do with the Love Cuffs.
Sex toy review: three hearts. StarWarsFanatic
No reason to live the blues! Life is meant to be enjoyed. Love Cuffs turned my wife into a wild, uninhibited woman. We get real frisky with Love Cuffs. I doubt we'll ever be that serious to buy more restraints, and that's fine with me.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
cute and fun
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. massive sack
Love Cuffs were recommended by my therapist. Yeah, can you believe it? The wife and I have been experiencing a few romance difficulties. After discussing the issue with my therapist, he recommended my wife and I try different stuff in the bedroom. He said his wife and he used Love Cuffs and other playful restraints to make lovemaking enjoyable again. I admit that, for sure, Love Cuffs have forced me to pay more attention to detail and to appreciate my wife's touch.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. wanna be rockstar
Cuffs are cuffs. I am more interested in real handcuffs, but my girlfriend likes Love Cuffs more. She believes they are more romantic and that regular handcuffs are too dirty. Though I would rather use metal cuffs, these cuffs aren't bad.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Cady
fun, fun, fun! the cuffs are pretty strong. my lover and i turned our bedroom into a pleasurable playground, so much fun. this is my first experience with cuffs and the like.
Sex toy review: four hearts. lady of night
For the price, I am buying. Love Cuffs restrain me in comfort. I have no use for handcuffs that hurt. I do not play with handcuffs for the excitement of pain. Handcuffs help keep my sexual life playful. I'll let someone else enjoy the pain with regular metal handcuffs. These work for me.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Grace J.
It wins points on style, but loses points on the restraint part. I am serious about my restraints, so I expect strength out of my handcuffs. These cuffs are ideal for people who play around with BDSM, but don't necessarily live the lifestyle.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Princess Coldheart
Princess Coldheart at your services again. Did anyone have questions about the Love Cuffs? Of course you do, or you wouldn't be reading this. Yes, the cuffs look sexy and stylish. Yes, they aren't cuffs made for the serious BDSM participant. For beginners, these cuffs will get you started. Did I mention they are so, so, so, so cute. They look even better cuffed on someone.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Sabrina
Submission in style!!! These cuffs are my favorite on VibeReview. They aren't too technical or advanced for my taste. I mess around with submission, but it's not like some daily affair. I've also given the Love Cuffs out as a gift. Surprise your partner with the Love Cuffs. My partner was stunned when she same home. Talk about a wild night under the sheets.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Exile
I love pretty much anything with leopard print, especially if it has that soft, fluffy feeling to it. It only made sense that I should order the Love Cuffs. The best thing I've found about these cuffs is the comfortability of them. I could lay handcuffed for hours, but doing so in extreme comfortability. While these cuffs aren't the "rugged" type bondage cuffs, they are a ton of fun. My girlfriend and I rather enjoy the love cuffs, and we use them often. I'm just glad they haven't fallen apart, like some cuffs we've bought before.

Much love and respect to Vibereview. We depend on your unbiased reviews of the new innovative sex toys on the market. Keep the great reviews coming.

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