Bondage Sex Toys: Nothing beats the arousing sensations of sex toys, vibrators, and handcuff restraints in the same night.


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Handcuffs: Nothing beats the arousing sensations of sex toys, vibrators, and handcuff restraints in the same night.
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Lock your lover up. Tonight! Today! Whenever you both feel like playing cops and robbers! VibeReview's Handcuffs will arrest anyone, for just about anything, if that's what you want. Role-playing helps many couples regain that eroticism lost to rigorous daily living. These handcuffs afford each user the opportunity to step outside of his or her typical sexual behavior, in an attempt to find a unique sexual rhythm that defines "wild" bedroom activities. VibeReview recommends that each user trust one another completely before using handcuffs or any restraints. Never place yourself in a danger by using restraints with someone you do not know.

If you are looking for stylish restraints, with an emphasis on functionality and visual aesthetics, VibeReview also sells the Door Jam Cuffs and the Leopard Lady Bondage Kit.

Editorial Review

I've been an advocate of handcuffs for years. My boyfriend and I find it necessary to keep our bedroom activities interesting. Handcuffs add a sense of naughtiness and playfulness that would otherwise be missing. I enjoy being restrained more than my boyfriend, but, occasionally, he will submit to my restraint demands. I cannot imagine any form of role-playing that doesn't include handcuffs.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Nikos
I just bought these handcuffs for my wife. It is Christmas time, and she asked for handcuffs. I hope she likes these. Cool website, by the way. It is classy, very informative, and easy to navigate. Fingers crossed. I can't wait to use these handcuffs on her!
Sex toy review: five hearts. choco
Um, hello? Handcuffs shouldn't be difficult to decide on. These handcuffs may not be law enforcement quality, but they get the job done. Are my wrists restrained? Yes. Does it hurt? Not if the cuffs are put on correctly.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Go USA
Yeah, I have to agree with the last reviewer. I bought these "traditional" handcuffs, thinking they might be sexier to use. The metal does not handle my wrists very well. 'They have them in the movies?!!!' But, I found that Sports Cuffs are the best handcuffs sold on VibeReview.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
These handcuffs aren't very good. I'd recommend Sports Cuffs. They are way more comfortable, and they look better.
Sex toy review: three hearts. LA Woman
I thought I'd like real heavy duty cuffs more than designer ones. I don't. My hands were rubbed raw from the metal. I do use the cuffs, but not for extended periods of time. The Leopard Lady Bondage Kit is more of what I was looking for.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Good hand cuffs. It would be cool if the manufacture added padding to the hinges on each hand cuff. That way no rubbing of skin would happen. I've yet to find any hand cuffs with that padding, so that's more of criticism of hand cuffs in general, not necessarily these alone.
Sex toy review: four hearts. jets to brazil
These cuffs have lasted me longer than any previous cuffs I've bought. I used to buy the cute hand cuffs, but they always ended up breaking. Not anymore, thoough. The metal cuffs last longer.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Marine_4_U
Cuffs are cuffs. They work, but I wish they adjusted easier.

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