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Lucid Dreams

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Lucid Dreams: Waterproof vibrators, dildos, and female sex toys for masturbation
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Are you desperately seeking tranquil moments during your day? Well, the wait is over: The Lucid Dreams vibe promises to relieve your daily tension by providing you with wonderful G-Spot stimulation. Nothing makes time stand still like a special vibrating G-Spot dildo, one that is both powerful and textured to create mind-blowing orgasms.

The waterproof Lucid Dreams is made of flexible jelly material that is smooth and soft. The shaft head is curved for greater access to your hidden love spot - your precious erogenous zone that thrives on direct, consistent stimulation. Its curved shaft and flexible jelly material allow you to experience intense G-Spot arousal.

A powerful vibrating bullet resides inside of the Lucid Dreams's curved shaft head, which transmits quality vibrations to your G-Spot, doubling the amount of pleasure you experience. Powerful vibrations, supple texture and multi-speed, the Lucid Dreams accomplishes more in a few minutes than many toys accomplish in a lifetime.

Adjust speeds easily by twisting the dial base controller. All speeds are relatively quiet, so you can keep your personal sex life discreet and private. Even at the highest vibration setting, noise is limited to a minimum. Don't be afraid to take your new friend with you into the shower, it is a waterproof vibrating dildo after all!

Editorial Review

The Lucid Dreams vibrator resembles and vibrates like the Petite G-Spot Avenger, which has been one of this year's most celebrated sex toys. The Lucid Dreams is capable of doing everything the Petite G-Spot Avenger can do ... and more. The differences between the two vibrating dildos are minimal, but those differences create significant variations in the type of stimulation experienced.

The Lucid Dreams's shaft head is angled perfectly for G-Spot arousal. Absolutely devoid of poorly conceived angles, this vibrating dildo wastes no time in getting right down to business. After the curved shaft has been inserted, this sex toy starts working its magic. And I can't even begin to explain how wonderful the vibrations feel. Direct toy-to-G-Spot contact allows the vibrations to take over.

It's not all good though. As soon as I took it out of the package, I noticed a smell. I guess it's something in the toy's material, but there's definitely a chemical odor on this toy. It went away somewhat after washing it, but still ... not sexy!

Honestly, there are a few other sex toys I would purchase before buying the Lucid Dreams. But, then again, I have more experience with sex toys than most VibeReview readers and customers. With this in mind, I would still recommend this vibrating dildo for beginners. More experienced women should probably consider purchasing a more aggressive G-Spot sex toy. The Pixie or Royal Princess are excellent for advanced G-Spot stimulation.

Additional Details

Size:  8.5" total length
7" insertable length
5" circumference
1.5" diameter
Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.
Manufacturer:  Doc Johnson

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Sex toy review: two hearts. Shay
I love the colour and the shape feel really good. But the vibrations just weren't quite strong enough for me. I do hope more companies pick up on this idea of having the motor in the tip though - that really was a fantastic feature.
Sex toy review: four hearts. The Beautiful Kind
A very classy looking vibe, nice quality. I like that it only needs two AA batteries, and is waterproof! Sort of reminds me of a really hard orange gummy-bear. Powerful vibe, nice shape, will definitely provide you with dreamy orgasms! I like it on and in me.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Anais

The first time I saw Lucid Dreams sex toy I got excited about its sexy, curvy shape, its happy color, its smooth texture, and its promise of amazing G-Spot stimulation and couldn't wait to get home and try it out! But after using it three times I must admit I am somewhat disappointed: I am a small woman and even if I like sex toys of a certain size for some reason this one seemed too big for me!

Even after stimulation and getting wet, or putting lube on the toy, I still had a hard time inserting it, which definitely took away from the pleasure. Once inside, it does provide strong, amazing stimulation of your G-Spot, but I experienced problems holding it in place, because sometimes the toy would turn around inside of me and instead give a rather unpleasant massage to other parts of my vagina.

I do agree with previous reviews regarding difficulties with battery insertion, the strong plastic smell, and the need for the use of a condom! The positive aspects? If size doesn't bother you as much and you are actually able to hold this thing in place, I am sure you will enjoy Lucid Dreams' strong multi-speed vibrations, as well as its smooth material and sexy look!

Sex toy review: three hearts. Juicy Goddess

This vibe is unusual in several ways. First, while still emulating the basic phallus, the head has one side with a convex nub that bulges out, the better to nestle in and rub your clit with. Second, the bullet vibe mechanism is located in the head rather than the base of the unit, as it is in many vibrators, which seems a more appropriate location for it.

It's battery operated and the round on/off switch is on the bottom. By turning it to different degrees, you can get vibrations ranging from a low throb to a fast buzz.

For starters, while I do love toys, I don't really like plastic. And, when this toy came out of its package, it had that Northern New Jersey smell of petrochemical gas. So, my first response was, "Yuck, I don't want to put that in me!" So, I let it sit for a few weeks to air out and the smell resolved. And, OK, I can deal with the neon orange color.

Alright, now that it's de-stinkified, let's see what this baby can do. I start off with trying the varying range of vibration on my clitoris. Now, I must admit something here. I'm a hardcore plug-in-power giant magic wand girl. I have yet to find a battery operated vibe that can come anywhere close to the thrill of my magic wand.

And, I'd really love to 'cause when I travel that big ole honking vibrator is heavy in my carry on (not to mention amusing to the airport security). Unfortunately, the Lucid Dream isn't going to be replacing my Hitachi Magic Wand in my carry-on or my bedroom. I'm sad to say that this vibe just didn't have the oomph that I crave for my clit. It was nice for a short time and mildly entertaining, but it just becomes an irritating mosquito-like buzz.

Naturally, I reach over and get out my trusty magic wand to give my clit the strong stimulation that she loves. With my clitoris being attended to by her oldest friend, I move on to my vagina proper. I try inserting the Lucid Dreams. After all, the head has that nice wide, bulbous part. Perhaps my G-spot (which I call my Sponge or Squirt Tube) will like its effects. Well, with the vibe off it makes an OK dildo, but there's really not quite enough curve to get great Sponge stimulation for me. With the vibe on it's just irritating. Oh, well. Out it goes.

However, I decide not to give up on my new companion just yet. After all, my Charming Consort has awarded me the gold medal for creative sex toy use. I decide to see what this Lucid Dream baby can do for my ass. And, I find that the shape of the wide head and the slightly narrower neck fits just perfectly "back there". And, here, the vibe turned up to high is quite delicious! Ah, at least I've found the proper home for my new friend, nestled buzzingly in my ass. Accompanied by my old faithful wand on my clit, I come with great power and efficiency amid my loud and happy moans. Ah, yes, it's good to make new friends!

Juicy Blessings,

The Notorious Sheri Winston

Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. LC

The packing for this product is excellent and compelling, and the product is super cool looking too! The vibe itself has fantastic looking curves and comes in a translucent orange color. You could see the the motor was in the top for extra strength. The only problem with the vibrator was that the head was very thick.

This vibrator definitely requires a lot of lubrication! When I was able to stretch myself out enough to get it in, I had to give the vibrator a few strong tugs to get it out. The g-spot curved vibrator head did, however, fit nicely on my clitoris for direct stimulation.

The vibrations themselves were a bit too weak for me, despite the fact that the strength was adjustable. My favorite part about this vibrator was that it was almost totally silent, a feature that serves me well in my thin apartment walls.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Miss Molly

Until now, only one vibrator has ever tickled my fancy. The high powered sensations created by most vibrators I've tried don't mesh with my erogenous zone sensitivity. Too much power numbs me, but I am thrilled to have found the Lucid Dreams. The jelly surface is smooth and comfortable. Once inserted, the shape fits like a glove, but it took a little while to insert the shaft.

But the best part for me is the toy's range of speed and how smoothly it vibrates (even at high speeds). The large head distributes the vibrations over a larger surface area better than some vibrators that I have tried. It is designed to stimulate the G-Spot and does it well, but I also discovered it works really well for clitoral and G-Spot stimulation as well. That had me coming back for more!

The quietness and waterproof feature are advantages as well. The strong plastic/rubber smell is the one downside that I have found so far. But the Lucid Dream's quiet vibrations are less distracting than a noisy vibrator, and I am just hoping that after washing it a few more times the plastic scent will fade.

Sex toy review: three hearts. Kybo
First and foremost, this toy is great for the busy holidays. When family and friends are in and out of your house and you are about to rip your hair out at least you can rely on the Lucid Dreams to provide you with a "quiet" respite. It is quiet enough that while your mother and your aunt are arguing in the kitchen they can't hear a lawn mower engine in the shower.

It is good to have a little private time for stress relief when everyone you love comes crashing together. I have to say that I am not a fan of vibrators without functions. I appreciate slow and fast, but occasionally I want a little rhythm or pulse, or something different. A beat to rock to helps any band. But the speeds are ok, at least it goes fast when you want it to.

At this point the curved g-spot finder is wasted on me, but I definitely appreciate the curve when I am being lazy and just want reach my clit without straining my wrist. It was also nice for holding the orgasm while it happens. Size and shape were fine for internal use, but I am just not sure that it accomplished enough for it to be my favorite g-spot work out.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Carin

I received my first toy while I was at my Mom's house for Thanksgiving. All the major ingredients of stress were present, and man did I need to jerk off! So that night on the phone with my boyfriend, we tried it out.

The shape of the toy is perfect for G-Spot stimulation and the vibrator itself is located near the tip. . .pressed right against my G-Spot. . .very nice. The toy allowed for a smooth slide that brought the vibrator right against my clit but in a nice way, before thrusting it back against that juicy spot we girls all love. I understand that it's waterproof, but I didn't have the time to take it into the shower, bathtub or swimming pool. Lucid Dreams feels like a nice sturdy toy.

During phone sex I am always a little wary about how loud a vibrator can be. I held the Lucid Dreams up to the phone, at its highest, and quite impressive, speed and he couldn't hear it! Which means my Mom, in the next room, couldn't hear it either. Whether or not she heard me cumming is another story.

Sex toy review: three hearts. Polly A. Moorus

Action. I could use more shaft action. Some additional shaft movement, maybe some shaft rotations. Something is missing from this toy. The vibrations ... eh, quiet and strong ... aren't as much fun as, say, a moving shaft would be. Good G-spot sex toys should have three things: a curved/bent shaft head, medium level vibrations, and shaft movement. That's been my experience, and most of my lady friends say the same thing.

The Lucid Dreams feels good inside of me. I like wider toys with curves, so I didn't struggle inserting it. Due to the strange shape of the head, I did find in-and-out penetration less comfortable. It's obvious that this toy was made for full insertion and little in-and-out action. I suppose that means the vibrations (right at the top of the head) are the main source of stimulation. Unfortunately for me, my G-spot feels best with vibrations and a smooth back-and-forth motion.

I tried G-spot stimulation for 30+ minutes, three different times. I didn't have one G-spot orgasm. I eventually gave up on internal stimulation, and focused on clit vibrations. Oh Splitz! When used as a clit vibrator … wow, I orgasmed hard. I keep using it as a clit vibrator, too. The toy’s wideness makes it easier to stimulate my entire vagina, like the outside parts: my labia, clit, and the sensitive place near vaginal entry points. The vibrations are strong, quiet, and have massage-like waves.

Limitations. I admit that my spoiled-brat syndrome gets in the way of evaluating the Lucid Dreams. I am used to playing with different kinds of sex toys, but most of them - except my clit vibes - move a lot, in circles or rotations or up and down. The Lucid Dreams. I guess, is supposed to stimulate the G-spot with vibrations ... I just didn't respond well to vibrations alone ... I need more action for internal stimulation. My clit seems to like Lucid Dreams, so the experience wasn't a waste.

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Amber

Overall, I did have a positive experience with Lucid Dreams. Apart from the fact that there was a chemical smell upon opening, which I have come to be accustomed to from jelly toys, I had a god first impression from this toy.

The range of speeds was good, the buzz was very quiet but reasonably strong, and I like the texture of it. As I rubbed the head of it around by labia it felt remarkable, like a real phallus, which was quite delightful.

This toy has a nice shape but in terms of using it as a dildo, as a toy that penetrates, I do prefer the realistic shaped ones, where I can grab onto the balls! This one was not too far off and did have a nice curve at the head. I don't, however, find the vibrations to be so helpful when they are deep inside me, as I can't really feel it. They are great on the clit, however, so I found myself penetrating myself and then pulling it out and rubbing it on my clit, reaching a point where I wished I had two of them; one for the inside and one for the outside.

Certainly an amusing way to pass an afternoon in Lucid Dreams!

Sex toy review: four hearts. MS LOVIN

I found the Lucid Dreams to be quite unique in terms of design and use. When used by my partner it was very easy to operate and felt very smooth. It transitioned easily from light to intense. I actually liked it very light, as I'm very sensitive. It was not so easy for my partner to insert it, found it uncomfortable on entry. Once it was inside, it was fine. We liked it better as an outside toy for partner use.

Even when I operated it myself, I found it a bit uncomfortable to insert with the oblong end. I would have liked the end to have some give. I did like the flexible neck which allowed it to be moved around to stimulate the g sponge (it is a sponge, not a spot) just so. The downside at the end was, just as entry... there was discomfort upon exiting the building. Nonetheless, I have continued to explore with Lucid Dreams, in hopes of finding the perfect dream-like experience.

Sex toy review: three hearts. Essin' Em
I figured anything that promised to do lovely things to my G-spot was worth a go, so I hunted for the requisite AA batteries. I wish the Lucid Dreams came with better instructions for correct battery insertion and placement, as it took me a couples of tries to get the right alignment.

I noticed the strong smell of jelly - it filled up my room. It's important to note that this toy does, in fact, contain phthalates, so it is necessary to use a condom for protection of my precious parts. Since this toy is designed to be used internally, out came the latex condom before I even turned the little (big) bugger on.

Once the Lucid Dreams had batteries in it and a condom on it, I was set to go. I hopped into bed and turned the vibrator on. For being run by two AA batteries, it backed quite a punch, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the large vibrating bullet is housed in the section of the toy that resides in the vagina, so the main vibrations are destined to reach the G-spot, rather than transfer down the shaft.

I started by using it externally on my clit to get myself warmed up; it provided some delicious sensations and felt wonderful, even through the condom. After a minute or two of medium level vibrations on my lips and clit, I lubed up and slipped it inside of me. Its bulbous, curved head (notably for G-spot stimulation) made insertion difficult, and once in, I could tell the toy wasn't made for a lot of in and out action. Yowch! However, the internal vibrations felt good, and when I pressed the vibrating toy against my G-spot, it definitely buzzed me the right way. I wasn't giving it the pressure I really need to experience a purely G-spot orgasm, so I grabbed my trusty Hitachi Magic Wand for some dual clit and G-spot stimulation, and I was able to orgasm a couple of times between the two toys :)

I wish there was something (a nub maybe?) on the base of the Lucid Dreams telling me which way was up, as it rotated around inside me, making the G-spot stimulator turn, and become slightly uncomfortable. I had to take it out, turn it around and re-insert it to figure out which way was the right way up. I also really wish that the toy wasn't made of jelly: my whole bed area, dresser and hands smell like jelly rubber chemicals, and that's even after using a condom with the Lucid Dreams.

Overall, it was a fun toy, and I was really impressed with the amount of vibes I got for the few batteries. It wasn't really a squirt worthy toy, but with me, I find that few are. I wouldn't recommend this to many people, solely because I am a huge proponent of phthalate-free toys, but I won't toss this one out either. It doesn't have a place in either my toy chest or my top drawer, but I'll keep it around for those times when my vagina is aching for a toy to grip and my G-spot needs SOMETHING different, and when I don't mind busting out a condom.

I rate this a 3 for good design, good vibrations, bad material and a horrible smell!

Sex toy review: three hearts. aka coconut
Good vibrations and comfortable shaft. It feels just right. I get really aroused but have a tough time climaxing. I am still relying on my Jenna's Beaver Vibe for the best arousal. No toy I have purchased has been able to make me orgasm better than it. The Lucid Dreams is cool vibrator for warming up and fooling around.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. universal female celebration
Smelled like gasoline and there's not enough shaft action to make me have a G-Spot orgasm.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I enjoy the vibrating head. The rest of the toy is too simple for me.
Arizona Sky
Very strong vibrations. My Vibe Rabbit more stimulating, but the Lucid Dreams doesn't cost as much. It's cool to have both.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. hotbabe
Can't say there's anything that special about the Lucid Dreams vibe. It's average in every way. The Velvet Prodigy has a similar body and shaft, but it is more adept at sensual G-Spot rubbing and massage. I'd buy it before the Lucid Dreams vibe.

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