Silicone Sex Toys: Adult sex toys and rabbit vibrators double self pleasure

Sweet Magic

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Sweet Magic: Adult sex toys and rabbit vibrators double self pleasure
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

The Sweet Magic dual stimulation sex toy is the key to your pleasure chest. Unlock all your orgasmic treasures, releasing the golden bliss within you, by relying on this outstanding G-Spot and clitoral vibrating dildo for all your sexual needs. The Sweet Magic vibrator is not illusory. You can expect real results!

The Sweet Magic's shaft is made of supple, smooth silicone material that has a dramatically curved tip. The curved tip enables you to stimulate your sensitive G-Spot with greater ease, increased comfort, and tremendous effectiveness. Some call it G-Spot massage. Others call it G-Spot rubbing. Call it whatever you want, but the sensations produced by the rotating pleasure beads and curved tip truly are magical.

A small clitoral tickler with nubby texture is attached to the vibrator's base. A removable bullet vibrator slides in and out of this textured tickler, which gives you several different alternatives: First, slide the vibrating bullet inside of the clitoral tickler for traditional rabbit vibrator sensations. Both your clitoris and G-Spot are stimulated simultaneously. Second, you can remove the bullet vibrator to focus solely on G-Spot stimulation. Third, try direct clitoral arousal by gently massaging your clitoris with the buzzing bullet.

This technologically superior sex toy is multi-speed and multi-functional, as it offers women three different pulsating functions and eight independent speeds. The base controller directs all the action as you see fit. You can easily change speeds and functions by adjusting the independent controls. Try different vibration intensity combinations to experience a wide array of erotic sensations, and the controller's LED light indicators will help you along the way.

Editorial Review

Is anyone else addicted to dual stimulation rabbit vibrators? Playing with these modern technological marvels is not a habit that I plan to kick! Why in heavens would I ever want to stop feeling this good? The only real drawback is the effect my habit has on my checkbook, but by buying higher quality sex toys I end up saving money in the long run. The Sweet Magic vibrator is one of those sex toys that lasts a long time, so I can justify spending more money on it than a traditional sex toy.

The Mary Mermaid, Vibe Rabbit, and Sweet Magic are dual stimulation sex toys that continue to please women at a high level. Price-wise, they are not among the cheaper sex toys for women. However, the price is justified by toy performance and lifespan. My Sweet Magic routinely helps me experience multiple orgasms and dual orgasms. Yes, the best of both worlds is in the palm of my hand, and there's no way that I am letting go.

I seek impressive durability, functionality, and vibration intensity in my dual stimulation vibrators. The Sweet Magic accomplishes these three stimulation objectives without letting me down in other areas. Some sex toys are extremely powerful, yet lack long lifespans, like a compromise is made between the two: "Yes, here is all the power you could want ... but I won't last very long." No such compromise is made by this sex toy. Knowing that the Sweet Magic is a solid investment, I am confident that, when I play with it, I am going to have a wonderful time.

The Sweet Magic has many positive features. First, its vibration intensity is second only to plug-in vibrators like the Miracle Massager or Hitachi Magic Wand. That's saying a lot, folks, because the Sweet Magic runs on batteries. The mere comparison between the two types of vibrators is a compliment to the Sweet Magic. Second, the undulating shaft completes the various cycles of stimulation. A "mix it up" button creates rhythmic undulation that feels natural, a back and forth motion that parallels the feeling of oral sex.

The LED indicator lights are especially helpful when masturbating in the dark, and they look really cool, too. Shape, size, and texture - the Sweet Magic excels in all three areas, so I am extraordinarily pleased with this sexoy. One criticism: The on/off button is too sensitive and too close to the other buttons on the base controller. I've accidentally turned the toy off when attempting to change vibration speeds and functions, which is sort of frustrating - especially if it's right at the magical moment. When turned back on, it takes a few seconds for the vibrations to kick in and they start off at the lowest level.

I evaluate sex toys comparatively. So I asked myself, "How well does the Sweet Magic compare to my favorite dual stimulation vibrators?" The Sweet Magic breaks even with the Vibe Rabbit and Mary Mermaid - I cannot let go of either sex toy. The Sweet Magic is better than the Jenna's Beaver Vibe, Japanese G-Spot Squirmy, and Great King. There's no doubt in my mind that the Sweet Magic is one of the top three dual stimulation sex toys. I refuse to imagine how boring masturbation might become without it in my life.

Additional Details

Size:  10.5" total length
5" insertable length
4.75" circumference
1.5" diameter
Battery Info:  4 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
My impression of this sex toy wasn't accurate. I knew it would be different than some of my other vibrators, but it sure surprised me when I had it in my hands. It ended up pleasing me in ways that I never would have imagined, so this is not a knock against it. It looks different and feels different, and so far I am loving every second I spend with this sex toy.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Carolyn Victor
It undresses me sexually. This vibrator means business. And it gets me off every time. No orgasm escapes its vibrating clutches. It is versatile, too. I sometimes only use the removable clit vibrator or the dildo part. Most often, I use both at the same time. In any way I choose to play with it, I always have quality orgasms.
Sex toy review: four hearts. duet songbird
This sex toy doesn't hold anything back. I am fully stimulated each time I play with my sweet magic baby sex toy. I couldn't make it long without its loving touch.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
1. Rotating Beads: Wow. That's all I have to say. Just wow. Who would have thought that these beads feel this good. 2. Curved Nose/Tip: Unbelievably effective, with or without vibrations. Moving the nose in a raking-like motion, only slowly, does it right for. 3. Clit Vibrator: It adds the finishing touches. The vibrator is small and fits on my clit just right. 4. Vibrations: Spectacular. All the time, and with different combinations. Conclusion: If it is not the best dual stimulation vibrator, it is right up there with the best. I am so happy that the Sweet Magic is part of my sex life.
Sex toy review: four hearts. VaVaVoom
I wholeheartedly recommend this sex toy. It is my best sex toy.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Nancy in Texas
The Sweet Magic swims in my ocean. I can feel the tidal wave crash inside of my body. I don't want protection. I want to be consumed in the wave that pleases me. Floating in an ocean of pleasure, that's what the Sweet Magic does to me. The gift: dual orgasms. No man or woman has blessed me with dual orgasms. This important vibrator gives me both orgasms.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Victoria L.
Sweet Magic is right! The Sweet Magic is like a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel. Climaxing has been difficult for me since I had my first child. The Sweet Magic transformed my sex life. For whatever reason I've become more orgasmic during sex since playing with it. It opened the flood gates and pleasure came roaring out, swallowing me whole.

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