Vibrator Reviews: G-Spot sex toys, vibrators, and dildos are good for internal orgasms and pleasure.

Ultimate G-Spot Wand

12 Customer Reviews
Ultimate G-Spot Wand: G-Spot sex toys, vibrators, and dildos are good for internal orgasms and pleasure.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

The Ultimate G-Spot Wand vibrator is a well known and widely used vibrating G-Spot sex toy. Designed with ideal shaft curves and a bullet-like head, it delivers intense orgasmic bliss to your body, enabling you to experience unbelievable sexual satisfaction. Sexual pleasure is your central concern, and the Ultimate G-Spot Wand provides all the opportunity in the world to scratch that itch for pleasure deep inside.

It is multi-speed and multi-function: Five different vibration and pulsation levels offer women stimulation options that are missing from similarly styled vibrators and sex toys. The shaft is flexible, but unlike previous models, the shaft returns to its original form without any damage to the vibrator's shape and form. Each purchase includes three ultra thin, realistic sleeves that slip over the wand's vibrating head. These sleeves add valuable textured stimulation.

Women and men do use this vibrating sex toy for anal stimulation. Since the shaft is incredibly flexible and is attached to a durable base, this toy complements anal and prostate stimulation. Whether the user plays with it for anal, clitoral, or G-Spot stimulation, the sensations produced and delivered by the Ultimate G-Spot Wand sex toy are arousing.

Update: The Gigi, Iris, Paradise Curve, and Dreamboat have all received thunderous applause from women who claim the Ultimate G-Spot Wand was either too powerful or too flexible - two common criticisms of the Ultimate G-Spot Wand. So consider the previously mentioned sex toys as viable alternatives.

Editorial Review

Every woman should have a G-Spot wand or G-Spot vibrator in her toy collection. Call it a prerequisite for Sex Education 101. My first G-Spot orgasm flooded my body and mind after playing with a G-Spot vibrator, but since then, I have graduated to G-Spot wands, which have become a favorite G-Spot sex toy for me, primarily as a result of the intense vibrations and flexibility associated with this type of sex toy.

The Ultimate G-Spot Wand is probably one of the easiest sex toys to operate, which makes it easier for me to concentrate on masturbation, less on complex sex toy controls. I frequently experience multiple orgasms when I play with this vibrating wand. Moving the shaft in bursts of fast paced stroking motions relieves the hidden animal urges burrowed inside of me. I have tested and reviewed a few G-Spot wands, but few come close to replicating the Ultimate G-Spot Wand's vibration output and seductive flexibility.

As its price indicates, it is not one of VibeReview's inexpensive toys. Quality comes at a price, and the Ultimate G-Spot Wand is the best G-Spot Wand available for purchase. It is also the G-Spot toy that many professionals use in films. Reliable for the most powerful G-Spot orgasms and durable enough to handle hard and fast action, the Ultimate G-Spot Wand keeps me sexually satisfied.

The Vivid Power G-Massager is similar to the Ultimate Prostate Wand, only the Vivid Power G-Massager is less expensive and slightly less powerful. Women who demonstrate a sensitivity to strong internal vibrations should consider purchasing the Vivid Power G-Massager or Gigi before ordering the Ultimate G-Spot Wand.

Additional Details

Size:  12" total length
5" insertable length
Battery Info:  3 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of PVC, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Doc Johnson

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. Annie P
My best friend swears by the Ultimate G-Spot Wand. I don't understand her fascination with this adult toy. I tried and tried to get off with my own Ultimate G-Spot Wand and I never reached that pinnacle climax launching pad. I get these tickly, tingly sensations that die off quickly. I think the vibrations are entirely too strong, perhaps over stimulation of my G-Spot is the main reason why I struggle to get off with it. I put the toy away, rarely play with it, and have moved on to the Pixie Plus. I found my mate with the Pixie Plus, so I'm not as bitter about the Ultimate G-Spot Wand.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Janie P
It's almost too powerful. I can feel the vibrations bounce around inside of me, like pinball banging against bumpers. At times I climax with force while, sometimes, I don't feel much of anything. The vibrations can make me numb if I play with it for a long time, like, maybe 15 minutes or more.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Yvette for You
Sextastically phenomenal. If you prefer G Spot orgasms to clitoral orgasms, buy this toy. I taught my husband how to use this toy on me. We are both better off having it available for my immediate needs. The angled shaft and soft jelly texture convinced me that it is the best G Spot toy in the world.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Beth-a-Million
I first encountered a g spot wand in a sex video. I accidentally clicked on an advertisement for a similar toy. It took me on a visual demonstration on how these kinds of toys are supposed to be used, like the techniques that work best with its design. The advertisement worked. I bought the Ultimate G-Spot Wand that night, and I've been happy since I used it the first time. I like it better than rabbit vibes, in fact. Even though it is a g spot toy, also try using it as a clitoral vibrator - you will not regret it.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Clint da Man!
My wife just got hers in the mail. I purchased it for her birthday. She loves it. Hopefully the toy won't replace me!
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
It is an odd looking vibrator. Seeing its shape, I really didn't know what to think about it. I did some research on G-Spot toys and this one kept showing up. It seems that I've lagged behind, because a bunch of women already own this toy. I had to go with the crowd, buying one for myself. It works, it really does. I experience those jaw-moving orgasms, teeth clenching type of orgasms when I play with it for a few minutes. A quality toy.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Amy H.
The key word in the toy's name, "Ultimate." It is no exaggeration, either. The Ultimate G-Spot Wand blew me away. So much power, quality vibrations, and direct stimulation of my juicy, sensitive patch, my g spot. Little rubbing is needed for orgasm, only the slightest twisting of the shaft. I didn't like the price much, but VibeReview sells it for the same price as everyone else (or from the list of websites I found).
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Waiting Patiently
If there is a better gspot toy, I haven't found it. I've spent a lot of my money on various types of toys, especially vibrators. There are only two vibes that I consider perfect - the Impulse Jack Rabbit and the Ultimate G-Spot Wand. Both vibes turn gspot activity into a fit of eroticism. I take my vibe quality seriously - this is no simple matter for me. When I masturbate, I want the best toys only. Thanks to VibeReview and all your reviews (you crazy sexual animals), I chose the two right vibes for my sexual needs.
Sex toy review: four hearts. sativa
There is no real incorrect way to play with the Ultimate G-Spot Wand. I am impressed by its flexibility, as I can move the wand into different angles that better suit my personal preferences. And the power...has tons of it. I have my most intense orgasms from using this strange looking vibe. But, hey, it works, regardless of how awkward looking it is.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Love's Unsung Hero
People often say, "Proof is in the pudding." In this particular case, the proof was in my vagina: My vagina, after orgasming, clenched and spastically twitched. I've had a similar reaction to my husband's penis, which is curved. The way the shaft is angled is similar to the curvature of my husband's penis, and I assume that's why I like this vibrator so much. My husband travels a lot, so I need some kind kind of sexual release when he's gone. I found that release (and more) by playing with the Ultimate G-Spot Wand. Price does not affect me much; I'd rather pay extra money for a quality toy, a toy that I know will last.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Leanna

When I received my order in the mail, I immediately ripped open the packaging. I had my batteries ready for operation. I slid those suckers into place and positioned myself on my loveseat with my legs sprawled out in a V shape. I put two drops of i-Lube on the head of the shaft, inserting it quickly, but then taking my time with minor turns and pullouts.

I orgasmed three times in about 20 minutes of playtime. My last orgasm literally knocked me off the loveseat onto the floor, where I felt my body jerk a little. Never in my life had I experienced an orgasm that powerful. I guess you could say that, no doubt, this is one serious orgasm-producing toy.

Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Expensive toy, the most expensive toy I have ever purchased. But I would crawl ten miles to get another one, if mine broke. Excuse my hyperbolic comments, but I really don't know how else to express my love for this vibrator.

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