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Under the Bed Restraints

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Under the Bed Restraints: Bondage sex toys and BDSM products unlock sexual fantasies
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

You have the power to turn your bed into a lover's heavenly playground. Your playfully submissive partner lays quietly on the bed, waiting to see what you might do. Glancing over at you with eager, blinking eyes, your lover accepts your erotic advances. One strap. Two straps. Three straps ... and finally, four straps. Of course, none of this would be possible without the Under the Bed Restraints providing you and your lover with a quality restraint system.

These restraints attach beneath mattresses, to bed frames without using damaging hooks that could potentially rip your expensive bed and sheets. Both arms and legs are strapped down by this four-strap restraint system that is durable, sturdy, and portable. Its travel-size design makes the Under the Bed Restraints a great vacation companion for couples who want to explore role-playing and frisky, fun-filled sex.

Though there won't be a dull moment experienced with the Under the Bed Restraints, you can add even more excitement to your erotic playground: A Blindfold with Fur Lining and Ostrich Feather Ticklers add the finishing touches to an already sexy situation. Experience foreplay and sex while playfully restrained, blindfolded, and tickled.

Editorial Review

Every VibeReview employee owns his or her own Under the Bed Restraints. That should tell you something about how much fun this restraint system can be. I actually had my Under the Bed Restraints months before VibeReview started selling them. I had quite a few days to experiment before I had to write my review, so I am intimately familiar with this bed restraint system. I rarely remove my restraints from my bed, as I play with the restraints several times a week.

I can't call myself a BDSM professional, but I assure you that, despite my missing expert credentials, I am extremely fond of the Under the Bed Restraints. I get somewhat claustrophobic in certain situations, especially if my hands and legs are held down. But I've never felt uncomfortable or anxious while playing with these restraints. I can't tell you why I respond better to these restraints in comparison to other restraints I've reviewed, but there's something calming about the Under the Bed Restraints.

I am apprehensive about serious BDSM gear - the kind that calls for "extreme measures" and "ultimate submissiveness." Both my boyfriend and I are entirely too headstrong to be considered submissive, so we view the Under the Bed Restraints as a sex toy that's more playful than serious. We get to act like wild college kids, bringing back some of that erotic sparkle that flashes when two people make love for the first time. Plus, these restraints give us the perfect excuse to be goofy.

Some people might assume that assembly is difficult and that moving the restraint system is a nightmare. I would've have thought the same thing, but I've learned that the Under the Bed Restraints are probably one of the easiest restraint systems to hook up, remove, and use. It only took a few minutes to set up everything and even less time to remove the restraints. Surprisingly, it's not too expensive - which, as some of you know, is rare with these types of adult products.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Catalina Loves
I think for the average person, this is probably a 5/5, but since I'm a little bit spoiled by rope bondage, it doesn't hold as much appeal for me. It is really nice for those nights when we wanted to spice it up a little bit, but didn't want to go through all the hassle of digging out the rope - once it is installed under the mattress (which is trickier than that might sound) you can have somebody spread eagle on your bed in under a minute. Now, that is something that makes this a good buy if you like bondage but don't want to deal with rope.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Odysseus & Penelope
These things are great. They are super comfortable and easy to use, not to mention easily concealable - yet instantly available in the moment, as well. We just used them in a threesome and had a great time.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Badbadgirl
I love Sport Sheets. These are great!! I love the cuffs and I love how I can set it up, and tuck it under the mattress to use whenever I want. They are soft, durable and perfectly naughty!!!

I rarely give anything a 5 out of 5, but really for what these do, they are perfect!!! Not a single complaint from me!!

Sex toy review: five hearts. carnivalesq
This is an awesome set. Incredibly easy to use and they do the job well. They're far sturdier than I had imagined, and it's easy to adjust from a looser setting to a more restricting one as the mood strikes. I was also very pleased to find that these cuffs fit my ankles well, even though I am on the large side. I recommend this set to anyone curious about bondage or already into it. You cannot go wrong here!
Sex toy review: four hearts. Rori
These take some time to set up, so aren't really good if you're in the heat of the passion and haven't already hooked 'em up, but when you do use them, they work well for restraining and don't hurt your wrists/ankles like some products do.
Sex toy review: three hearts. nihil
Not bad at all. Really fun. I don't use the restraints often enough, but I sure have a good time when I do. I found it cheaper on VibeReview than anywhere else.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Naughty Secretary
He quickly strapped my wrists into the restraints, following with him securing each ankle. He looked over my body slowly, a primal flicker showing in his eyes, his satisfaction punctuated with a grunt. It wasn’t long before his tongue traced my most intimate folds, his lapping opening me up with each stroke. Every time my moaning became too loud, or I pulled on the restraints, he slowed his pace, keeping me on the edge of climax, teetering on the precipice of complete pleasure. When my wriggling, my writhing, my pleas for mercy finally became too much to hear, his fingers plunged into my wetness as his tongue rolled over my clitoris, the orgasm forced out of me until I was left limp and shaking, tethered to the bed... VibeReview’s Under The Bed Restraints will not fail to please you, whether you are a curious beginner of BDSM, or a complete master of restraint. This is the kind of sexual aid that everyone should try at least once. You may be wondering why this product comes with such quick praise, and the answer would be versatility. It’s comfortable, portable, adjustable and extremely easy to use. It doesn’t get better than that. Attaching the restraints to your bed looks more complicated than the actual task at hand. The hardest part will be getting under your mattress, and even that isn’t too difficult. The beauty of these restraints are that they are not technically attached to any furniture at all - the system lays along the spine of the bed frame, with the two restraints folding over at top of the mattress and two at the bottom. You can position each set at either top or bottom of the bed, or use them at each side, depending on what kind of play you intend to use them for. No harm to bedroom furniture or expensive sheets can always be considered a plus. The cuffs themselves are sturdy enough to hold, but not firm enough to injure, which I find the perfect balance. The velcro strip makes for easy capture and release. I also loved that the restraints were very easy to adjust according to height. One of the best features of this toy is the fact that it is portable. I love that you can take this system on vacation with you, and no-one would know any better. It is easy to set up, quick to pull down, and remains hidden when necessary. This product gets the highest marks. I can’t brag enough about how pleased I am to have Under The Bed Restraints as the newest addition to my collection. The product is simply delicious from concept through creation. I’ve used the restraints every day since set-up…
Sex toy review: four hearts. Old, but not Dead
I'm such a dork. I hooked the restraints up wrong. I had to pull it all out, then start over. It seemed a simple enough task, but, as usual, I skipped a few steps. I finally got the restraints hooked up correctly. My husband wanted to buy this item; I wasn't too sure. Ha! I don't want to share now. I want to hog the restraints for myself. I never would have believed that I could have this much fun in bed.
Sex toy review: four hearts. The Beautiful Kind
The restraints are fun, but not very hardcore. They are great for experimenting and light bondage play. They’re comfortable; they look only lightly padded, but even straining pretty hard, they don’t chafe your wrists. They secure with velcro, easy to use!
Sex toy review: five hearts. mina
Being a happy victim volunteer, was really easy with this product. I can’t believe we haven’t tried a restraint system before! The straps themselves leave you with many options. They can go over the head or foot of the bed or to the sides. You can have someone spread eagle or stretched length wise. For those of you who are very nimble (and creative) there are many possibilities of restraint. The clips and metal loops make it extremely easy to restrain multiple limbs to one place. A hog tie can be easily accomplished. As for me, our first go with this product had me spread eagle. The straps can be easily adjusted to how tight you want someone restrained. Sylvanus (my man) chose to have me very tightly restrained. He teased and pleased me and I was left helpless. No matter how much I squirmed or pulled, the restraints never budged and held me in place. The Velcro cuffs never came loose. I guess the only downfall to this product, as with all Velcro products, eventually, after repeated and extensive uses, the velcro will begin to lose its strength. But as for here and now, this product rocks! It did exactly what I was hoping for. I was a restrained victim to my lover’s delights. There is something erotically exciting about that! I was helpless beneath his touch. I was fighting his desires (yeah, not really, more like pretending to fight!) There is nothing more exhilarating than being absolutely helpless while your lover uses your body for his pleasure… and then… he uses his mouth and toys to bring you to your own pleasure.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Little Minx
OMFG I love these. I'm a hard core BDSM girl but lacking in a living space where I can make permanent alterations. And I like to travel with my bondage gear anyway. I was a little skeptical about how well these would work but the weight of a body (or two) on the mattress and the resistance from each strap pulling against each other works perfectly. The straps are Velcro but they can get pretty tight. The key is in adjusting the length of the straps so that they not only fit your mattress but so they offer the level of restraint you desire. Easy to give a newbie a little more room to move, but great at really strapping someone down. And the price is fantastic. I would recommend these to everyone. I don't have a bad word to say.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Adaline
So easy to hook up. Very comfortable. Easy to hide when I have company. Believe it or not, the Under the Bed Restraints helped my marriage. I can't explain exactly how. All I know is that my husband started chilling out right after we hooked this restraint system up. More quality time together, I assume.
Sex toy review: five hearts. pussy liquor
Yowser. Under the Bed Restraints showed me a new side of my wife. Maybe it's a side she's always had. Not sure, but the restraints have introduced me to a world that I've been missing. I felt silly, at first. After a few uses, I adapted to the new identity--the new role--that comes naturally with its use. Adding fantasy and comfort into the equation changed my entire approach to making love. Teasing my wife with her Water Dancer is one of my favorite parts of her being restrained. She goes wild. Unable to stop me, she has to experience the vibrations in total submission. We appreciate all the suggestions and comments on VibeReview. It's cool that so many everyday people think as we do. It's refreshing to see people being real.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Southern Belle
I'm just glad I didn't need a dark, evil dungeon for my first bondage experiences. The straps are so easy to work with. I can remove the restraints in no time. Only a few people know about my new toy, and I'd like it to stay that way. With this restraint system, I can disable it at any time, hiding it from visitors or the like. I have had more fun with these restraints. Sex can be taken too seriously, so the restraints are an escape from that boring way of looking at sex.
Sex toy review: four hearts. jets to brazil
I never ever...ever, ever, ever dreamed that I would experiment with any kind of restraints. While I am not into total submission and that underground culture, I have found intense pleasure from using the Under the Bed Restraints. I've been with my husband for five years, and we needed something to spice our sex up. I surprised him with the restraints. He wasted no time restraining me to the bed. Foreplay was once an issue, but not anymore. My husband willingly explores me before penetration. We don't get too crazy, but we have found a new comfort zone that makes sex more interesting and personal.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Ms. Kitten
100% satisfaction guaranteed to the user. These restraints have me experiencing sensuality and sex in dramatic fashion. I've never been excused of being the shyest individual, but I've also never been labeled an extrovert. I feel like a new person, when I use my under the bed restraints. I feel like a more exciting person who wants to try new sexual techniques and methods. I anticipated a stressful introduction to the restraints--not knowing how to use them, install them, etc. It didn't work out that way, thank God. If I can figure the restraints out, most people should be able to.
Sex toy review: five hearts. D. Wade
The cuffs are comfortable. I like how my boyfriend can choose my legs and arms for restraints or just my legs or arms. The restraints are strong; they stay in place, if adjusted correctly. We don't have bedposts on our bed, so this system works best. We've become so accustomed to using it that I don't know how we ever enjoyed sex before the restraints.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Made of quality material. It works like it's supposed to. It was a bit hectic at first, but once we figured out how the restraints work, things took off from there. Foreplay, especially, wouldn't be the same without the restraints. Be sure your animals don't chew on the straps. Ours did.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Superbabe
Extremely comfortable. The restraint system doesn't hurt the mattress in any way. The length can be changed quickly, with little effort involved. I expected the system to be a mess, but was willing to spend the money anyway. Not difficult to use at all. The best orgasms come from fighting the restraints during climax. I love my under the bed restraints system. While I may not use it every time I have sex, I use it enough to be an "expert." Nothing is quite like submission during an intense sexual experience.

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