AIDS Walk NYC, 2008

AIDS Walk NYC 2008


Once again, VibeReview is helping Team Latex raise donations for the NYC AIDS Walk. To do your part in helping to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, click here. VibeReview will match all individual donations made through the above link.

The HIV/AIDS pandemic affects everyone in the world - either directly or indirectly. While current HIV/AIDS statistics prove that young people (ages 15 to 24) are at a higher risk of infection, the negative impact that AIDS has on the global community - regardless of gender, age, socio-economic status, or sexual orientation - cannot be overstated.

But this negative impact can be understated, as it has for many years. The "out of sight, out of mind" mentality only works for so long: Demographically speaking, infection rates can dramatically change over a few years. What was once considered a "gay curse" is now affecting diverse segments of people in society. Ignoring its presence in your city, county, state, and national community will not make this indiscriminating virus vanish.

Prevention, education, and treatment! Hefty financial resources are needed to accomplish all three objectives. Nothing is free, you know! AIDS Walk is a fabulous way for everyone to contribute something, anything ... donations, time, support, and so much more. AIDS Walk has a respected tradition of increasing AIDS awareness, while also providing a healthy outlet for people to actively participate in AIDS-related fundraising, at the city, county, state, and national level.

AIDS Walk - being a well known, highly-respected walk-a-thon - encourages individuals, organizations, and businesses to sponsor active participants, the walkers, through donations. But, hey, if you want to join the army of dedicated participants, opting to walk your way into history, the opportunity exists. However you choose to doesn't matter. Every contribution is equally helpful!

VibeReview is proud to announce that it will once again be joining Team Latex for the New York City's AIDS Walk, May 18, 2008. VibeReview needs your help, though: For every dollar of donation sponsorship, VibeReview will match the total amount! Yes, that's correct. VibeReview wants to offer you the opportunity to work with us to help Team Latex at the NYC AIDS Walk. VibeReview is prepared to match ALL sponsorship donations! Working together, fighting for a safer, healthier global community is a just cause, and you make a difference for your own city, county, state, and nation.

AIDS Walk, however, will be held in several major cities. Some cities and counties have different names for this fundraising event, but all aim to increase awareness and funding for AIDS-related prevention and treatment. If you want information about your city's AIDS Walk, please visit the AIDS Walk Directory. Represent your city, state, nation, and the world by actively or passively participating in this fundraising event.

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