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Halloween: Frightfully Sexy and Erotic

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Can you smell the sexiness in the air? Each breath lingers, pausing to take in autumn's aromatically pleasing scent. Colorful decompositions are everywhere as leaves and plants prepare for winter's cold hand. Best of all, Halloween quickly approaches. Ever since I was a child, I couldn't wait for the arrival of Halloween - the perfect holiday for absolute freedom from life's daily constraints. No other holiday encourages adults to let go of life's stiffness and expectations.

Old Father Time deserves your most enthusiastic middle finger salute - a real declaration of independence saying that we will no longer submit ourselves to the seriousness of life. There is nothing wrong with a one-night-stand of rebellion and there's no better way to discard the daily monotony. Yes, Halloween is about taking the night off - and in some cases...getting off!

Don't waste another Halloween inside. If you've forgotten what it's like to mingle in Halloween's decadent divinity, go all out and make this year's Halloween a sexual affair. If you play sweetheart everyday, consider a naughty persona for the night. Halloween is your opportunity to see how the other-half lives. Shed your normal clothing, let go of your usual self, and invite - yes, embrace - your new identity for the night.

People tend to assume that every imaginable costume idea has been explored and exploited beyond reparation. Don't buy into the theory that all the fabulous costume ideas have all been done before. If you add your own unique twist to outdated costumes, you have a chance to create a new, much higher standard - a standard that many will seek to emulate in the future. Below you will find an easy-to-follow breakdown of costumes that might work for you. You decide what's hot and what's not.

French Maid

Yes, you've seen a gazillion different French Maid outfits. You might even wear one at home! But have you ever worn a French Maid costume in public? It's an entirely different monster, I promise. There's a certain majestic power that suddenly arrives when you slip on a French Maid costume. Men who normally don't listen - well, they seem to "perk up" and listen to your every command when you walk into the room, dressed as the sexiest maid on the planet. Triple that at-home reaction: When you hit the streets - going to your favorite bar, club, or friend's party - you will turn heads ... and enlarge a few!

No woman or man is capable of resisting all-powerful French Maid fetishism. Give it a shot, test it out, and watch enchanted eyes dart to your sexy outfit. Though a French Maid typically does as she's told, your new outfit promises a new power: you are the master for the night, regardless of your professional title. Men and women will do as you say. You need the hottest lingerie, a feather duster, and rubber gloves - or whatever else you can think of! Your appearance (the costume itself) is important, but your provocative, take-charge attitude seals the deal. And you are, for the night, French, which carries a quiet sexual sophistication that proves irresistible.

Check out our French Maid costume!


I imagine most men assume that butler costumes lack sex appeal. I urge them to reconsider their position. Butler costumes can be super-sexy, highly refined, and downright naughty. The standard butler outfit may not accomplish much, but sexy alterations to a typical butler costume can change everything. You need to spice up your costume: Add a huge bulge to your trousers. Wear the tightest slacks possible. Cut your shirt's sleeves off. Make sure your jacket is pressed and clean. Maybe buy a few temporary tattoos for those huge biceps! Sport a stunning haircut. Find a balance between sophistication, sexiness, and professionalism.

You are the senior servant of your household. It's your responsibility to service your lover. Be sure to clean up your language, dirty boy - you want to speak with a quiet and elegant authority! Your refined language skills will turn you into a sophisticated, well-spoken man on a fun sexual mission. Though your dinner jacket is neatly pressed and professional, your sexy clothing underneath screams of sexual playfulness. Your erotic stewardship takes a turn for the better when your dinner jacket is removed. Let the party know that you are the improved version of Mr. Belvedere. You are the complete package - sexy, sophisticated, and sensual.


Celebrities are popular costume and persona choices for Halloween. If you have a fetish for the spotlight, a celebrity costume might be the right choice for you. Have you ever considered choosing a celebrity of the opposite sex? Women should consider dressing up as their favorite male celebrity; men should consider dressing up as their favorite female celebrity. It works, I promise. There's something erotically promising and hilarious about dragstar costumes. Accentuate all your physical traits with gender-specific clothing. Showcase yourself for your lover - or to an entire party. You just never know who will love your cross-dressing skills!

It's rare for females to dress up as male celebrities, but you can change all of that this Halloween. Women who wear men's clothing and costumes are incredibly gorgeous. Consider Madonna and Annie Lennox as two women who mastered cross-dressing. Men, on the other hand, have a tradition of dressing up like female celebrities. In many cases, men's cross-dressing costumes are funnier than they are sexual, but funny costumes can become steamy costumes in a hurry - especially with skin showing! Some role-playing fun comes pre-packaged with a dragstar costumes, opening the door for one unbelievable night of erotic bedroom play.

Superheroes and Superheroines

Do you have a superhero inside of you? A superheroine? The potential for an explosive night increases when you wear a superhero or superheroine costume. Boom! Bang! You just saved the day! Thwart your nemesis' plan to disturb your Halloween agenda. People often say, "Actions speak louder than words!" This is your chance to prove their exclamations true. As a superhero or superheroine, you are all about action and more action.

When it is time for you to jump into action, you are always prepared for worst-case scenarios. Lord knows, if all else fails, you will look spectacular falling on your face! All that tight clothing - all that exposed skin! Those muscles, and all the style one person can handle. With your sexual appeal, you command immediate attention of all whom cross your path. You make everyone's life better, but now it is time to sex it up!

Superheroes and superheroines are strong, intelligent, and compassionate - the super-elites of a struggling society. But, hey, they are almost always sexually potent as well, right? Of course! There's no doubting the lasting power of Batman. And Wonder Woman? My goodness, Wonder Woman exemplifies all that is considered sexy. Don't you agree? Come on, those stylish bullet-reflecting bracelets work every time!

Choose your right costume from a gigantic list of fantastic superheroes and superheroines. Whether you want to be a masked crusader, hiding your identity, or a mainstream superhero or superheroine, you will keep the party on its toes. What will you do next? Will you kiss the breath of life into your lover? Will you lift the keg with your super-human strength? Maybe a little mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? You are the ultimate public defender; it is your responsibility to share your sexuality with the masses.

Wikipedia's List of Superheroines and Superheroes provide illustrations and explanations for many superheroes and superheroines. Browse through the different categories. I dare you to find the sexiest superhero or superheroine on the list, and then add your own sexual twist to your costume. Once you slip on your new costume, a new power - a sexual confidence - rushes through your body and mind, turning you into a sexy beast that cannot be overcome. If you have an ex-lover attending your party, you might consider choosing a costume that hides your face or comes with amazing vanishing powers! Play an outlandish trick on your ex - or hide from the guy or girl who talks too much and hoards the spiked punch!

Not quite a superhero? Be a regular hero - Check out our Police Girl costume!

Literature Characters, Poets, Novelists

Show people how much you know by choosing a costume that represents fictional characters, novelists, poets - or anything with a literary reference. If you bumble about for the right words in daily life, here's your chance to emulate a famous writer, poet, or character - one who never struggles to choose appropriate words for certain social situations. Though your vocabulary will be outdated, words are your romantic weapon for the night. Invite others to partake in a discourse on marriage, sex, poverty, society, gender roles, and so much more. Adopt your fictional persona, communicating what your character would say. Wear all the clothes your character would wear.

You need to cleverly manipulate your costume for sexy results and work strenuously toward adopting the right vocabulary. You can do it. Your intellect and costume will make you the most desirable person at the party. As you invite someone to delight in your new outlook on life, you gain fame for yourself and also educate those around you. Don Juan never had game like you do, so make the most of your artistic flare. Be sure to carry a book with you wherever you go, memorize seductive selections from your favorite text, and use the appropriate clothing. Below is a list of widely recognized romantic poets, characters, and novelists.

Poets: Robert Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Edna St. Vincent Millay, John Keats, Dorothy Wordsworth, Isabella Lickbarrow, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Lord Byron, Mary Tighe, Edgar Allen Poe, Shakespeare and T.S. Eliot. Some people will be tempted to dispute the romantic tendencies of a few of the poets in my list. They might be right, but I included the "borderlines" for their intriguing lifestyles and personalities.

Novelists: Jane Austen, Emily Bronte, Isabel Allende, Charles Dickens, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, J.R.R Tolkien, Edgar Allan Poe, Sir Thomas Malory, Sir Walter Scott, Ernest Hemingway, Maria Edgeworth, and Thomas Love Peacock.

Characters: Romeo, Juliet, Don Juan, Pip, Phantom of the Opera, Helen of Troy, Paris, Achilles, Cinderella, Prince Charming, Snow White, Jane Eyre, Lord Rochester, Robin Hood, Maid Marian, and many more.

Embrace you inner literati with our Greek Goddess costume!

Naughty Nurse/Doctor

Television has successfully created entire dramas around the seductive appeals and attractive qualities of medical professionals. A hospital setting seems to bring out the devil in some people, and shows from soap operas to adult film have made a living off of naughty hospital interaction between sexes. I don't know about everyone, but sexual activity in a professional environment - or between professionals - makes my heart beat extraordinarily fast. I can feel my excitement level rise just by imagining a sexy hospital-professional scenario. Exotic, sexy nurse and doctor costumes are everywhere, so you shouldn't struggle finding the right one for you. Consider buying tighter hospital garb than usual - you want to show your goodies off, as any responsible healthy practitioner would!

Seeing a woman in a tight nurse or doctor's uniform heats up my blood. A sophisticated man - sharply dressed, or adorning hospital garb - sends heat waves fluttering through my body. If my wounds are ever going to heal, a healthy dose of nurse-doctor love is required. As a patient of Doctor Love, I know that passivity follows; the doctor-patient relationship thrives on patient submission. I love following my doctor's suggestions and directions. For this Halloween, you should consider being the head woman or man in charge. Inject a sense of excitement into your patient - your lover - whenever they need a boost of romance and intrigue. Role-play your way into great romance and sex.

Give some quality care as a Doctor or a Naughty Nurse.


We all love music. We may have different tastes in music, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn't like music at all. No Halloween is complete without a plethora of musically inspired costumes. When it comes to wild sex and partying, no one can compete with musicians and performing artists. Rock-n-roll musicians, no doubt, are known for their partying antics - anytime of the day or night! You are the life of the party when you dress up as a musician or performing artist.

The party never stops with a wild and crazy rock artist. Rumors of orgies and reckless sexual abandon among musicians circulate through all the tabloids - sometimes even in actual video footage! Hip-Hop artists are quickly gaining ground, though. Their sexually promiscuous and provocative videos are enough to push someone into arousal overdrive. You'll need plenty of props and the right clothing to pull it off, but you should have no trouble finding what you need at a thrift store.

Nothing appeals to me more than a sweaty guitarist and muscular Hip-Hop frontman. Both turn me into an insane woman focused on carnal pleasure. Leather pants or tight athletic gear - I am a sucker for both. Musicians ooze talent and confidence. In general, their rebellious attitude and willingness to challenge arbitrary sexual standards are exactly what I need to have a good time.

Pop artists are also sexy as can be. All that dancing - hip gyrations, jumping, twisting, and extreme flexibility - is like a finger inside of my mind, turning on the light switch of arousal and sexual desire. Once the switch is flipped, I need some type of sexual release; and musicians, as I see it, are the best remedy for my sexual itch. Rock your way into a sexual Halloween that will never be forgotten by you or your partner.

Costume Ideas for Musicians/Singers:

Tommy Lee, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Sid Vicious, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Plant, John Lennon, Axl Rose, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Lil' John, Eminem, Maynard James Keenan, Slash, Elvis, Chuck Berry, John Mayer, Tori Amos, Gene Simmons, 50 Cent, Q-Tip, Stevie Nicks, Don Henley, Brett Michaels, Trent Reznor, Pink, Cher, Nelly, Puffy, Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, Dave Navarro, Seal, Diana Ross, Billy Joel, Common, Kanye West, Posh Spice, and Peter Murphy. The list could extend into three pages, but you get the idea.


Muscular, sweating bodies and sheer determination are the ingredients needed for extreme arousal. Athletes exude a type of healthy confidence that millions of people wish to emulate. Thousands of photographs of athletes in action cover the front pages of magazines and newspapers every year. It's not just their unique physiques that demand attention (though that's what demands my attention!) - it's also their confident facial expressions and achievements. Athletes come with a complete package - sexiness, fit bodies, health, and money.

Mixing talent and extreme sexual appeal has significant benefits, creating mass sexual hysteria and pushing sexual energy to a climatic explosion! Though strutting around in a bathing suit or short uniform in October might not work for you in a cold climate, you can adjust your costume for any limitations that once confounded you. Don't let cold weather prevent you from showing off your athletic body: use a trench coach to conceal yourself and keep you warm until you get to the party. When you do finally remove the trench coat, expect the entire party to stop and stare at your gorgeous body!

If you already possess an athletic build, you are ahead of the game. If you don't, you have a few days left to create one (consider an athletic costume as motivation, if you wish). Unquenchable lust pushes you to create the perfect costume, or to choose the right athletic persona for Halloween night. When you unleash the athletic animal inside of you, you are declaring to everyone that you are a confident and successful person who can get the job done, having plenty of energy left for the second round. Check with local retail stores for the latest sports gear.

Famous Athletes with Sex Appeal:

David Beckham, Anna Kournikova, Amanda Beard, Terrell Owens, Carson Palmer, Alex Rodriguez, Johnny Damon, Maria Sharapova, Lisa Harrison, Lauren Jackson, Annika Sorenstam, Melissa Coates, Oscar de la Hoya, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Kevin McHale, Steve Nash, Magic Johnson, Angelle Seeling, Stephanie Cheeva, Lukas Podolski, Brian McBride, and Fernando Morientes.


Turn on your brightest red light for Halloween. You regulate your own corner with pride and an entrepreneurial spirit. It's time for unadulterated sexual expression, a bad taste of style, and capitalization on ordinary people's vices. A prostitute costume for Halloween might not be the most original idea, but it is a costume that always succeeds in grabbing attention. Watch men melt in your hand, begging for your professional services!

If cash flow is an issue for you and you are on a tight monetary budget, a prostitute costume is a good idea: since you will not be wearing much clothing, you have less to buy. And maybe after one night of hard work, you can expand the bust of your wallet with street-corner earned cash.

Be especially careful as you roam downtown streets. VibeReview encourages each of you to express yourself this Halloween, but we will not bail you out of jail! Paddy wagons cruise by busy street corners, picking up women of the night; and while we love your enthusiasm, a case of mistaken identity, followed by an arrest, wouldn't be the ideal Halloween experience. Seriously though, a prostitute costume allows you to frolic with other people, flirting the night away as only a bad, bad girl can.

If a prostitute costume is too far of a slide down the social scale for you, you can always opt for a slut costume. Sluts are one step above prostitutes: sluts do not get paid for their sexual promiscuousness. Instead, they spread their heavenly love around free of charge. Slut costumes are easy to assemble. Mix and match your shortest clothing garments together and create a seductive outfit for Halloween night. Just know: Sluts enjoy sexual activity and are not afraid to announce their devotion to physical pleasure.

Let that dizzy disco sex kitten out of the bag or become that untouchable centerfold of every man's fantasy.


Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire changed the way people look at vampires, turning vampirism into an attractive nightly profession. Old school vampire costumes are outdated and should be retired. Don't be that guy or gal who wears the cape and paints his or her face white as snow! If you need help finding the right vampire costume, watch Blade, Underworld, and Interview with the Vampire, which have shown the way toward a modern version of vampirism - clothing, dialect, personal identity, cultural habits, and nightly rituals. A bloodthirsty vampire uses sex and foreplay as a means of getting what they want, so take advantage of your skills.

It's up to you to usher in a new generation of fashionably seductive vampire costumes - do it for yourself and everyone else, I beg you. Vampires love to pounce on their unsuspecting victims and gain the victim's trust through romantic seduction. You can surprise your victim with a soft tongue, gentle approach, and erotic whispers. Seduce your victim, gaining his or her trust - and then capitalize on that trust! Female and male vampires can both follow this formula for Halloween success. Just remember that biting and sucking is not allowed in the first five minutes of meeting someone!


Every Halloween party needs sexy angels and devils parading around. Not only are both costumes appropriate for Halloween, but also are unbelievably erotic. Make Halloween night your version of Paradise Lost - either you are the angel or Beelzebub. In either case, you can sex yourself up for intimate encounters, maybe even with the "other" side. As an angel or devil, you are entrusted with an enormous amount of power - power that you can use for good or evil, enhancing your sexual power.

You are devilishly good and angelically bad - you are at your sexual best when you flirt with both worlds of morality. You might even consider attending a party as a master of dual divinity, a half-and-half costume that illustrates your cosmic diversification! Since we are all the best and worst of both worlds, a dual divinity costume seems appropriate enough. Blow your trumpet or dig with your pitchfork, or ask a partner to join in the fun: maybe they can blow your trumpet! Few men attend costume parties as angels, and that's something that needs to change. What could be manlier than St. Michael casting demons out of heaven? Exactly.


"Get yer saddles an' ropes ready fer a round up!" Cowboys and cowgirls know how to take a lickin' and how keep on tickin' and how to give a serious butt kickin'. Physically fit cowboys and cowgirls can handle just about any challenge and are usually good in the sack; and since they spend so much time working outdoors, they usually have a wonderful bronze tan. They know how to enjoy a beer after a hard day's work. They live rugged and large; they appreciate a simpler life in the country, where nature and human endeavors meet in the middle.

Sweet-talkin' cowboys know how to treat a lady, which is rare these days. But it's those tight jeans and fancy belt buckles that set most ladies off. I fancy those innocent cowgirls, too. They claim their men, refusing to let any woman or man interfere with their relationship. Tough as nails, but sweeter than cherry pie - don't confuse their shyness and perceived innocence as a measuring point of their sexuality. Get your daisy dukes ready for a rumble. Spit-shine your lucky belt buckle. Cowgirls and cowboys intend to have a good time.


Like the old school vampire costume, outdated witch costumes need a quick retirement. Few traditional witch costumes come off as sexually attractive or provocative, so it's time to invent our own sexy version of witch costumes. Is an overhaul required? Not necessarily. Since we can use different elements of the traditional witch costume, we only need to add a few sexy parts to make a costume complete. Perhaps, the solution is to introduce a more believable and sexual witch costume that emphasizes modern day characteristics. Imagine the possibilities of a sensual, erotic, and beautiful witch.

Unless you are searching for a laugh or two, a carrot nose and facial warts doesn't exactly place you on an escalator moving toward extreme attraction and sexual appeal. Plus, it doesn't make sense! If a witch has magical powers, surely she would use her power to inject beauty and style into all her affairs. A witch's mysteriousness and awesome power make her desirable, but let's face it: she also needs to be attractive - and those warts are definitely not attractive! Witches get a bad rep anyway. Not all witches are evil, dress in black, or live in seclusion!

Warlocks are so often left alone, totally alone, with no one paying any attention to them. Guys, listen. Warlocks are hot. A warlock has many abilities and powers - changing the past, traveling to different dimensions, changing shape and form, altering identities, and irresistible seduction. If your girlfriend has an ex that refuses to leave her alone, you can turn the ex into a rat - or whatever you want. A warlock comes with infinite knowledge of the universe and a keen understanding of what women truly appreciate in a man. Show your lover that you have what it takes to be a handsome warlock who focuses on passion and carnal pleasures.

Feeling a little naughty? Put a spell on someone with a witch costume.

Wrap Up

I am an inquisitive person who always finds time to experiment with life. Halloween is the ultimate holiday for experimentation, and is one of the few times a year when accepted modes of conduct are flexible enough for people to experiment in public. I always dress up for Halloween; however, I never wear the same costume twice. I want to keep each Halloween exciting, fresh, and wild, which means I must find new ways to keep my creative spirit alive and flourishing. A new costume idea, or spin-off on an old costume, is the way to ensure guarantee the most fun.

Halloween night is your stage, so make sure you have chosen the sexiest costume available. My favorite part of Halloween is searching for the right items that will complete my costume. The products listed below will compliment and enhance many different costumes. And the best part is, you will have these products at your disposal after Halloween! Also consider purchasing a few sexy toys for late night festivities, having your own after-hours party. Happy Halloween!

Halloween Accessories

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