Holiday sex toys for stocking stuffer adult sex toys and vibrators

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers

A roaring train of holiday festivities races toward you, which includes shopping, dysfunctional family gatherings, and frequent grocery store raids. The mere thought of gift shopping shocks my nerves, because I know what to expect during the chaotic in-store shuffle. My pocketbook and patience already feel thinner, and I've yet to purchase a single present or visit a department store. Of course, the gift I end up giving myself is one big holiday headache. After years of last minute shopping and fighting through massive department store crowds, I've opted to simplify my shopping routine again this year.

I took two things into consideration before starting my holiday shopping: convenience and cost. I wanted to decrease the time spent in department stores, while still finding the best prices for all my gifts. Internet-based shopping worked for me during the holidays last year, but I didn't plan far enough in advance to buy all my presents online. I am ready this year, though I will be buying all my presents in advance, by relying on the Internet as my holiday shopping guide.

Initially, I viewed Internet shopping as a "Bah Humbug!" approach to the holidays. I felt like the modern Scrooge, tempted by overbearing grumpiness to skip the entire deal - settling for the comfortable confines of my home. "Scrooge, with technological options," I said to myself. But soon after considering the silliness of traditional in-store shopping, I found myself determined to avoid stressful crowds, while saving time and gas money in the process.

I made a commitment to myself that I would only purchase stocking stuffers this holiday. Stocking stuffers, as I discovered last year, are an inexpensive way to buy unusually clever and original gifts for those people who matter most in my life. I recall many holiday mornings with wrapping paper ripped to shreds and tiny paper particles floating in the air; the fireplace burning; cameras flashing like a strobe light in a disco hall; the roaring laughter. My fondest memory was the yearly stocking stuffer race, when my brothers and I would shove one another aside, trying to reach the stockings on the fireplace mantle. Raiding my stocking for all those cool gifts excited me more than anything else.

The holiday season is the perfect time to buy a sexy gift for someone on your naughty list. I frequently buy titillating sex toys for friends, my sisters, and business associates. But I get carried away during the holidays, because adult toys are fantastic stocking stuffer gifts! With this in mind, the remainder of this article is devoted to helping you find sexy stocking stuffers for your special someone. If you already have an idea of what you're looking for, feel free to click ahead to lubes, couples gifts, toys for boys, or, gifts for the solo woman.

Personal Lubricants, Massage Lotions, and Stimulating Lubricants

Personal Lubricants

Personal lubricants, massage lotions, and stimulating lubricants enhance those intimate moments that you spread with your lover. Lubricants have become so commonplace in people's sexual activities that the demand has increased tenfold. Men and women rely on quality personal lubricants to improve masturbation, foreplay, and sex. In more ways than one, personal lubricants can be the "gift that keeps on giving". VibeReview's customers, readers, and editors have reviewed each lube sold on, so feel free to read reviews for each lubricant brand. Santa is planning on a naughty holiday season; prepare for one slick sleigh ride!

Stocking Stuffer Personal Lubricants:

i-Lube - silicone-based lubricant

O'My Original Lube - water-based lubricant

Eros Bodyglide - silicone-based lubricant

Pjur Woman Aqua - water-based lubricant

Strawberry Astroglide - flavored water-based lubricant

O'My Flavoured - flavored water-based lubricant

Massage Lotions and Oils

Don't let the colder months send you into hibernation! Massage lotions and oils are created with your tense, exhausted muscles in mind - to alleviate those minor aches and pains that are intensified with changing temperatures. Show your lover how you care about his or her physical and emotional well-being by including massage in your foreplay fun. And, in order to give your best massage, you will need a gentle massage lotion or massage oil. Not only will your lover receive all the emotional attention they deserve, but he or she also benefits from relaxation of tense muscles and an overworked mind.

Stocking Stuffer Massage Lotions and Oils:

Kama Sutra Massage Oil - choose from different aromas

Kama Sutra Massage Therapy Kit - five oils included

Motion Lotion - warming effect

Astroglide 2 in 1 Pleasure - combo lotion and warming lube

Xtreme Lotion - flavored lotion

Body Butter - flavored lotion

Stimulating Lubricants

Human erogenous zones are extremely sensitive. Whether you're a women looking to increasing vaginal and clitoral sensitivity, or a man who wants increased penile sensitivity, stimulating lubricants are the way to go! Stimulating lubricants enhance erogenous zone stimulation - with either cooling or warming sensations. Some people prefer cooling to warming sensations or cooling to warming sensations or using both! One thing is certain: Relying on a stimulating lubricant to create deeper, fuller, energetic orgasms proves successful for most women and men. Nothing feels better than warm or cool sensations sweeping across your love zones!

Stocking Stuffer Stimulating Lubricants:

Astroglide Warming Liquid - warming sensations

Climax Bursts Cooling - cooling sensations

Wet Warming Intimate - warming sensations

Arousal Gel - cooling sensations

Liquid Sex Warming - warming sensations

Sex Toys for Women

Clitoral Vibrators

The lovely lady in your life will never forget this holiday season, not with you purchasing a quality clitoral vibrator for her. Imagine the shock when she reaches into her stocking and finds a naughty new vibrator for her favorite erogenous zone. Here's your opportunity to show her that you have been paying attention to her and that you appreciate everything she does for you, to you, and with you! Clitoral vibrators can be used during solo self-stimulation, foreplay, and sex. A variety of vibrators are available for different types of sexual activity, so be sure to read editorial and customer reviews for the latest information on each sex toy.

Stocking Stuffer Clitoral Vibrators:

Pocket Rocket Booster - powerful and small

Hitachi Magic Wand - vibrator and body massager

Firecracker Bullet - warming vibrating bullet

Berry Delight - textured vibrating egg

Starburst - pocket rocket with ticklers

Silver Bullet - traditional vibrating bullet

Pocket Rocket - traditional clitoral vibrator

Micro Mini One-Touch - discreet vibrator

G-Spot Vibrating Dildos

Your sexy woman's G-Spot is highly responsive to the right type and degree of stimulation. G-Spot stimulation is possible during sex, but specifically designed G-Spot sex toys accomplish more in less time and provide more direct stimulation. G-Spot vibrating dildos usually have a curved shaft and strong vibrations, and both characteristics enable women to fully experience the sensational nature of G-Spot arousal. Users of G-Spot sex toys are usually surprised by the minimal effort required to correctly operate these toys, and to create long-lasting, body-shaking G-Spot orgasms. Women of all experience levels can use this type of sex toy for immediate sexual satisfaction, and for many couples, G-Spot toys teach partners where the special spot is located and which stimulation techniques work the best.

Stocking Stuffer G-Spot Vibrating Dildos:

Dreamboat - strong internal and external vibrations

Pixie - moving tip for G-Spot massage

Vivid Power G-Massager - bendable G-Spot vibe

G-Rock - hands-free G-Spot stimulation

Monique Alexander's Orange Crush - curved tip with nubs

Waterproof Nubby G - small and waterproof

Petite G-Spot Avenger - powerful neck vibrations

Royal Princess - perfect length, width, and power

Vibrating and Non-Vibrating Dildos

Dildos are designed in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, textures, and materials. Some dildos are created with vibration functionality; other dildos are non-vibrating. Vibrating and non-vibrating dildos can be used for self-stimulation and partner stimulation, depending upon the sex toy's size, shape, and base. Realistic looking and feeling dildos that emphasize ideal penis characteristics are among the most popular dildo designs, but suction cup dildos and strap-on dildos are also extremely popular. A sleigh of sexy dildos is coming your lover's way, so be sure to sneak one of these gems into their stocking!

Vibrating and Non-Vibrating Dildos:

Emperor - vibrating, suction cup base, realistic, and flexible

Vicky Venus - non-vibrating, flared base, and supple silicone material

Buzz - vibrating, flared base, and realistic

Compact non-vibrating, flared base, and curved

Beehive - vibrating, textured, and shaft rotations

Sire - non-vibrating, realistic, and extra large

Night Time Buddy - vibrating, realistic, and suction cup base

Cyberglass Felicity - non-vibrating, glass, and textured

Dual Stimulation Vibrators

Is it possible to simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and G-Spot? Absolutely! Dual stimulation vibrators are the best that sex toy technology offers, and VibeReview sells only the best of the best. Many women prefer dual stimulation vibes to clitoral vibrators or G-Spot vibrating dildos. Why go for one type of stimulation when two types are possible with the same toy? Many women experience dual orgasms for the first time while playing with a dual stimulation sex toy, as both clitoral and G-Spot orgasms are possible and even at the same moment of orgasmic bliss! As a general rule, dual stimulation vibrators have rotating shafts that vibrate at adjustable speeds; and the clitoral stimulator is usually attached to the toy's base, where high powered vibrations are emitted into a variety of textured ticklers. There's no better treat than finding a dual stimulation vibrator in one's stocking, especially for women searching for the ultimate orgasm.

Stocking Stuffer Dual Stimulation Vibrators:

Vibe Rabbit - rotating shaft, swirling pleasure beads, and powerful vibrations

Jenna's Beaver Vibe - rotating shaft, pleasure beads, and vibrations

Japanese G-Spot Squirmy - massage head and clitoral tickler

Great King - soft shaft texture, shaft rotations, and clitoral tickler

Impulse Jack Rabbit pleasure beads, clitoral tickler, and vibrations

Kangaroo - thin shaft, shaft rotations, and clitoral tickler

Snugglepuss - hands-free dual stimulation vibrator

Lovely Rose - waterproof dual stimulation vibrator

Sex Toys for Men

Vibrating and Non-Vibrating Sleeves

Consider giving a masturbation sleeve to your male partner. These sleeves are crafted with amazing detail and soft texture, and work well for solo masturbation and foreplay. Some sleeves are molded to look and feel like a real vagina, including actual replicas of famous adult movie performers. If your special guy enjoys watching adult films, he most certainly has a favorite leading lady - and chances are, that leading lady has released a replica of her delightful "down there" hot spots. Non-vibrating sleeves feel wonderful, but vibrating sleeves offer men a massaging sensation while they stroke until their heart's desire is satisfied. Show your man how much you care about his sexual drive by surprising him with a quality masturbation sleeve.

Vibrating and Non-Vibrating Sleeves:

Jesse Jane's Intimate Passages - vibrating, replica, and realistic

Wicked Masturbator - non-vibrating, stroker beads, and soft texture

Jenna Jameson's Private Parts - vibrating, replica, and realistic

Reversible Studded Stroker - non-vibrating, thin, and textured

Devinn Lane's Oral Seduction - vibrating, mouth replica, and tight

Grip Stroker - non-vibrating, gripping action, and textured

Power Stroker 100X - vibrating, realistic texture, and tight

Rotating Turbo Stroker - vibrating, rotating beads, and powerful

Prostate Sex Toys

We are in the midst of a P-Spot craze! Men and women are learning more about the orgasmic benefits of stimulating the prostate gland. Like the G-Spot craze that preceded it, P-Spot stimulation is shocking men and women alike. No one had previously realized how wonderful prostate stimulation feels, but they know it now, and men are quickly investigating the benefits of highly effective prostate stimulators. Women seem to enjoy participating in the action as much as men! Most P-Spot sex toys can be used during masturbation, oral sex, foreplay, and intercourse. These unique sex toys are designed with curves, contours, and stimulating textures, and all three characteristics make P-Spot stimulation enjoyable and convenient.

Prostate Massage Sex Toys:

Pandora - vibrating, curved shaft, and smooth texture

Aneros - non-vibrating, curved shaft, and ribbed texture

Clover - vibrating, unique shaft design, and silicone material

Titus - non-vibrating, curved shaft, and rolling ball

Light-Of-Love T - vibrating, tickler texture, and powerful

Glide - non-vibrating, ribbed texture, with rolling ball

Dr. Kaplan Prostate Massager - vibrating, slim shaft, and curved tip

P-Spot Perfection - non-vibrating, strap-on base, and curved neck

Sex Toys for Couples

Vibrating and Non-Vibrating Love Rings

In the past, love rings (also referred to as "cock rings") helped men experience fuller, harder, and more energetic erections. Most men have worn a love ring, even if only experimenting with the benefits of wearing one, and many men end up becoming believers in love rings - opting to wear them when they want to extend lovemaking or want a firmer erection. Over the last few years, manufacturers have started including tiny built-in vibrators to create even more sophisticated love rings! Vibrating love rings accomplish two sexy objectives. First, men experience their best erection possible. Second, a small vibrating bullet, attached to the love ring, delivers vibrations to the clitoris during intercourse. These amazing sex toys are generally hands-free, which makes for a convenient approach to clitoral stimulation during sex. Vibrating and non-vibrating love rings tend to be made of thin material that is stretchy and durable, and aren't as bulky as other sex toys. Due to their smaller size, these sex toys fit nicely in stockings!

Vibrating and Non-Vibrating Love Rings:

Neo Love Ring - vibrating, nubbed head, and lightweight

Dr. Joel Kaplan Enhancer Rings non-vibrating and textured

Bliss Love Ring - vibrating, thin, and powerful

Silicone Island Cock Rings - non-vibrating and durable silicone

Orbit Ring Vibe - vibrating, textured, and powerful

Cock Sling - non-vibrating, tight, with perineum stimulator

Pinks Catalina - vibrating, wide sleeve, and lightweight

Maximus Splendor - wide, vibrating sleeve, ring beads, with nubs

Sexy Accessories and Romantic Sex Games

Sexy accessories are the perfect stocking stuffers to help couples express their hidden sexual desires. Romantic games invite partners to get back to relationship basics. Mix and match sexy accessories to make your own bedroom rules and define new boundaries of appropriateness and acceptability. From playful restraints to edible body paint, VibeReview's sexy accessories will turn your holiday season into romantic, erotic nights and days of pleasure. There is no better way to enjoy the cold weather outside than shacking up in bed with the person you love. Re-connect with your loved one by allowing sexy accessories and romantic games to open your love life up!

Sexy Accessories and Romantic Sex Games:

Lovers Paintbox - three chocolate flavors for bodypainting

Sex Sling - comfortable sling to enhance different sex positions

Magnificent Vibrating Glove - body and erogenous zone massager

Under the Bed Restraints - easy-to-use bedroom restraint system

Fantasy Sex Swing - restraint system for improving sex positions

Ultimate Personal Shaver Kit - tidies up and trims pubic hair

Sweet Celebration Box - romantic gift set

52 Weeks of Naughty Nights - romantic game

VibraThong - vibrating thong panties

Door Jam Cuffs - quality wrist and ankle restraints

Sexy Slave Kit - playful restraints, blindfold, and tickler

Speak Love Make Love - romantic game

Happy Holidays

VibeReview wants everyone to enjoy his or her upcoming holidays. Sex plays an important role in relationships, so learning to appreciate a partner's specific sexual needs goes a long way toward developing a healthier sexual relationship. Each item on VibeReview's stocking stuffer list helps you achieve your sexual dreams, while surprising your loved one with an erotically charged gift. Finally, we hope that each of you have a safe and wonderful holiday. Another year is on the way, and VibeReview plans on making it an interesting one for each and every one of you!

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Last updated: Oct. 08, 2023