Lubes & Lotions: Feel the gentle silkiness of this foreplay, intercourse, and sex toy personal lubricant.

Pjur Woman Bodyglide

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Pjur Woman Bodyglide: Feel the gentle silkiness of this foreplay, intercourse, and sex toy personal lubricant.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

An effective personal lubricant is a valuable sexual tool. Mother Nature frequently forgets to show her face, which can make sex less comfortable than it should be. When the slide and glide is missing from sex, vaginal irritation and discomfort can result. Sex should be enjoyed, not endured. Pjur Woman Bodyglide's reliable lubricant formula lends a helping hand when women need pleasurable slickness.

Women and men are able to experience every penetrative sensation that originates from slicker, wetter intercourse - which is why Pjur Woman Bodyglide is a popular female lubricant. In comparison to mainstream lubes that dry up or become a sticky mess, Pjur Woman Bodyglide is a significant improvement in lubricant slickness, formulated for a woman's unique chemistry and needs.

Unlike water-based lubricants that fall short of expectations, this silicone lubricant rises to the challenge whenever needed, never letting you down when pleasure matters most. Men and women also use this lubricant for massage, as its slick properties allow naughty fingers to work their magic on tense muscles. Because Pjur Woman Bodyglide is incredibly slick, only a minimal amount of lube is needed for extreme wetness.

This lubricant is 100% latex compatible. It can be used with your favorite condoms for enhancement. It is not compatible, though, with silicone sex toys. It's best to use water-based lubricants with silicone sex toys.

Editorial Review

I can't contain my excitement. I used Pjur Woman Bodyglide for the first time last night, and I am tremendously impressed with the slippery feeling created by its unique formula. Clearly, the creator of this lube understands how a woman's body works when lubricated for sexual satisfaction. Not only is it super-concentrated for less lube application and longer lubricative duration, but the innovative bottle dispenser prevents wasteful leakage. I save time, money, and effort by having Pjur Woman Bodyglide at my side.

Two or three drops, that's all I need for ideal lubrication of my sweet spot. And those two or three drops last a long time, without turning into a big glob of stickiness - which, as you've experienced, can be real drag ... during sex and after sex. I've been exposed to many different lubricants, and different lubricant bases - water, silicone, and oil. It took me a few months, but I eventually made the transition from water-based lubes to silicone lubes. The during-sex improvements, remarkable.

Pjur Woman Bodyglide performs at the same high level as i-Lube and Eros Bodyglide, but Pjur Woman Bodyglide is the best of all three, due to its extended slickness and easy clean up. I will not stray from using it unless I am playing with a silicone sex toy, as Pjur Woman Bodyglide and other silicone lubes do not interact well with silicone sex toys. In such cases, I use Universal Lube - the only silicone lubricant mix that is compatible with my favorite silicone dildo, the Revolution.

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Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Anais

I have known about Pjur Bodyglide for years (after all, it's from Germany, where I am from). On one hand, it's one of the few lubes out there that is never sticky or tacky and still lasts for a long time. Its biggest advantage: It is great to use with condoms, toys, lovers, anything that needs gliding. On the other hand, it is rather fluid and it actually does drip (despite its fancy marketing), which can be annoying at times.

Last but not least: I am not sure how much I buy into the "designed for the soft and sensitive skin of a woman" thing; but after all, I am more sensitive around my private parts than my natural skin, so I guess that's a matter of taste and preference. I like it enough, so I recommend it.

Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Essin' Em

As a sex educator and someone who works intimately with sex toys, there has been something that I always keep handy, and that is lube. I have absolutely no qualms with using it, and in large quantities. It doesn't say anything about me as a woman that I like lube; lube takes good sex and makes it that much better. I use it with my Pure Wand and it makes the metal feel exquisite,

I use lube with my fingers, I use it with my Hitachi Magic Wand, I've used it with my partners' penises, fingers, and hand in my cunt. Lube is what makes sex magical. However, there is good lube, there is bad lube, and there is great lube. Some lube is sticky, some dries out quickly, and some, like me, are ready to go all night long.

My all-time favorite lube has been Eros Bodyglide for playing with people and with metal or glass toys, and Eros Aqua Water-Based Formula for when I was dealing with my precious silicone toys; however, both are more expensive and hard to find, so, usually, it comes down to Astroglide which does well in a pinch, and is silicone compatible, but dries out quickly and, yes, I have been down to squirt my delicate bits with a water gun during some intimate moments in order to revive the lube.

Regardless, I clearly love Pjur products and was interested to see how the Pjur Woman Bodyglide measured up. I have to say, I am not sure how I feel about it being marketed specifically towards women, as I personally have had all genders and sexual orientations use it, so I feel the name could be alienating, as everyone needs lube (masturbation, anal, vaginal, you name it!).

However, as I said, unless I'm playing with silicone toys, I LOVE silicone lube. It feels phenomenal and lasts forever without drying up. Absolutely divine. Pjur definitely knows what they're doing. Full points for the product itself, they just lose that little .5 for the branding and marketing for such a specific and gendered audience (and again, that's probably just my personal beef, since I study sex, gender and sexuality).

All in all, a great lube, and a great company. I'm super happy with it, and proud to put it on my "naughty bits" (I say, as I am promptly sued by Monty Python). With sex you can never have too much lube, but with this, you can probably have enough, for it will not dry out or get gooey and sticky, and I am finally in love!

Sex toy review: five hearts. Carin
Quite simply, it is the best lube I've ever used!
Sex toy review: five hearts. Amber

I love this stuff I must say. It is a silicone-based lube that leaves the water-based lubes in the dust: honestly, I am surprised water-based lubes are still so prevalent in the market, I really think they are old technology.

Silicone-based lube feels like the closest thing I have ever encountered to the wonderful stickiness of real woman juices. As per the name, it has a superb glide and lasts a long time as opposed to getting gummy and drying fast, like water-based lubes tend to do. It has no taste or smell, so is compatible with oral sex, again, unlike water-based lubes, which tend to be unpalatable.

I had fun with this one, on myself, on the skin of my partner's exquisite cock and also with condoms. Perhaps I should buy shares in this company!

Sex toy review: five hearts. Domina
Eros makes the best silicone lubes I have ever tried. They are most expensive than most, but the quality of the slickness is amazing. I love my Pjur Woman Bodyglide. It is my favorite silicone lube ever.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Miss Molly

I'd never tried silicon lube before, only water-based, so I was excited for an opportunity to see what all the talk was about. Marketing for Pjur Woman Bodyglide had me anticipating that this would be the "end all, be all" lube for women in need some lubrication for use with sex toys or during sex.

So I tried it out with intercourse with a man, with several vibrators, and masturbating solo. (Note: do not use this lubricant with silicone based toys.) The positives for me are the lube doesn't dry up and it is non-irritating. The special bottle dispenser means you're able to control the outpouring much better than traditional lube dispensers. It has a soft, smooth feel and didn't absorb into my skin or get sticky.

The negatives for me are that it never achieves the wetness and slickness of some of the other water based lubricants I've used or my own natural lubrication. The 100% drip free claim is accurate to the dispenser, but it dripped as I was applying it to my toy.

The good news is by trying this lube, it has me wanting to become more educated in silicone lube and realize the options I have beyond water-based lubes.

Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. LC
This lube is nothing more than average. As someone who likes something warming, or tingling, like Climax Bursts Cooling, there is nothing particularly special about this lube. It does do what it's supposed to do ... lubricate me. I found myself wanting something more than what I could naturally create. The packaging was also dull and nothing that I would buy off the shelf if I had other choices.
Sex toy review: three hearts. RandiM.
The Pjur Woman Bodyglide is a good product, but it's very similar to others I've used. The bonus of this lube? It cleans off extremely easy.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Kybo

I haven't used much lube. I know that the kinds I have used have been very messy and seem to either dry up or become extremely sticky. I was very glad to have a lube with a dispenser that keeps it from wetting my bed. There is nothing like sleeping in the wet spot. I was able to squirt out a mere drop or two with the nice bottle. I knew that I wasn't going to be needing a lot after my first usage so I never had a problem with getting it everywhere.

It was somewhat necessary to be quick after application because it was slippery and seemed like it would run if given a chance. The Pjur Woman Bodyglide was very smooth, and I never had a problem with it being more sticky than slippery. It continued to work for long periods of time and it was not necessary for me to reapply, though maybe I should have been participating in a marathon to really measure this factor. I didn't feel disgustingly slippery or sticky when I was done either.

I am very glad that I didn't ruin any silicone toys now that I have read up on the fact that silicone lube and silicone sex toys are a bad combination. Overall, I think when I decide to use more lube in my sex life I will give Pjur a chance. I am still not sure that it is the best but, as far as I am concerned, things look good. I like that I don't have to clean my sheets before or after use, and I am glad that when everything was wet things kept moving instead of getting stuck or drying up.

Sex toy review: five hearts. MS LOVIN

I absolutely LOVE this lube. To begin with it's German and so am I. I love how German products are made to perform down to the details: "moves great, warms easily, and has the right amount of viscosity." Feels like my own lubrication! A little bit goes a long way and LASTS. Perfect for my sensitive skin. No funny scents or tastes. Works great for self pleasure, with and without toys and is great with my partner. I give it a standing ovation. I've already been recommending it to my friends. Pjurrrr Satisfaction!

Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Juicy Goddess

I'm all for sexy slipping and sliding. I love sex that lasts and lasts so naturally, but I'm a huge advocate of using lots o' luscious lube that can last as long as I do. My preference is pure, simple, and natural coconut oil. It has hardly any taste, a light pleasant smell and is good for the ecology of my sensitive vagina. It's also great for massaging anything that you might want to rub.

But, alas, it's oil and therefore not compatible with latex, so when the situation calls for barriers, then I reach for the water-soluble stuff. And I've tried a lot of them. Most tend to be quickly sticky, smelly and taste terrible. They're expensive and some of them irritate my tender bits.

Years ago I was happy to discover silicone lubes and I think it's the best of the water-soluble options. While coconut oil is pretty good stuff and the mainstay of my lube collection, it can't compare to the staying power of silicone products. So, at those times when latex barriers or marathon sex are imminent, Pjur Woman Bodyglide (pronounced pure) is a fine lube to reach for.

It has hardly any scent and almost no taste, which is so important for oral maniacs like me and my Charming Consort. It really lasts without getting sticky, which is the downfall of most water-soluble lubes. A little goes a long way and keeps you slipping, sliding along without the dreaded friction factor.

I like this product a lot and now have it perched within easy reach, right by my big jar of coconut oil. Just remember to keep it off of your silicone toys and you'll be sassily sliding along for a long, long time. Enjoy!

Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Polly A. Moorus

Pjur Woman Bodyglide doesn't mess around, people. I had been using O'My Original Lube for years, but I think I've found a replacement lube. Pjur Woman Bodyglide is the slickest lube I've ever felt on my Petunia. I rarely "need" lube for quick sex or masturbation, but when I know that I am going to be playing for a while, you can bet that I want to skip all the next-day soreness that comes from "drying up".

This lube allowed me to play with my Decadent Indulgence for a long, long time, and my new fella and I hid beneath our satin sheets for longer than we ever have. I think, sure, it is a combination of things. However, you won't catch me doubting the slick-power of Pjur Woman Bodyglide. I wish I had been exposed to it sooner than a week ago, you know what I mean? Imagine how much better I would have felt for all this time!

Sex toy review: four hearts. cara kisser
Amazing how well it works for lubrication and how smooth it makes my skin. Where was this stuff ten years ago, when I first started having sex and masturbating? Glad I found it recently. Thank you for all the helpful reviews.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Not Helga
I like it better than Astroglide. More expensive, but this Pjur stuff doesn't leave my hands, toys, or vagina all greasy and sticky. I abhor lubricant stickiness.
Sex toy review: four hearts. l8tr Fella
Got it for my girl. She kept complaining about the lubrication she had. Figured I might as well appease her. Apparently it worked. I haven't heard anything negative or positive about the issue.
Sex toy review: four hearts. morgan s.
When I bought my sex toy I decided to buy some lubrication to go with it. I have only dabbled in lubrication, so I don't have any real frame of reference. What I do know is, Pjur Original Woman lets me play with my sex toy without having to get "warmed" up, completely wet. I apply a 4 to 5 tear drops of the liquid on my fingertips, rub it around, and I am ready. A cinch, feels good, and the bottle looks like it will last.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Leslie Anne
I am dependent on lubricants. The older I get, the drier "it" feels. Such as I life, I guess. Having said all that ... it means that I have tested my share of lubricants. Pjur Original Woman isn't that much different than some of the regular brands, the household names that everyone is familiar with. O'My Original Lube is a hundred times better. Everyone woman is different -- I recognize this, but maybe my observation will help one of you.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Muse Uplifts Me
Difficulty arises when I don't have any Pjur Original Woman left. After relying on it as my only choice for lubrication, you would think that I would always order a new bottle before it runs out. D'oh! on me. Point is, I don't put anything but this lubricant on my cha-cha. I have experienced problems "down under" from bad lubes. No way will I switch from what continues to be a positive experience.

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