Male Sex Toys: Male masturbation improves with sex toys for men

Silicone Snatch

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Silicone Snatch: Male masturbation improves with sex toys for men
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Are you tired of rough hands stroking your most prized possession? Your frustration is shared by millions of men. You have pleasurable options, though, and your days of barehanded stroking are coming to a much-welcomed finale. No more, never again. Instead of continuing a trend of archaic masturbation, you've chosen a different route of pleasure: the use of soft and supple strokers for intense sexual satisfaction.

The Silicone Snatch is definitely a viable option for men. Sliding one's penis deep inside of this artificial vagina, deep into its internal structure, feels like a paradise in your own home. This super-stretchy, soft sex toy sleeve may not resemble an actual vagina, but it sure feels similar to the real thing. Inexpensively effective, the Silicone Snatch is catching men by surprise, making them understand why sex toys for men are so much fun.

It comes designed with stimulating internal texture: Amazingly crafted ridges collapse around the penis in accordion-like folds that create wonderfully arousing suction force and incredible tightness. Its lightweight frame, thin silicone layers, and extreme tightness make this sex toy sleeve a modern marvel for unbelievable stroking action and orgasmic pleasure. There's no need to masturbate by traditional methods (namely, your hands), so spend some time with a toy made for your manhood's satisfaction.

The Silicone Snatch feels best when men add a few drops of ID Glide lubricant to the sexual equation. Glide your way into better masturbation, but it can be used for sex, as well. Or try Eros Aqua Water-Based Formula - one of the best personal lubricants for stroking - to improve the slide-and-glide of each thrust and stroke.

Editorial Review

Sex toys for men improve every day, every month, and every year. Seeing as my girlfriend has been reviewing sex toys for years, I've been exposed to this new and exciting sexual revolution. Not only exposed, I admit, but also a participant. However, I used to question the legitimacy of this movement and effectiveness of sex toys, simply because it didn't seem to include sex toys for guys like me. Apparently, as I suspected would eventually happen, adult toy manufacturers are finally answering the challenge, and now a broad array of products is available to men with different sexual expectations. Sounds like a road to success, one that men are just now traveling for the first time!

The Silicone Snatch is just one example of many new sex toys for the guys. How does it compare to other strokers and sleeves - that's the real question here. It's true that most sleeves and strokers feel better than the boring bare-hand clutch and pull, but with so many to choose from it is hard to find the best stroker for the best price. One doesn't want to waste his money on, perhaps, an inexpensive sex toy, and then turn around and it's broken. Since the Silicone Snatch is an inexpensive sleeve, I immediately considered the possibility that it might be one of those cheaply made, short-lived products.

Price doesn't always determine quality, so I continued with the review, knowing that my Heather Vandeven Replica and Jesse Jane's Intimate Passages were nearby for emergency sexual salvation, if the Silicone Snatch didn't meet my personal expectations. Listen, it doesn't look like anything special. No chubby comes popping up while merely glancing at the Silicone Snatch, but having played with this stroker many times now, I have become quite fond of its simple shape and effective texture. I am pleased by its overall performance - its durable and flexible texture ... perfect for slow or fast stroking pleasure.

There's no way it can compete with replicas and detailed artificial vaginas, but in comparison to the Blossom Sleeve or Buck Shot, the Silicone Snatch is a quality non-vibrating sleeve. The Grip Stroker and Wicked Masturbator are slight upgrades to the Silicone Snatch, but they both cost a little more. A lot of men are uncomfortable investing a ton of money into sleeves and strokers because of not having played with any strokers in the past. For this reason, the Silicone Snatch is a low risk, high reward sex toy. After experimenting with it for a little while, men gain confidence in sex toys and usually upgrade to more sophisticated sleeves and strokers.

Additional Details

Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.

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Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I'm not going to get all that graphic. Some things are better left unsaid and unwritten. The Silicone Snatch does what it is supposed to do. Only one real complaint and that's the material itches when used with too much lubrication. I tried basic Astroglide with the Silicone Snatch, but it got too sticky, which didn't feel that good. I eventually ordered Universal Lube and it has been a gliding sensation, it interjects life into this sex toy sleeve.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Dark Horse
My interesting introduction to sex toys, the Silicone Snatch. The name is funny, but this is one serious toy for guys. I didn't spend much at all to get it, and I play with it most nights. I will eventually try one of the "advanced" sleeves, but for now, this baby is getting the job done.
Sex toy review: three hearts. D. Wade
Silicone Snatch is an average sleeve. I'm glad I have one. I only use mine in the bath or shower. Any bedroom masturbation goes on, I can promise you that Silicone Snatch isn't involved.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Future Rock-Star
I'm on the road a lot, and I am married. I do not cheat on my wife, so I need a toy to carry me over until I see my wife, which can be months. Silicone Snatch works fine for what I want. I can hide it in my bag, and no one knows I have it. It's easy to clean. Everything about it, I like.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Heather
I stroke my boyfriend off with Silicone Snatch. I get really hot during all of this, and after he's hard again, it's time for real fun. I've caught him banging Silicone Snatch when he thins I am asleep. He's only supposed to use when I am involved. That's ok, I'll just use my vibes.
Sex toy review: three hearts. the gatekeeper
It's a decent toy, but I wish it had some internal stimulation. Lack of internal nubs or whatever is a weakness. Its strength is the clingy feeling created through thrusting. The material sticks to my ding-o-ling like a tight vagina does. Slightly above average, I think.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Bart Pinson
Not the greatest fake puss I've played with, but it does feel good. I also bought the Power Stroker 100X, and it's the best toy that I've bought. I like to use Silicone Snatch in the shower, and I use my Power Stroker 100X everywhere else.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Don't waste your time with Silicone Snatch. I trashed mine after a few uses. I bought Virtual Touch Vagina last month, and I am happy with everything about it. It cost me more money, but it will last me longer - and it feels better.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Nothing beats the price for the pleasure. The material stretches without ripping, and it's easy to hold and move fast. For a toy that looks like so little, it's given me a lot of pleasure.
Sex toy review: three hearts. tricky ricky
My first one ripped after three weeks, but I purchased another one. The second hasn't ripped yet. I didn't mind paying for another one; they don't cost very much, and for the most part, feel pretty good. The Silicone Snatch doesn't carry much weight, and fits just right in my hand. This toy beats hand stroking.

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