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Lubrication 101

Personal lubricants and lube are necessary for a variety of sexual activities. Many men and woman find that lubes create slicker, more enjoyable gliding potential for masturbation, oral sex, sex toy play, vaginal intercourse, and anal sex. A reliable personal lubricant limits the amount of unwanted penetrative friction experienced, creating a pleasurable sexual environment for partners. Sex lubes should enhance your sexual affairs, not limit you or your lover.

However, not all personal lubes are created with the same ingredients and properties; thus, the slickness created by a given lubricant may differ from the slickness created by a different lubricant. Most people gain a better understanding of lubricants by experimenting with a variety of brands and different types. Finding the right lubricant for your unique needs might seem difficult at first, but do not fret! A variety of lubricants exist because consumers demand high quality personal lubricants - you will find the right lubricant, one that is a match made in heaven!

Three main lube categories exist: water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based. These different lubricant categories are established to help readers understand the different feeling created by each, how each reacts with sex toy materials and condoms, and the benefits of using one type of lubricant to another type. Basically, an important distinction between the different types of lubricants must be made, which helps individuals make better purchasing decisions - decisions that are based on performance and health concerns.

Water-based lubes - the most prevalent of all three lubricant types - are extremely popular with men and women, and have been in existence much longer than other types of lubricants. Most everyone has experimented with water-based lubricants at one time or another. Many beginners start their lube experiences with water-based lubes, and it's no surprise why: Most grocery stores and pharmacies carry a wide selection of water-based personal lubricants. Water-based lubricants are 100% latex compatible - you can use your favorite condoms without worrying about meddlesome material-lubricant interactions.

Water-based lubes are created with a variety of properties that serve different performance objectives; some water-based lubricants are flavored, unflavored, thick, or thin - or have a combination of different properties, allowing individuals to use the lubes for a variety of sexual activities. Since water-based lubes are mainly made of water, it is the healthiest and most natural choice for vaginal lubrication. There are many high quality water-based lubes available for purchase - check out VibeReview's most popular water-based lubricants, where pictures and reviews are accessible.

There are disadvantages of using water-based lubes. First, lubrication slickness eventually becomes sticky; this stickiness frustrates many people, but VibeReview has a secret tip that will make your water-based lubricant more effective for longer periods of time: Instead of reapplying more lube, unwanted stickiness is remedied by adding small amounts of water or saliva to the applied area (wherever penetration occurs), and in this way, your water-based lubricant is reactivated, ready for continuous action! Second, water-based lubricants are not waterproof (cannot take your action into a watery environment) and may contain glycerin (an ingredient that some women are sensitive to).

Silicone-based lubes increased in popularity over the last few years. This lubricant type often offers individuals a slicker, longer-lasting, and smoother glide during sex. Human skin tissue does not absorb silicone lubricants, which means silicone lubricants never become sticky - not like water-based lubricants do. Plus, silicone-based lubricants are waterproof - you can take your sex into the shower without losing that impressive glide that makes you feel so wonderful. Silicone lubes have a thicker consistency than water-based formulas, but they are condom compatible. Check out VibeReview's most popular silicone-based lubricants.

Like water-based lubes, there are a couple of drawbacks from using silicone-based lubricants. First, clean up can be difficult since residue can be left on the bed, tub, or wherever you used the lubricant. Soap and water cleans removes the lubricant from skin; however, it is impossible to completely remove the lubricant from the vagina - not by any cleaning means. Nature takes care of this, but immediate removal by hand is impossible. Second, silicone-based lubricants are not compatible with silicone sex toys. For more information on lube-toy interactions, please visit VibeReview's lube interaction guide.

Oil-based lubes should only be used for male masturbation. Just as dermatologists recommend that people do not use oil-based cosmetics that can clog facial pores, women should not use oil-based lubes that could potentially clog vaginal pores. Using oil lubricants for penetrative sex acts can lead to vaginal infections and anal irritations. The myth of Crisco as a reliable lubricant - yes, it would be in your best interest to stay clear of Crisco! If you insist on using an oil-based lubes for penetration, you should be aware that all oil-based lubes are incompatible with latex condoms - this lube type destroys latex!

Note: Most massage oils cannot be used as lubricants; they often contain oils that do not interact positively with vaginal tissues, and these oils are not compatible latex condoms, as well. Some silicone-based and water-based massage liquids can also be used for your lubrication needs; however, silicone-based lubricants tend to be the main exception to this rule, because human skin does not absorb silicone and does not contain lotion. Silicone-based lubricants are multi-purpose in this way: They excel as lubricants for sex and massage.

Below you will find a list of VibeReview's most popular personal lubes and personal lubricants. Be sure to read about each lube. Always ask questions if you are unsure about any lubricant. VibeReview wants you to be safe and perform at your best, so if at any point you have questions, feel free to email a VibeReview customer service representative. Don't forget to come back soon and rate your lubricants, letting other couples know which lubricants work best for you and your lover. Now, it's time for you to slip-and-slide in style, with all the pleasurable motion imaginable!

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Last updated: Oct. 08, 2023