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Vibrator Technology: A Short Introduction

At VibeReview our employees often ask one another, "What will they think of next? Is it even possible to build on the already fascinating catalog of innovative sex toy vibrators?" The foundation for sexual greatness was put into motion years ago. Our customers are genuinely surprised by the innovation that we introduce them to. Likewise, our reliable manufacturers surprise us. Just when it appears that adult sex toy innovation has met its match, another highly functional vibrator is released - one that takes all forms of stimulation into consideration. As long as mass sexual education continues at its current rate, VibeReview anticipates continued innovation. Vibrator innovation tends to quicken arousal, while limiting operator effort, and improving the duration and intensity of an orgasm, frequency, and multiplicity. It's never a dull moment around VibeReview, and we pass on that excitement and awe to our customers.

Three major vibrator classifications exist: basic, intermediate, and advanced. All three types of vibrators are built with the technology necessary to create outstanding orgasms. Stimulation preference differs from woman to woman. The more advanced a vibrator is, the more expensive it tends to be. After reading through customer reviews, a pattern has been identified that clearly suggests a preference for advanced vibrators. Beginners seem to prefer more traditional and basic vibrators, but most other women prefer the various options provided by advanced vibrators. Each vibrator classification is founded on the measurement of vibrator functionality and sophistication, and to what degree each vibrator demonstrates each. Basically, a given vibrator's characteristics are each taken into consideration: texture, motor, speed, length and width, water capability, shaft function, dual stimulation, dual erogenous zone stimulation, controller technology, and other factors. According to a given vibrator's functionality and sophistication, it is assigned to one of the three classifications. Pedantic, I'm sure. But, stay with me. We take vibrator technology seriously around here!

Three Vibrator Classifications

Basic/Traditional Vibrators:

Even though technological innovation has flooded the adult toy market with sophisticated vibrators, basic vibrators are still important. Manufacturers understand that beginners will routinely begin their vibrator experiences with classic vibrators. The basic construction of classic vibrators enables beginners to experiment without distraction. Traditionally shaped vibrators with simple motorized function work well for beginners, and we encourage novice vibrator operators to start with less complicated toys. Everyone will have their own ideas of what is or is not considered "basic." Limited or no shaft function, multi-speed or single speed vibrations, clitoral or vaginal stimulation alone, and limited textural designs ... These specific vibrator characteristics illustrate "basic" at a fundamental level. For example, Nubby G is a basic vibrator that focuses on G-Spot stimulation. It is also multi-speed. A few nubs cover the base, adding clitoral stimulation; however, this would not be considered a "dual stimulation" vibrator because the nubs only receive passive vibrations through the single motor. Juli Ashton's Mini-Rocket and Pocket Rocket are two great examples of "basic" vibrators. Both focus on providing ultimate clitoral stimulation, which is ideal for beginners. Also, both are smaller than the average vibrator, so concealment is easily achieved. I've compiled a list of "basic/traditional/beginner" vibrators that are our best sellers:

Juli Ashton's Mini-Rocket

Nubby G

Pocket Rocket and Pocket Rocket Jr.

Grrl Finger Sleeve Vibrator

Mini-Vibro Dolphin


Waterproof Clitoral Hummer

Lips of Pleasure


Elegant Endeavors

Silver Bullet

Inner Desire Love Egg

Micro Mini One-Touch

Intermediate Vibrators:

As beginners gain new experience with their starter vibrators, they may feel that they are ready to take that next step toward more sophisticated methods of stimulation. Intermediate vibrators are that next step. Intermediate vibrators provide a more diversified range of stimulation and pleasure. Generally speaking, these vibrators add new "bells and whistles" to popular basic vibrators. Much of vibrator pleasure is a result of adjustment. For many women (myself included), graduating to higher-level vibrators is a process. It's fun, too. As the need for greater and more intense stimulation presents itself, the opportunity for further sexual exploration is granted to the user. Intermediate vibrators are a step above basic vibrators - in sophistication, functionality and pleasure. What characteristics create this separation? Waterproof, average shaft length and width (5-7 inches length and 1-2 inches width), multi-speed controls, increased texture definition (artificial veins, contoured shaft head, etc), greater flexibility, warming potential and better toy material, these characteristics tend to separate intermediate vibrators from basic vibrators, though not all intermediate vibrators will exhibit each characteristic. Dinky Digger and Patchy Paul are the perfect examples of intermediate vibrators. Both are made of high-quality silicone, have rich textual definition, are waterproof, and finally, have powerful motorized function, not too mention how cute both sex toys are! The Emperor and Sila-Gel Dil are intermediate vibrating dildos with a realistic look and feel. I have also compiled a list of our best selling intermediate vibrators:

Dinky Digger

Patchy Paul


Sila-Gel Dil

Firecracker Bullet

Sally Seal

Dual Action Infrared Massager

Monique Alexander's Orange Crush

Lanny Barby's Delightful Swirl

Stefani Morgan's Ribbed Paradise

Harmonic Motion

Cyberskin Penis Wonder


Venus Butterfly

Advanced Vibrators:

Beginner and intermediate vibrator connoisseurs have much to look forward to. By far my favorite vibrator classification, advanced vibrators display the ultimate vibrator sophistication and functionality available today. There is no mistaking one of these amazing sex toys of pleasure. Advanced vibrator technology incorporates multiple erogenous zone stimulation techniques, leaving no stone unturned. Superior vibration delivery defines this classification. Yes, they are generally more expensive. But, it's money well spent. Increased life expectancy is another favorable aspect of advanced vibrator technology, as these vibrators exemplify durability in rapid motion. Extra length and width, sophisticated controller technology, rotating shafts, dual stimulation (G-Spot and clitoral), powerful vibrations, the best toy material, and extreme flexibility define advanced vibrators. While not all advanced vibrators demonstrate each characteristic, all advanced vibrators do exhibit the majority of these characteristics. The only exception would be single erogenous zone emphasis with a high quality vibrator. The Wanachi Vibe and Hitachi Magic Wand are examples of extremely powerful clitoral vibrators that fall under the advanced vibrator classification. Due to their amazing vibration production and delivery, both vibrators deserve their own separate category of functionality and effectiveness. Rabbit Pearl, probably the most famous of all advanced vibrator technology, introduced the world to extreme dual stimulation. Having a rotating shaft and a clitoral tickler, Rabbit Pearl stimulates both the G-Spot and clitoris, making dual orgasms an every day affair. High Joy Internet Rabbit Vibrator is engineered similarly to Rabbit Pearl, utilizing dual stimulation; however, it took the design one step further: High Joy Internet Rabbit Vibrator has Internet capability, termed "teledildonics." As such, High Joy Internet Rabbit Vibrator is an example of extreme sophistication and functionality. I have, as I did with the other two vibrator classifications, compiled a list of our best-selling advanced vibrators:

Rabbit Pearl

Impulse Jack Rabbit

Big Indian

Great King

Pearl Butterfly

Ultimate Beaver Vibe

High Joy Internet Rabbit Vibrator

Vibe Rabbit

Buzzy Beaver


Wanachi Vibe

Hitachi Magic Wand


Purple Twist

Again, what will manufacturers design next? They've covered clitoral and G-Spot stimulation, offering women only the best and most intense pleasure available. From basic designs to Internet capability, vibrators continue to grow in sophistication and functionality. The future looks bright, and it could be loud! I did not provide an exhaustive list of vibrators for each vibrator classification. Instead, I wanted to provide only our best examples of each; however, we have many more vibrators of each classification to choose from. We encourage all of its customers and readers to leave reviews. In doing so, we are able to provide up-to-date articles on your favorite topics!

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Last updated: Oct. 08, 2023