Vibrators: How to choose the right adult sex toy

Choosing a Vibrator

There are so many vibrators on the market today that choosing one can seem overwhelming - especially for beginners. Fortunately, almost all offer a unique and unforgettable erotic experience that will leave you coming back for more!

There are three main types of sex toy vibrators: the first focuses mainly on clitoral stimulation, another is meant for insertion and, the third is a dual action type of vibrator that offers both of the above features. It's important to realize that most women need clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm, and many others enjoy the feeling of fullness and motion during intercourse.

Battery Powered Vibes
Many battery powered vibrators offer direct clitoral stimulation. The Pocket Rocket is a great vibrator for beginners, and it's small enough to travel with - hence the name. The Rabbit Dancer is another great choice. It's basically a waterproof Pocket Rocket that comes with a rabbit sleeve that fits securely over the vibe. The rabbit ears tickle and tease the clitoris and vulva, while the soft jelly material conforms nicely around these sensitive areas. Another vibrator that can add a lot of variety to play is the Silver Bullet. The Silver Bullet vibrator is a vibrator that offers multiple vibration speeds and intensities, allowing you to customize these options to find the right setting for you. This is a great vibrator for beginners and vibrator connoisseurs alike. It fits into many dildos with a hollow base to add some hot vibrations to your regular play. While battery-powered vibrators are enough to bring the masses to orgasm, many women have switched to electric vibrators for the most powerful vibrations money can buy.

Electric Vibrators
Electric vibrators offer unsurpassed quality and powerful clitoral stimulation. They are extraordinarily durable and often last for years (one reviewer wrote that she's had her Hitachi Magic Wand for 10 years). The Wahl 7-in-1 offers localized vibrations to the clit, while the Hitachi Magic Wand offers more generalized vibrations around the entire vulva. If you find the vibrations too strong at first, try using the toy "around" your clit while avoiding it directly, or try vibrating over a thin piece of clothing, like your undies. Over time you should get used to the intense vibrations and be able to vibrate directly over your clit if you wish. While electric vibes are top of the line for clitoral stimulation, they must be used with an attachment for penetration play.

Vibrating Dildos
For those more interested in vaginal fullness, a vibrating dildo is the ultimate in sexual fulfillment. Patchy Paul is a high-quality silicone toy made to outperform all others. It's textured and has a curve at the end to massage the G-spot. Paul has consistently gotten rave reviews from users (and staff). The Nubby G (which also comes in a waterproof version) is another favorite. This vibe is shaped to stimulate the G-spot for the ultimate in orgasm. If penetration without vibration sounds more appealing to you, check out the article on Choosing a Dildo. Finally, if you want a toy that vibrates the clitoris as well as the g-spot, a dual action vibrator will do the trick.

Dual Action Vibrators
For the girl who wants it all and won't settle for less, dual action vibrators and rabbit vibrators offer vaginal fulfillment as well as clitoral stimulation. The Rabbit Pearl is consistently rated the best in this category, featuring a gyrating head with pearls that spin around stimulating the vaginal opening while the bunny ears tickle and tease the clitoris. The speed of the dildo and clitoral parts are controlled separately, offering an unforgettable custom speed experience. The Lovely Rose rabbit vibrator is a cheaper dual action vibe that gained its popularity quickly because it's waterproof, and features a large clitoral stimulator.

There are many different and exciting vibrators available. The best way to find one that suits you is to search this site and read the user reviews. The rating system makes it easy to find what other women consider the best. Please remember to come back and rate your vibrator after you find out what all the fuss is about - and above all, have fun!

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Last updated: Oct. 08, 2023