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Rabbit Habit

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Rabbit Habit: Sex toys for women
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Are you an avid Sex and the City fan? If so, then you know all about the famous Rabbit Pearl, which was featured on one of the most memorable episodes. Well, a new and improved version of this classic vibrating sex toy is now available for purchase. Heralded by "O" Magazine as the "Rolls Royce of sex toys", the Rabbit Habit stays true to the original model's expertise in dual stimulation (simultaneous clitoral and G-Spot arousal), yet dramatically improves the sensations experienced by an increase in power, precision, and overall performance.

The Rabbit Habit's active vibrations, sensational pleasure beads, and incredible shaft rotations focus on three important erogenous zones: the clitoris, vaginal opening, and G-Spot. The shaft's shape looks and feels like the ideal penis - perfect length and width, combined with seductively smooth texture. The lower shaft area contains pleasure beads that swirl, rotate, and tumble, tickling sensitive nerves in the vaginal opening. The upper shaft area gently rotates for delightful internal stimulation, massaging the G-Spot. A powerful vibrating rabbit tickler is attached to the toy's base, where its two long ears titillate your clitoris.

Angled stimulation leads to more intense sexual satisfaction, and the Rabbit Habit makes use of the latest technology to ensure that each erogenous zone experiences direct and consistent stimulation for as long as you desire. From the additional rabbit ear length to shaft rotations, this dual stimulation rabbit vibrator is designed to maximize the amount of pleasure you feel. Made of durable phthalate-free elastomer material, this vibrating sex toy is destined for greatness, and its slide controls (located on the base) enable women to conveniently adjust multi-speed vibrations and rotations.

Editorial Review

The Rabbit Pearl and Impulse Jack Rabbit were my favorite dual action rabbit vibrators for a long time, but in recent years I've grown to love the advancement in vibrator technology, and, sadly, I retired both vibrators to my box of extinct sex toys. The Vibe Rabbit, Mary Mermaid, and Sweet Magic easily outdid those older rabbit vibrators, so I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything special. But a part of me reminisced about the Rabbit Pearl, and I wondered when an updated model would be released. I waited for a long time, finally giving up. Sure enough, once I move on, going my own way, news spreads about the Rabbit Habit's debut. Hold the applause, I thought to myself. Let's see if they really improved what was an already effective vibrator.

What can I say at this point? This dual stimulation rabbit vibrator had me at "hello", never wanting to stray from its side - or it stray from my side! I am rarely speechless, just ask my boyfriend and girlfriends; however, directly after playing with my new Rabbit Habit, orgasming several times (both clit and G-Spot orgasms), I sat up and blankly stared at my boyfriend, who eagerly and intently watched me please myself. Laughing at me and in sheer amazement, my boyfriend told me that my eyes glazed over during and after playing with this sex toy. Now, I am a woman who appreciates varying orgasmic intensity, but I cannot recall the last time I felt so physically and emotionally spent after playing with a sex toy. I get that way after good sex, but rarely after masturbating.

Improvements. Really, that's what the Rabbit Habit is about, and that's how I assessed its performance. From a purely pleasure perspective, I knew instantly, from insertion to full-throttle shaft/tickler action, that this sex toy is far superior to the Rabbit Pearl. The manufacturer improved the tickler's lengthy ears, which made self-stimulation easier than ever. That frustrated feeling which accompanies ineffective rabbit ears (usually a result of short, bunchy tickler ears) never happened, mainly because the tickler is sized perfectly for direct and consistent textured vibrations. The shaft rotations, likewise, are absolutely to die for. My G-Spot was pleasured from the get-go while the tickler pulsated on my clitoris.

The most significant improvement has to be the elastomer material. The Rabbit Pearl is made of jelly material, and over the years I've shied away from this material due to its porous - and potentially toxic - nature. Elastomer material is more suitable for quality vibration resonance and contains no phthalates, and is firmer than jelly material. Extreme material flexibility is not always a positive characteristic, so it's nice to find a sex toy that demonstrates a healthy balance between firmness and flexibility. My only real complaint about the Rabbit Habit is its slide controls on the base module. I would much rather this design incorporate push button controls with LED indicator lights. However, slide controls won't stop me from playing with such a fantastic rabbit vibrator. I consider it a small price to pay for extreme satisfaction.

One thing remained: Is the Rabbit Habit my new favorite dual stimulation sex toy? This was a tough one for me, and an internal discourse raged in my mind - the Rabbit Habit or the Vibe Rabbit, which one was better? The Vibe Rabbit is better for quick orgasms and has better control options, but the Rabbit Habit has a softer stimulation touch. Honestly, both are highly functional rabbit vibrators that are capable of pleasing even the toughest critic. If you are looking for a dual stimulation sex toy, the Rabbit Habit and Vibe Rabbit are the two toys I'd recommend you purchase.

Additional Details

Size:  9" total length
4.5" insertable length
5" circumference
Battery Info:  3 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Elastomer, and Phthalate Free material.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. gilda f.
Oh my golly gosh, Judge Jamie! I need to try that speed increase and decrease trick. I hadn't thought even trying it. I'm going to do it tonight. Even though I haven't tried that trick, I am very pleased with this rabbit vibrator. It is nothing like the crappy one I bought from another company. The Rabbit Habit is bursting with energy that is contagious. I find myself losing track of the time while I am playing with it, sometimes masturbating for an hour. My orgasms don't come quickly, but in an hour's time I experience 2 or 3 good orgasms. I haven't had a simultaneous G-spot and clit orgasms, as the toy seems to be better for G-spot orgasms, but I always feel my body heat up when the clit tickler is let loose. Breathing with this toy inside of me is tough - I get that excited and hot.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Judge Jamie
Sexy sparks flew. Arousal captured me. My body, drenched with anticipatory sweat. And then it hit me: dual multiple orgasms. The first time ever, too. I've had dual orgasms and multiple orgasms, but never multiple dual orgasms. Usually one type of orgasm subsides before I begin another climax. The Rabbit Habit was so intense that I kept orgasming and orgasming. G-spot and clitoral orgasms for several minutes. By increasing and then decreasing speeds, the differing speeds kept my sweet places confused and fully aroused. If the Supreme Court would allow sex toy-human marriages, I'd be the first women to apply for a marriage certificate. The Rabbit Habit does EVERYTHING the right way.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Ivy Hill
The classic made ever better? Hell yeah, count me in. I had the original model, but moved on to phthalate-free rabbit vibrators months ago. Now that the new Rabbit Habit is phthalate-free, I am again focusing all my attention on it. As far as I can tell, the maker only changed the type of material it is made of, which is reassuring because there was nothing wrong with how the vibrator performed. I am totally excited to have the new Rabbit Habit!

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